Madam Sirleaf Is Not Welcome on Staten Island


We have been notified that the Staten Island Liberian Community Association leadership  is making all effort to invite Madam Sirleaf on Staten Island during her visit in New York  for the  annual UN General Assembly. Let it be abundantly clear that we vehemently oppose such  move to honor someone who has failed to hold herself  and other Liberian war lords and their financial and political patrons accountable for the heinous crimes committed in Liberia. As victims of the barbaric  Liberian war,  we are determined to peacefully demonstrate our opposition through a protest to put  Madam Sirleaf and her criminal enterprise on notice that they are not welcome on Staten Island.

The  Sirleaf Administration is an embarrassment  to Liberia and the international community for the following reasons:

1. Lack of commitment to  peace and reconciliation in Liberia| Liberia: Time for Much-Delayed Reconciliation and Reform ( )

2. Mortgaging  of Liberian Ambassadorial position| In Danish Journalist’s Diplomatic Scandal, PUL Wants Officials Prosecuted:

3. Nepotism and  Inherent  Corruption| : Cronyism, Nepotism Takeover Liberia’s Civil Service- Ghost Names Flood Payroll

4. Mortgaging of Liberian Forest | Liberia’s hasty forest sell-off risks more conflict:

For these  reasons and many more, we are urging all Liberians  and friends  of Liberia  to stand up against this corruption criminal enterprise and reject any attempt by the Staten Island Liberian Community Association  to invite Madam Sirleaf  on Staten Island.  Madam Sirleaf and her gangs of war and economic criminals must know that no matter how long it takes, they cannot escape justice.  Join  the campaign to end the culture of impunityin Liberia.

May God bless Liberia.


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