Exposing Traitors and Sympathizers of Perpetrators of War and Economic Criminals in Our Community

Toteh and others,

Thank you for the prompt response. Psychologically, a mentally ill person lives in a delusional world of self-denial.  Your denial is no surprise to me.  Regarding the question of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Liberia, one cannot dismiss the role of foreign state and non-state actors.

  1. State and Non State Actors
  1. State Actors

The conviction of Taylor sets a unique precedence for future prosecution.  State actors such as  Gaddafi  of Libya, Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso, Lansana Conte  of Guinea,  and Félix Houphouët-Boigny of Ivory Coast will all have to account for their rile on aiding and abetting the NPFL.

  1. Non State Actors

Additionally, multinationals including Oriental Timber Company (OTC) and Firestone will also have to account for their role in aiding and abetting the NPFL. Unsculpus business and religious  men  such as Pat Robertson (Brooks) and Jessie Jackson (WND, 2002) who maliciously aided and abetted the   Americo Liberian  True Whig Party backed Charles Taylor and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s notorious  NPFL will also be  held accountable.

African American Leadership  Hypocrisy in Africa: The Case of Liberia

Some African American leaders have  consistently and regrettably aided and abetted gross discrimination, human rights violations, and political disfranchisement in Liberia while hypocritically fighting for   equal rights and justice in America.  Illicitly  using  their connections  and positions both in the democratic and republican caucuses  on capitol hill, these  folks have  consistently   misinformed  the American public on the Liberian crisis  in favor of their business  and political interests in Liberia.

Often,  the interests of their compatriots who were once free slaves in the US.  These folks settled in Liberia and established a Southern Plantation society of slavery characterized by social and political exclusion including  gross human rights violations against the aborigines of Liberia.

Being fully knowledgeable of these gross  human  rights violations and degrading  practices against Liberian aborigines,  Rev. Jessie Jackson, Sr., Congressman Jessie Jackson, Jr., Congressman Chris Smith, and the late Congressman Donald Payne including other African Americans  leaders have  consistently,  shamefully, and hypocritically   adopted a double standard position on Liberia.

In the  text of  the  congratulatory message to Madam Sirleaf  following  the 2011 controversial elections  in which Madam Sirleaf was the only candidate,   Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. described all those oppose to madam Sirleaf as undermining  the peace and security of Liberia and threatened sanctions.  “The United States will hold accountable any and all political leaders and their supporters seeking to undermine Liberia’s peace and democracy by all means available, including the possible use of multilateral and bilateral sanctions (Jesse L. Jackson, 2011).”

Congressman Chris Smith (R-New Jersey), Chairman of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Africa Global Health and Human Rights along with Congressman Jessie Jackson, Jr.,  following the 2011 illegal elections in Liberia, in my view, without   any formal investigation, warned U.S. sanctions against Liberian opposition leaders (Africa.com, 2011).

The late Congressman Donald Payne was also an ardent supporter of Madam Sirleaf.  Considering the level of violence Madam Sirleaf and cohorts perpetrated against Liberia and the people of Liberia, I find it very difficult to understand why  some African American leaders,  who were subject of social and political exclusion would support such a  Babylonian and inhuman hegemony against weak and defenseless aborigine people of Liberia.

The only credible vehicle for sustainable peace, reconciliation, and justice  in Liberia  is the proposed Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia. We are aware  that some of the leaders named above are dead, but they acted in their official capacities as Presidents therefore, their respective countries will be held accountable for the destruction of Liberia and they will be made to pay reparation. OTC, Firestone, and other foreign nationals who were engaged in illicit trade and extraction of our natural resources including timber, gold, diamond, rubber, etc shall also be held liable for the destruction of Liberia and be made to pay reparation as well.  The establishment of an Internationally Backed war Crimes Court on Liberia is the  key.

The Irresponsibly Blaming America

For one to  suggest that America is solely responsible for Liberia’s calamity is to say the Federal Government is responsible for the senseless   black-on-black violence taken place across America inner cities. This is the  irresponsible excuse most immature black leaders use to compensate for their gross negligence, thoughtless, unaccountable, untrustworthy, capricious, and carefree tendencies. No one wants to be a man and take responsibility.

If Liberia is to be liberated from the bondage of grotesque impunity, it will require extraordinary action by extraordinary men and women and not immature children who do not take responsibility. The quality of a man is not measured by the size of his endowment or how many women he got pregnant, but by being a responsible father to his children. Providing for his household and training his children to be responsible citizens. That’s what makes a responsible parent. This is largely missing from the black communities in most urban cities. Most black men only know how to get a woman pregnant, but  do not know how to take responsibility for the pregnancy. This is a shameful  and disgraceful tendency in our communities across America.

As a result, we have fatherless babies growing up practically on their own. Their role models and idols are rap artists who were mostly   fatherless as well.  Growing  up in violence and managing somehow to make it to the top echelon of rap music does not qualify one as a good role model.  This is the fundamental problem facing black America. We must now begin to take responsibility and stop blaming the white man for our senseless, irresponsible, and immoral behaviors.

