Madam Sirleaf Is Not Welcome on Staten Island

Madam Sirleaf Is Not Welcome on Staten Island.


Madam Sirleaf Is Not Welcome on Staten Island


We have been notified that the Staten Island Liberian Community Association leadership  is making all effort to invite Madam Sirleaf on Staten Island during her visit in New York  for the  annual UN General Assembly. Let it be abundantly clear that we vehemently oppose such  move to honor someone who has failed to hold herself  and other Liberian war lords and their financial and political patrons accountable for the heinous crimes committed in Liberia. As victims of the barbaric  Liberian war,  we are determined to peacefully demonstrate our opposition through a protest to put  Madam Sirleaf and her criminal enterprise on notice that they are not welcome on Staten Island.

The  Sirleaf Administration is an embarrassment  to Liberia and the international community for the following reasons:

1. Lack of commitment to  peace and reconciliation in Liberia| Liberia: Time for Much-Delayed Reconciliation and Reform ( )

2. Mortgaging  of Liberian Ambassadorial position| In Danish Journalist’s Diplomatic Scandal, PUL Wants Officials Prosecuted:

3. Nepotism and  Inherent  Corruption| : Cronyism, Nepotism Takeover Liberia’s Civil Service- Ghost Names Flood Payroll

4. Mortgaging of Liberian Forest | Liberia’s hasty forest sell-off risks more conflict:

For these  reasons and many more, we are urging all Liberians  and friends  of Liberia  to stand up against this corruption criminal enterprise and reject any attempt by the Staten Island Liberian Community Association  to invite Madam Sirleaf  on Staten Island.  Madam Sirleaf and her gangs of war and economic criminals must know that no matter how long it takes, they cannot escape justice.  Join  the campaign to end the culture of impunityin Liberia.

May God bless Liberia.

Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Is A Fraud

Madam Sirleaf’s past and present records shows that she is a fraud who has for decades build a lofty career on falsehood, manipulations, and violent activities against  Liberia.

Here are some  facts:

  1. Aiding and abetting NPFL| Click here  for details.
  2. Violation of the August 2003 Comprehensive Peace Agreement ( CPA)| Clickhere  for details. 
  3. Violation of Article 76 of the Liberian Constitution  regarding Treason| Click here  for details. 
  4. Mortgaging  of Liberian Ambassadorial position| Click here  for details.
  5. Nepotism and Inherent  Corruption| Click here  for details.
  6. Mortgaging of Liberian Forest| Click here  for details.
  7. Lack of commitment to  peace and reconciliation in Liberia| Click here for details
  8. Actively participating in NPFL horror war| Witness Jesus Swaray: “I Saw Madam Sirleaf In Military Uniform”| Click here to for details
  9. Masterminding and patronizing the Notorious NPFL| Toms open  letter to Ellen| Click here to  for details 
  10. Sale of Liberia Ambassadorial Position| Click here  for details 
  11. Lobby for NPFL before the United States Congress| Click here for details

Based on the mountain of evidence presented, I can safely conclude that Madam Sirleaf is a FRAUD.   If Madam Sirleaf  believes  she is innocent, I challenge  her to  support the established of  an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court to litigate her innocence and the innocence of all these named  in the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Final Reports  as those most responsible for  perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity in Liberia? How  about bring those who were not name in the TRC reports to justice? How about the grotesque kleptocracy taken place under her watchful eyes? Is she innocent also?

Unfortunately, some Liberians  have selfishly  and  irresponsibly elected to betrayed Liberia for their  selfish financial gains. Someone who sees the  truth  and decides to do the contrary is describe as “ morally bankrupted.” Also,  someone who lacks the ability to analyze the truth  and make informed decision is intellectually  bankrupted.

Words like  conspiracy theory  and idiot have  long been used by Madam Sirleaf  to discredit her political adversaries. She is known for using such language to discredit others while projecting herself as the “ Messiah” for  Liberia. But, her controversial reelections has exposed  the half of century fraud that got her the enormous  local  and international recognitions.

Our goal is to unmask, dismantle, and prosecute this fraudulent record  so that Liberia can once and for all be free from the prolonged culture of impunity.

Dr. Roots.

A Liberian War victim

Remembering September 11, 2001

September 11, 2012

On this day Al-Qaeda, a radical Sunni Salafist jihadist Muslim movement, launched a callous and unprovoked attack on United States soil.  The results were massive destruction of lives and property, testing our resolve to overcome adversities.

 Eleven years after 9/11/01, America is stronger and more resilient. The terrorists lost and we have won.  Their calculated plan of undermining our freedom by installing mistrust in our society; destroying our economy; damaging our global image as the strongest defender of human rights and democracy;  instilling the sense of hopelessness in our society and thereby changing our ways of life FAILED.

