Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Is A Fraud

Madam Sirleaf’s past and present records shows that she is a fraud who has for decades build a lofty career on falsehood, manipulations, and violent activities against  Liberia.

Here are some  facts:

  1. Aiding and abetting NPFL| Click here  for details.
  2. Violation of the August 2003 Comprehensive Peace Agreement ( CPA)| Clickhere  for details. 
  3. Violation of Article 76 of the Liberian Constitution  regarding Treason| Click here  for details. 
  4. Mortgaging  of Liberian Ambassadorial position| Click here  for details.
  5. Nepotism and Inherent  Corruption| Click here  for details.
  6. Mortgaging of Liberian Forest| Click here  for details.
  7. Lack of commitment to  peace and reconciliation in Liberia| Click here for details
  8. Actively participating in NPFL horror war| Witness Jesus Swaray: “I Saw Madam Sirleaf In Military Uniform”| Click here to for details
  9. Masterminding and patronizing the Notorious NPFL| Toms open  letter to Ellen| Click here to  for details 
  10. Sale of Liberia Ambassadorial Position| Click here  for details 
  11. Lobby for NPFL before the United States Congress| Click here for details

Based on the mountain of evidence presented, I can safely conclude that Madam Sirleaf is a FRAUD.   If Madam Sirleaf  believes  she is innocent, I challenge  her to  support the established of  an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court to litigate her innocence and the innocence of all these named  in the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Final Reports  as those most responsible for  perpetrating war crimes and crimes against humanity in Liberia? How  about bring those who were not name in the TRC reports to justice? How about the grotesque kleptocracy taken place under her watchful eyes? Is she innocent also?

Unfortunately, some Liberians  have selfishly  and  irresponsibly elected to betrayed Liberia for their  selfish financial gains. Someone who sees the  truth  and decides to do the contrary is describe as “ morally bankrupted.” Also,  someone who lacks the ability to analyze the truth  and make informed decision is intellectually  bankrupted.

Words like  conspiracy theory  and idiot have  long been used by Madam Sirleaf  to discredit her political adversaries. She is known for using such language to discredit others while projecting herself as the “ Messiah” for  Liberia. But, her controversial reelections has exposed  the half of century fraud that got her the enormous  local  and international recognitions.

Our goal is to unmask, dismantle, and prosecute this fraudulent record  so that Liberia can once and for all be free from the prolonged culture of impunity.

Dr. Roots.

A Liberian War victim


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