The same goes to African leaders; we must stop blaming America, or imperialism for our gross neglect and failed leadership. We must take responsibility for the failure of Africa in the 21th century. How can you continue to depend on the Western Hemispheres aid in the 21th century when you have almost 60% of the world’s natural resources (oil, diamond, gold, etc)? This is a disgrace! Africans must emancipate their minds from the mentality  of slavery and embrace responsibility and leadership for the development of Africa in the 21st century. Poverty is in the mind, think big (Massaquoi, 2009).

Regarding Taylor’s jail break,  there are countless cases of prison break (Press, 2012) in America. Can one attribute all prison breaks (Dawson, 2011)  to your ill-conceived conspiracy theory that Washington is responsible for some obvious purpose?  Brother Toteh, you know better than that!  Regarding your statement;

“There is nothing you can do about that no matter how many rehabs you take me to; I will not bow down. Oh, you wanted me to be chasing only Liberian suspected war criminals and leave out their American facilitators. If you don’t have the guts to question American warlords, I will stand in the way of your question to Liberian warlords. Remember, every little count. I may be small in your eyes, but I have some courage, very strong, hardworking and willpower. And I/we will win you. I am sorry to disappoint you; I am not your kind of advocate. I care less what you think about me, mentally unstable or whatever. If I was going your way and dancing to the beat of your confused war crimes court drum, you would be celebrating me.”

By taken on the wrong target demonstrates the highest degree of stupidity and ignorance. It brings to question your level of scholarship and understating of the historical and psychological intricacies of the Liberian conflict.   I do not expect you to dance to the beat of my drum but exercise logic and scholarship in your advocacy.

Regarding your much talk about book,  I read your book six months ago during the literature review exercise for my research project. Honesty, I found very little information of relevance to my work. Form an academic and scientific point of view, the book is loaded with baseless and unfounded allegations. You would have done a good job if you had provided references to substantiate the key points you attempted to present.  On the overall,   you made  a good  first attempt, keep it up.

We must take responsibility for the liberation of Liberia. We cannot continue to live in the 20th century mentality in which every ills in Africa  attributed to imperialism. Fortunately, we have had the opportunity to study and work  in the so-called imperialistic society at various levels.  I do not know about you, for me, I have been privileged and blessed to have served on many Boards here in the US and created many organizations. To name a few, I served as the First Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Community Health Center of Richmond. I also served as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and Human Resource Committee.  In addition, I serve as Co-Chair of the Human Services Committee, Community Board # 1, and Staten Island. Currently, I am a member of the United Nations Global Compact USA Network.  For my day job, I am business consultant. I work on my own time.  My 24 hour job is the struggle for the transformation of Liberia from the current state of gross impunity characterized by social and political decadence to a state of accountability and the rule of law. The creation of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court is the central component of my job.

My almost eleven (11)  years  (June 2002- November 2012) in the US has been dedicated to studying and serving humanity.  I need not emphasize on my academic and professional credentials but I must celebrate the blessings God has bestowed on me.  I have been blessed to create my own job and worked at a very high level of the American society. I have gained a deep understanding of how the American society works both at the community level and at higher levels.

Understating America merely from the classroom to working 9-5 jobs to house your family and put bread on the table is not sufficient.  Such experience is a very narrow-minded and restrictive   experience of America. Such is the case with many Liberians who profess to know America. It is not how long you have lived in  America, but what you have done with your life here accounts. How have you contributed to building America? What have you done to elevate the plight of your fellow men? My goal in life is to make  mother earth a little better than I met it.  What is your goal in life?

I encourage all Liberians who are interested in democratizing Liberia to take advantage of the glorious opportunities  in the US and   participate in organizations outside of the Liberian community. Join international groups. Attend your local community council meetings and play a leadership role. That is how you will understand the intricacy of the American democracy. The classroom and 9-5 experience is limited. Make some contribution to the change you aspire to.  Don’t just criticize,   but make an impact! Be a part of the solution!

Intellectually Cheap Argument

While I was about to conclude this note, I came across your email and so in decided to respond in this manner.

1. (a)The first attempt to punish one of the war suspects failed miserably; Ellen Sirleraf is serving two six-year term. Ninety-nine percent of Krahn/Sapo people will not cooperate with anybody who is seeking the prosecution of their heroes, George Boley et al. The wise know the implication.

Response:  You do not  speak for the Sapo/Krahn people. Boley  and Krhan Warlords are not the heroes of Grand Gedeh County. The  barbaric and inhuman conduct  of their wars bring shame and disgrace to the people of Grand Gedeh county. I have several Krhan nephews  and nieces. My village  less than 4 miles from lower Nimba. My sisters and brothers married from the Krhan  tribe.  Your illusion that Boley and other notorious war criminals represent the Krhan is false and self-serving. How did you arrive at your conclusion? Did you conduct an empirical research or anecdote research ? What type of research method for example, Quasi-Experiments, True Experiments, Correlational  or  Observational research, etc.? Which one? Which  research design?  Quantitative  and  Qualitative? Which one?