Eleven years after 9/11/01

  • America is stronger
  • Our economy is coming back
  • We are more hopeful
  • We continue to cherish our democratic values and freedom
  • Our global image has surpassed what it was pre 9/11/01
  • World leaders are depending more on the US for global leadership
  • Trust among our diverse cultures, religions, and racial communities have grown stronger since 9/11/01
  • We have decimated the leadership of Al-Qaeda and denied them of many safe havens
  • Osama bin Laden, the father of Al-Qaeda, is at the bottom of the Arabian Sea
  • America won and the terrorists lost

As we remember 9/11, I want to draw public attention to the stealthy characteristics of Al-Qaeda.  The radical Sunni Salafist jihadist Muslim movement is like a parasite that preys on a vulnerable organism.  After suffering catastrophic defeat and losses at the hands of our brave and patriotic warrior’s, Al-Qaeda is dynamically evolving.  The so-called “Arab Spring” has become their new host.  They have hijacked the legitimate demands for freedom, justice, and political inclusion by the oppressed masses of the autocratic despots for decades.

Following the UN resolution creating the No Fly zone in Libya, Al-Qaeda Jihadists from all over the Middle East and North Africa rushed into Libya (Zelin & Andrew, 2012) and hijacked the Libyan revolution.  The result has been the massacre of African migrant workers (, 2011), tribal war, and the disintegration of Libyan society (Times of Israel, 2012).  The ultimate outcome will be the breakup of Libya into tribal enclaves.

In Syria, the people’s peaceful demands for justice, social inclusion and political participation has become the next host organism of this parasite.  According to Dr. Jacques Beres, the co-founder of Doctors without Borders, their goal is to transform Syria into an Islamic State governed by Islamic “Sharia” law.  Dr. Beres makes this observation following his return from a medical humanitarian mission in Syria in which he discovered that 60% of the armed rebels he treated during his two-week stay in Aleppo city were non-Syrian.  He also revealed that some of the foreign insurgents told him directly that they were not very interested in the fall of the Syrian Government and its leadership but very interested in taking power to establish a new Syrian State governed by Sharia Law (Irish, 2012).

Do not be misled by the 24-hour cable corporate news bombardment filling our screens with gruesome images of atrocities and push us to rush to judgment against the Syrian government.  Al-Qaeda has become a very savvy organization whose members have mastered the art of media warfare.  Armed with sophisticated propaganda tactics, Al-Qaeda continues to be able to recruit new devotees.  Despite enormous victories against Al-Qaeda always remember it is a parasitic organization, which continues to evolve and seek new prey.

As we commemorate the 11th anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil, let us be reminded about where those 19 hijackers came from:

  • Waleed al-Shehri (Saudi Arabia)
  • Wail al-Shehri (Saudi Arabia)
  • Abdulaziz al-Omari (Saudi Arabia)
  • Satam al-Suqami (Saudi Arabia)
  • Mohand al-Shehri (Saudi Arabia)
  • Hamza al-Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Ahmed al-Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Hani Hanjour (Saudi Arabia)
  • Khalid al-Mihdhar (Saudi Arabia)
  • Majed Moqed (Saudi Arabia)
  • Nawaf al-Hazmi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Salem al-Hazmi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Ahmed al-Haznawi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Ahmed al-Nami (Saudi Arabia)
  • Saeed al-Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia)
  • Marwan al-Shehhi (United Arab Emirate)
  • Fayez Banihammad (United Arab Emirate)
  • Mohamed Atta (Egypt)
  • Ziad Jarrah (Lebanon)

Saudi Arabia birthed and nurtured 15 of the 19 hijackers.  The Sunni house of Saudi despots, who for decades have brutally ruled Saudi Arabia with an iron fist, is the leading supporter of the Syrian insurgency (Robertson, 2012).  Therefore, by supporting the Syrian rebel insurgent group infested with Al-Qaeda Salafist jihadists, they are aiding and abetting Al-Qaeda in usurping power in another Arabic state.  Turning Syria from a moderate, secular society where Christians, Jews and all types of Muslim sects have lived together peacefully for generations into a persecutory and murderous place for anyone not a Sunni Muslim.

As we memorialize 9/11/01 today, let us rekindle the American courage, will, and audacity to overcome all adversity.

May the souls of all those who perished on that day and the souls of all our brave and patriotic warriors who have died for the cause of keeping us safe rest in perpetual peace.

God Bless America.

About the author:

Jacob D. Massaquoi, II is a Liberian war victim. He is a human rights, environmental, and political activist. A nonprofit expert, he has created several organizations including African Refuge ( ). He has won several awards including the 2009 Max Hayman Award for Human Rights ( He is a  NBC  2009 Making the Difference Nominee  ( He is the  current Secretary General of the Liberian Initiative for Justice (, an advocacy group campaigning for the establishment of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia to hold accountable Liberian warlords and their patrons for perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity during the course of the barbaric Liberian civil war from December 24, 1989-August 24, 2003.  

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