2. Ninety-nine percent of Gio and Mano people will not dance to the drum beaten by people who want to prosecute their heroes, Prince Johnson et al. Prince Johnson took third place in the presidential election. That how popular he is with his people. The wise know the implication.

Response: I am a native Gio boy from Zoe Geah District where Prince Johnson hill from. I shared  family ties with more than 20 former NPFL special forces. Including the late General verney who was Prince immediate partner in the INPFL.  I lost more than 10  immediate members of my family  on the battle field prosecuting Ellen and Taylor’s immoral war.  Do you know how many Gio and Mino’s Prince Johnson brutally murdered?  Do  you think Prince John represents the interests of Nimba county?  Many citizens of Nimba view Prince Johnson as a violent  brute who seek after his personal economic and political interests.  Your  delusional  and self-serving view that Prince John is the hero of Nimba is false and misleading. You don’t know anything about Nimba  and therefore  have no credibility on the psychological  and political disposition of Nimba citizens.  

3. Ninety-nine percent of Mandingo people will not clap for people who want to prosecute their messiahs, Kromah, Conneh et al. The wise know the implication.

4. Liberians are tired of paying debt (1980 to 1989 or on and one we go). They want to let bygones be bygones and move on with their lives uninterrupted by some group of attention seekers.

Response: The Mandingos I know and lived with in Nimba are better than Kromah and Conneh. These men and their allies  are nothing but common war and economic criminals.

5. It costs UN millions of dollars and years to prosecute one warlord. Liberians don’t have money to try  suspected war criminals. It would take millions of dollars just to gather evidence and millions of dollars and years to establish and prosecute cases against more than 10 suspected war criminals. A lot of other legal procedures are involved that most or all war crimes court advocates out there don’t know.

Response: What do you know about the UN protocol?  Have you participated in any UN forums, have you been involve any UN sub-organizations such as UNISECO, etc?  Do you know how the special court in Sierra Leone was created and  funded? Have you read the Agreement for and Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, 16 January 2002

6. Those who are calling for the prosecution of war a crimes court in Liberia have no spine to question some of the major victimizers of Liberians. This means Liberians will not allow to be used by cowards to sow seed of another discord in Liberia.

Response: What  do you mean about mean victimizers? Please explain.

7. War Crimes court is not one of Liberians’ basic needs after war. Liberians’ basic needs include food, health, shelter, and social needs include interpersonal connectedness and love, education, employment, physical and intellectual ability and so forth.

Response: Who determines Liberia basic needs? You or the war and economic currently ruling Liberia like an abused bartered child?

8. Liberians would prefer economic crimes court to war crimes court.

Response: You do not speak for all Liberians but  rather  the few brutes who willfully elected to murder and plunder Liberia.

9. The establishment of a war crimes court in Liberia has less or no impact on the fight against corruption in Liberia. The establishment of a war crimes court will not put food on ordinary Liberians’ tables.

Response: The Problem of Liberia is not corruption but impunity.

10. And last but not the least, Liberians need people who will reconcile them without pointing finger. Liberians need people who will go from county to county, city to city, town to town and village to village spreading the message of reconciliation through series of festivities including

inter soccer games and etc.  

Response:  There can be no peace and reconciliation without   accountability on the part of perpetrators and justice for victims.

Cowardly Tendency

Toteh,  you willingly attended all LIJ’s  formative meetings and participated in the drafting of some of our documents. Why didn’t you express your opposition to war crimes court. Why now? Why the sudden conversion? Did money change hands?   Are you an agent of Boley or Ellen? Why are you afraid of  the establishment of war crimes court on Liberia?

The above reasons you provide is inclusive,  insufficient,  nonsensical, lacks moral and intellectual basis   and does not compensate for the  incalculable loss of lives and properties in Liberia. Do you have other logical and conclusive  reasons for rejecting  the establishment of an International Backed War Crimes  Court on Liberia? Do you rather maintain the current status quo of gross  impunity and human rights violation? Or do you rather have well documented war and economic criminals run Liberia  with impunity ?  You are a traitor.  Thank God for exposing you at this early stage of our struggle.

Call to Action

If anyone believes America is responsible for the calamities in Liberia, than I urge you to join us in the struggle for the establishment of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court so that you can bring charges against whatever American government agencies, officials, businesses, and private citizens. But don’t undermine the struggle for the creation of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia. By doing so would suggest you support  Ellen and her thugs who are currently ruling Liberia like an abused bastard child.    The Court would provide an opportunity for everyone to litigate their guilt or innocence.  Will you join the struggle for the creation of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia?

I encourage  you to take responsible and stop baselessly blaming America.  Let  it be  known  to all those who continue to irresponsibly and recklessly blame America for Liberia’s self-destructive war that Liberian war victims who have been graciously blessed by America will no longer allow such an ungrateful and self-serving stupidity to continue with impunity.  We will hold you accountable in the court of law to produce whatever evidence so that we can use those evidences in future litigation.  We will no longer allow anyone to confuse the Liberian masses with irresponsible and baseless statements purely designed to support and legitimize people who have committed well documented war and economic crimes against Liberia and the people of Liberia.

As a war victim, I consider the question of accountability for Liberian war victims very personal. I have put everything on hold (marriage, family, pleasure, etc.)   for this cause. This is not about politics, but the lives of thousands of innocent men and women killed in cold blood by those brutes who are currently ruling Liberia like an abuse bastard child. We will not allow anyone to live amongst us why supporting perpetrators who cause incalculable psychological and mental trauma for thousands of Liberian war victims here in the US.  Your days of impunity in the diaspora are numbered!

You are either for justice and accountability for Liberian war victims or a supporter of impunity in Liberia. 2013 will be a defining moment for the struggle for the liberation of Liberia from the satanic culture of impunity. If you are a supporter of impunity in Liberia then we have an intellectual, philosophical, psychological, economic, and legal battle on hand. Be preparing for the battle in 2013.

We look forward to the challenge.

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The Day of Reckoning for Liberian War & Economic Criminals including their Enablers is At Hand

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia.

I wrote Comrade Aloysius Toe and collaborators a few weeks ago unmasking their fraudulent records and demanding specific answers from Comrade  Toe regarding his dishonest character.  To this date, Toe has miserably failed to intellectually and competently address any of my questions substantively

 I.  More Questions

For the purpose of my readership, I will repost some key elements of my questions:

  1. Toe, are you an agent of Ellen “Jezebel” Johnson Sirleaf (EJJS)?
  2. Why are you so angry with Crll. Jayweh?
  3. What is your motivation for speaking about Krhn people in a disdainful manner?
  4. How many illegal homes did you build under false pretense in Liberia?
  5. It is no secret that EJJS threatened to expose you to your international sponsors if you did not desist from speaking evil about her government while at the same time applying foreign monies intended for human rights to your personal business venture.  Do you remember constructing any house, or houses, in Monrovia under false pretense and then renting them?
  6. Toe, do you know the former Minister of Information of Liberia (Mr. Sneh)?
  7. Do you remember attending any meeting with Mr. Sneh?
  8. What has become of your so-called human rights work in Liberia?
  9. Have you converted yourself to be an agent of EJJS?

II.  Regarding Toe’s Derogatory Statements About Jacob and Jayweh

In your response to Crll. Jayweh on October 28, 2012 “A man of your age should rise above gossip and rumor spreading.  At least education should have refined you.  People like you and Jacob who have no name or reputation to protect and defend nationally and internationally take pleasure running smear campaigns against other people’s hard earned reputation.  Besides defending those Krhn people you have no history or record of advocacy work in Liberia.  For Jacob, besides running an internet cafe he has no single history or record of advocacy work in Liberia.  More besides NOBODY knows and cares about two of you in Liberia.  No wonder why you NEVER won a single case as lawyer. I really pity your clients.”

Fellow Liberians, at least Toe was honest to have acknowledged that I was gainfully self-employed in Liberia and did not engage in criminal and deceptive practices under the pretense of human rights like you.  But, Toe was egregiously wrong by suggesting that Crll. Jayweh and I have no records of human rights or social activism in Liberia and internationally to stand on.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, in the early hours of October 19, 1994, armed bandits of NPFL and LPC broke into my residence and shot me multiple times a few inches below my knees.  As a result, I underwent several major orthopedic surgeries at the Hurricious Brown Medical and Surgical Clinic opposite the Toyota Garage by Monrovia City Hall.  I was there from October 19, 1994 until the late morning hours of April 6, 1996 when Boley, Taylor, the late Roosevelt Johnson of ULOMO-J and Kromah of ULIMO-K decided to terrorize the residents of Monrovia.

Under the command of Abe Kromah, the so-called Government Forces of Taylor and Kromah ULIMO-K on the one hand and LPC and ULIMO-J under the command of the late Roosevelt Johnson, the brutes and savages wreaked havoc on citizens of Monrovia. Only God knows how I survived the catastrophe. Abe Kromah  is the nephew of Alhaji Kromah, the leader of the notorious ULIMO-K, Abe is  now the Chief of Operation of Ellen ‘s  national police force . What a disgrace to justice and accountability!

As a consequence, I could not complete my studies at the University of Liberia. During my journey as a physically handicapped young male from Nimba, many people automatically castigated me as a wounded NPFL militant.  For many years I lived with people associating me with the horrendous violence perpetrated against innocent Liberians, particularly women, children, and the elderly.  Despite the challenges, I formed an organization named Free Teens Liberia and humbly served as the Executive Director from 1998-Feburary 2002.  I also served as the National Representative of the International Association for Volunteer Effort in Liberia (IAVE).

At Free Teens Liberia, we promoted HIV/AIDS awareness through abstinence education, supported orphanages, human rights, and volunteerism.  In my capacity as IAVE National Representative, I served as one of the key members of the National Coordinating Committee for the Celebration of the International Year of Volunteer (IYV2001) in Liberia.  Ask Ms. Ruth Ceasar and Varbal at the ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs and Gender Affairs.  They were the Government representatives on the National IYV2001 National Coordinating Committee comprised of NGOs, GOL, private business, and UNV.  Toe might want to check his facts.

III.  A Brief Summary of My Records

My record is an open book.  Below is a summary of my national and international credentials.

  1. Representative of  IAVE-Liberia.
  2. Executive Director Jacob D. Massaquoi, African Refuge| International Trauma Studies Program
  3. Former Liberian refugee seeks to help others adjust to life in US
  4. Underreported: The Trial of Charles Taylor
  5. Jacob Massaquoi Making A Difference For People In Need
  6. 2009 Max Hayman Award Recipient
  7. Liberian Refugee Recalls Bloody Civil War
  8. Life After Torture Jacob Massaquoi
  9. Liberian Leader Receives Warm Welcome On Staten Island NY1 .
  10. Liberian Refugee Seeks Justice Overseas

The above records constitute a synopsis of my unimpeachable human rights and social activism achievements both at home and abroad.  To learn more about my international and national credentials and achievements, please visit my blog “Doctorroots.”  I am grateful to the Almighty God for blessing me with good health, knowledge, skills, and ability to have gained such extraordinary accomplishments during my 41 year journey on Earth.

At the end of our life’s journey, history will judge us not by what we did for ourselves and immediate families and friends, but by what we did for others and our contribution to making this world a better place than how we met it.  Too often many Liberians are attracted to instant gratification and personal-aggrandizement.  As a result, we do not believe in volunteerism.  Most Liberians join, or form, organizations for self-gratifications instead of serving the constituency for which they claim to serve.

Extraordinary people do extraordinary things.  By the grace of the God of Isaac, Jacob, and Abraham!  The Last and The First Rasta Fari! Together, we will fundamentally change Liberia from the current state of impunity and decadence to the state of accountability, social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political justice for all.

IV.  Symbols of Manipulation and Deceit

A classic example of manipulation and deceit is the ULAA.  The ULAA is a visible symbol of naivety and grotesque abuse of the Liberian diaspora population in North America.  ULAA has historically served as the breeding ground for incompetent, lawless, and extremely violent groups of Liberians who foolishly feel more superior than other Liberians.  These fools have, over the years, used the name of Liberians in North America to propagate misinformation about anyone governing Liberia that they deem hostile to their selfish political and economic interests.

In the late 70s, these fools transformed ULAA into an anti-President Tolbert propaganda machine.  After succeeding in barbarically murdering President Tolbert on April 12, 1990 and subsequently executing thirteen (13) members of Tolbert’s administration, all without proper legal representation, and when the military junta failed to follow their deceitful lead, they masterminded and drove a very sophisticated ethnic wedge between the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh.

As a consequence the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh, who have historically lived together as one family, turned arch enemies overnight.  As a Nimba citizen I have researched, and continue to read psychological, philological, historical, and sociological texts in order to deeply understand the theoretical, dialectical, philosophical, psychological, and historical analysis of how people of such low life could transform families into brutes in order to achieve their diabolical political and economic agendas.

Fellow Liberians, the sophistication of the deceit and manipulation was designed in such a way that it was difficult for an ordinary Liberian to decipher and detect.  Consequently, many Liberians fell prey to those heartless, hard core and immorally bankrupted lackeys of Ellen “Jezebel” Sirleaf, Amos Sawyer, Harry Greaves, Elwood Dunn, Alhaji Kromah, George Boley, Prince Johnson, George Dweh, Sekou Conneh, Aisha Conneh, Thomas Nimely, Biomah Fambulleh, Varney Sherman, Eugene Shannon, Willis Knuckles, Winston Tubman, Robert Tubman, Joseph Rudolph Grimes (late), Terence Moore, Philip Banks, Gerard Cooper, Richard Divine, Tonia King,Florence A. Chenoweth,  Byron Tarr, and  many others.

Fellow Liberians, the above names represent some of the chief masterminds, and perpetrators, of the horrendous calamity Liberians suffered from April 14, 1979 – August 18, 2003.  These folks have, over the years, established solid academic, political, economic, and social connections with very powerful individuals, economic interest groups, and governments across the globe.  Illicitly using those contacts, these low life folks and their allies masterminded the 14 year barbaric and genocidal war on Liberia in which more than 300,000 innocent women, children, elders, as well as foreign nationals, were brutally murdered in cold blood by their machine of death.

Fellow Liberians, I can’t wait for the establishment of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia so that everyone will have an opportunity to litigate their innocence or guilt.  We shall open their hidden records to ensure their conviction so that Liberia shall never again see the face of war!  Folks who wreaked havoc and terrorized Liberia for decades and are currently ruling Liberian war victims like an abused bastard child will not be allowed to get away with the unforgivable horrific crimes committed against Liberia.

Ellen and her cohorts are currently buying time.  Their day of reckoning is at hand!

V.  Challenging the Status Quo 

Fellow Liberians, in light of the above, I would like to pose some intellectually and logically stimulating questions which I believe will fundamentally change the political and social discussion in Liberia.  Perhaps it may help Liberians to rethink the best transformative strategy to move from the current state of impunity and decadence to a state of accountability and justice for all Liberians.  My goal is to help make Liberia a country of laws and not of men (Charles Taylor, 2007 Inaugural address), a modern democratic state in Africa.  Finally, my questions are designed to stimulate a new mind set as we struggle for the creation of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia:

  1. What is/are the logical and substantive reasons why all the so-called Liberian civil society leaders, political activists, and political leaders have not considered accountability paramount in all the failed peace negotiations/agreements?
  2. Are the people of Sierra Leones lives better than those of Liberians?
  3. One of the fraudulent arguments of Ellen and her sponsors is that it is too early to prosecute anyone in Liberia because it would resurrect the conflict and undermine peace and stability.  Is Liberia peaceful now?  If the United Nations Peace Keeping forces were to leave Liberia at this moment, is the Liberian government prepared to maintain the peace?
  4. In the case of international proponents of the “delay justice argument,” I very well understand that some will do anything to protect their businesses and other economic interests.  This is not a new phenomenon; it has been that way from the beginning of the ages.  But should we allow people who did not suffer the war, and a few feeble and evil minded Liberians who masterminded the war, to decide when people should be held accountable for the demise of our beloved country?
  5. Considering the inherent dishonest and demonic nature of Liberian warlords, with Ellen at the head of power in Liberia, does anyone think there can be any free and fair elections in Liberia in the absence of Justice and accountability?
  6. Do you think Ellen and her cohorts, who masterminded the destruction of Liberia and are now ruling Liberia like their abused bastard child, are honest about national peace and reconciliation?
  7. Considering the incalculable loss of life and property, coupled with the massive psychological trauma Liberians have suffered, why has the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Government not build any structure in memory of the dead or a national memorial for historical memory of the war?  Instead Ellen, in partnership with morally bankrupt men and women of God – including internationally recognized Liberians such as Ms. Leymah Gbowee, have been masquerading on the national and international stage with the immoral mantra of  “let bygones – be bygones?”  Why?  Can someone please answer?
  8. Why has ULAA remained silent on the question of Justice for Liberian war victims?
  9. Why has both factions of ULAA remained silent on the incompetent, and immoral, rule of Ellen “Jezebel” Johnson Sirleaf despite its dismal and shameful records?
  10. Why has the Liberian Council of Churches and Islamic organizations remained silent on the question of justice for Liberian war victims?
  11. Why have the Liberian political parties remained silent on the question of justice for Liberian war victims but instead have consistently participated in illegally, and poorly organized, electoral process in which hard core violators of human rights and economic criminals are elevated to the level of political candidates? Consider the case of Taylor, Prince Johnson, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Alhaji Kromah, Sekou  Conneh,  Charles Brumskine, etc.
  12. Have we  forgotten so soon  that it was Charles Brumskine  and other so-called  legal authorities  of Liberia who  passionately  propounded  the  “Status of Forces Agreement argument ” between  ECOMOG and  Taylor’s immoral and satanic government in which, Brumskine  served as the Senate President Pro Tempore?  
  13. Have we  forgotten that  as the  result of the Status of Forces Agreement, ECOMOG left Liberia prematurely,  thus,  allowing Taylor  and his thugs to murdered many innocent Liberians whom  Taylor deems as threat to his illegitimate  regime?
  14. Considering the September 1998 massacre of innocent people on Camp Johnson Road?  Charles Brumskine and other so-called Liberian legal brains who  provided the intellectual argument for the premature departure of ECOMOG from Liberia  are equally responsible for  the mayhem Liberians suffered under the despotic rule of Taylor from 1997-2003. Charles Brumskine,  Philip Banks, Theophilus Gould and others   are  not an exception.  Do you agree with me?
  15. Why have the Liberian political parties not followed the democratic process of accountability and due diligence by properly vetting candidates through a rigorous background check process which includes a work and criminal history, family background, financial records, etc?
  16. Why can anyone just randomly form a political party and automatically become the standard bearer like King George Weah, Charles W. Brumskine, Charles Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Prince Y. Johnson, etc.?
  17. Can Ellen, and other officials of the current criminal enterprise ruling Liberia, provide logical, substantive, and conclusive reasons why they have arrogantly refused to abide by the August 18, 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) provisions on the creation of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commissions (TRC) and management and accountability component of the TRC report?
  18. Why are Liberians very interested in instant gratification and self-promotion rather than the national interests?
  19. Considering the level of violence Liberians suffered at the hands of Ellen, Taylor, and their collaborators, as well as LURD, ULIMO (K & J), MODEL, LPC, LDF, NPFL, etc., why Liberians are not very concerned about accountability but instead are concerned about political elections?  
  20. Why do Liberians have such a short memory?  Someone please answer me!
  21. After several years of subjugation to some of the worst violence humanity has come to experience, why are Liberians still honoring those responsible for their calamity?  
  22. Why have the so-called religious institutions willfully refused to support the recommendations as contained in the TRC final report?  Instead, they have rallied some immorally bankrupt and biblically illiterate “men and women of God” to propagate the pseudo doctrine of “let bygones-be bygones.”  And, they have consistently and mischievously employed biblical verses to support their diabolical doctrines all the while enriching themselves.  Why?
  23. Most of the folks responsible for orchestrating the mayhem have either lived, or studied, in the US or other first world countries.  Considering in those countries, there are standards and structure by which private and public institutions operate.  There are also standards and structures by which individuals are governed.  Why have they willfully refused to adopt, and implement, the good practices of the developed world?  Is it because they are Africans/black?  The consistent and willful failure of Ellen, Sawyer, and the rest of the low life idiots to adopt and implement the positive practices learned both by theory and practice, in the developed world supports the white Supremacist doctrine that blacks are inferior to whites.  Ellen and Sawyer, is that the reason why both of your leaderships have failed to transform Liberia from the current state of impunity and decadence to a modern democratic state based on justice, accountability, and the rule of law?  I demand some answers now!
  24. How do you both grade your leaderships?
  25. What are your personal values?
  26.   How much do you think you are worth?
  27.  Considering that history does not judge  one by  how much he/her did for  his/her personal family and  immediate friends, but how much  we did to make  this world a little better than we met it.   How would Amos Sawyer and Ellen ‘Jezebel” Johnson Sirleaf like to be remembered? I demand some answers from Sawyer and Ellen now!

Without a substantive logical and conclusive answer to the above soul searching questions, I will safely conclude that past and present Liberian political and religious leaders are fundamentally and inherently bankrupt and lacking the ability to resist corruption and trickery.  Therefore, there is an urgent need for a radical and fundamental transformation of Liberia from the current state of political, social, and economic decadence to the state of justice and accountability for all Liberians, irrespective of sociopolitical, ethnic background and creed.

 The current political and social  structure and system is absolutely obsolete, antiquated, morally bankrupt, economically unsustainable and detrimental to the future of Liberia.  New wine must be poured into new wineskins (Luke 5:38).  Liberia urgently needs radical transformation:  social, political, economic, as well as the Liberian mentality of idolizing their political and economic leaders as if they are gods!

VI. Defending Crll. Federick F. B. Jayweh

Regarding Crll. Jayweh’s record, I need not discuss because Toe is no match to him.  Crll. Jayweh has built for himself an unimpeachable record.  He is one of the most celebrated, credible, and well-read Liberian attorneys I have every come to know.  I am very honored and blessed to have met him.

By the way, as part of our effort to identify and prosecute Liberian human rights violators and economic criminals living in the US, we have contacted credible individuals and institutions sympathetic to human rights and the rule of law in Liberia to help us establish whether or not Liberians living in the US willfully perpetrated human rights violation during the war.  We also intend to establish whether or not they also committed economic crimes.

In light of this, Toe, do you have illegally built houses in Liberia using foreign funds?   Don’t you have houses in Gardnerville (3houses) currently rented out?

Toe has consistently denied alliance or working for Ellen “Jezebel” Johnson Sirleaf.  Yet, in October of 2011, while Liberian war victims were saddened and deeply disappointed by the Nobel Peace Prize Committee’s ill-informed and irresponsible decision to award Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the 2011 Nobel Peace prize for advancing women’s agenda in Liberia he, and others of Ellen’s praise singers including the immoral Liberian Council of Churches and Islamic groups and other feeble minded so-called Liberian activists and their patrons, were proudly congratulating Ellen.

Toe, how do you account for this statement “it is an incontrovertible fact that while Gbowee has struggled non-violently for the safety of women and for women, President Johnson- Sirleaf has labored to strengthen the position of women in decision making at the national level. This award is appropriate to direct attention to the role of women in reconstruction and peace building in post conflict societies. It is my honest opinion that both Gbowee and Sirleaf are deserving recipients of the award (Heritage, 2011).”

The above statement is a quote from Toe’s press statement congratulating Madam Sirleaf and Gbowee after they were both awarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize.  This was immediately after the murder of innocent Liberians on November 7, 2011.  Toe, you have professed to be a prolific nationally and internationally acclaimed human rights defender and activist, but I wonder how can a human rights defender praise someone who has the blood of innocent Liberians on her hands?

At least those of Ellen’s admirers in the international community mostly do not have access to her records and often make decisions against the backdrop of Ellen’s fraudulent records.  But for a Liberian, who professes to be a human rights activist, he should know better than to sing the praises of Madam Johnson Sirleaf while ordinary Liberians weep and mourn the death of their children and family members upon the orders of Madam Sirleaf.  Are you sure you are not an agent of Ellen?

VII. Additional Questions

  1. On June 19, 1990, Madam Ellen “Jezebel” Johnson Sirleaf was busy lobbying the US congress for support of the NPFL.  This was after Taylor had murdered several thousand innocent Liberians, including several thousand Krhn and Mandingos as well as many innocent public service employees including distinguished leaders of Nimba in the NPFL controlled territory.  Toe, we discussed Ellen’s statement in 2010, right?  Being fully knowledgeable of Ellen’s clandestine support of the NPFL genocidal war, how do you account for your decision to congratulate her for winning the Nobel Peace prize?  Did money change hands?  How much money was involved and what is your running salary?
  2. In the spring of 2011, Ellen’s untrained thugs illegally brutalized students of G. W. Gibson who were simply exercising their constitutional rights by protesting against inferior educational service.  Is that justice?  Is that anything you can praise the person for?
  3. Considering the deplorable conditions of most Liberians, the very high poverty rate coupled with rampant corruption and gross nepotism which you alluded in your April 2, 2012 article on African Standard News entitled “Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Nepotism: Re-emergence of Tubman’s Liberia Inc. (Toe, 2012)”  Which of the J. Aloysius Toe should we believe?  This one?  Or, the guy who praised Ellen for advancing women’s rights, even though women and children are the chief victims of Ellen and Taylor’s genocidal war and Ellen’s irresponsible and incompetent government infested with war and economic criminals (Mason, 2010)?  Which one? Please tell me!

I wish to emphasize that an attack on Crll. Jayweh’s celebrated and irrefutable record, which he earned at the cost of honesty and dedication to human rights and the rule of law, will not be tolerated.  Crll. Jayweh is the Chief Executive Officer of the Liberian Initiative for Justice (LIJ), which I helped create.  As Secretary General of LIJ, an attack on my CEO, whether verbal or physical, is deemed as an attack on my humanity and the record of LIJ.  We do not treat anyone, especially feeble minded Liberians who have allowed themselves to be used by lackeys of Ellen “Jezebel” Johnson Sirleaf and others for their personal economic and political interests, kindly.  Toe, I ask again, are you sure you are not an agent of Ellen’s?  Why are you so inconsistent and untrustworthy?

VI. Regarding the Krhn people Statement

I am extremely disappointed in Toe’s characterization of all those illegally arrested and tortured by Taylor’s thugs following the September 1998 armed incident on Camp Johnson Road.  Are you suggesting that all those illegally arrested, detained, tortured, and murdered by Taylor’s death machine were only Krhn?  For the purpose of Toe’s deceit, stupidity, and ignorance, let me assume that they were all Krhn.  Is being Krhn a crime in Liberia?  Are Krhn people not Liberians?  Should they not be treated fairly under the Liberian constitution?  Why are you  so bitter with Krhn people?  Have you forgotten that it was the Krhn and Mandingo dominated LURD that freed your soul from the bondage of Taylor’s prison in 2003?  Are you suffering from Dementia?  Dementia is the “loss of cognitive abilities that occurs with dementia leads to impairments in memory, reasoning, planning, and behavior (FARLEX, 2012).”  Based on Toe’s degrading analytical skills, I strongly recommend that he seek help from a neurologist.  Perhaps Toe might want to seek Dr. Zumo’s intervention.  He is a celebrated Liberian neurologist.  I would negotiate for a pro-bono service for him!

VII. Bluff and Legal Action

Toe, I am fully prepared intellectually and mentally to face you and your morally and intellectually bankrupt collaborators in court any time and at any venue, both in the US and in Liberia.  Perhaps that will be my first visit to Liberia in 11 years.  I am open to the challenge.  Are you?  I defy you and your gangs, and any anyone else who may daydream of having some structural managerial and operational supremacy whether in the issues of human rights, law, or civil society construction to sue me.

Liberians are typically fed up with self-made advocates for human rights and pretenders who feel they have the pseudo perception that if it is not them, it can be no one else!  Liberia is larger than those of you who have assumed the role as human “wrong” advocates with the history of extorting foreign resources (federal funds) over the years and making deception your career.

I look forward to your law suit.  For the purpose of public consumption, I am posting both your secret and intellectually bankrupt letter to Crll. Jayweh and my letter from earlier in October to you and others.

VIII.  My Personal Philosophy 

With that said, Toe and fellow Liberians, I though it imperative to articulate and demonstrate the fundamental reasons why I have elected to adopt an unconventional advocacy strategy and tactics in advocating for justice for Liberian war victims.  Philosophically, I am not superior to any man and no man is superior to me.  The  God  of Israel, Isaac, Abraham, and  Jacob, (Jah Rastafari Fari), The First and The Last,   alone is my master through Jesus Christ my Lord.  I resent the following names:

  1. Chief
  2. Boss
  3. Honorable
  4. Dr.

Only  God  the most merciful  is Honorable! I detest any attempt to replace my humanity with a title.  I do not need a title to qualify me or complete me.  Respect me for what I am: a humble  Gio boy from Butuo, Nimba County, one of  the remotest parts of Liberia who, by the grace of God, gracefully and diligently worked against all odds and built for myself an irrefutable record of achievements and accomplishments.  All glory and honor belongs to God alone.  I do not need man to praise me because men, particularly most Liberians, are inherently deceitful and flattering.  Liberians will generally call you honorable in front of you and behind you they willfully  discuss you  in a disdainful fashion  and say the worst things about you.

There are  very deceitful and dishonest people in our society.  This exercise is intended to expose lackeys of Ellen and Toe and to serve as a deterrent for future crooks and traitors. 

Respect me based on my character and output and not my title. 

IX.  Deterrence

We must expose pseudo human rights activists, political prostitutes, scammers, crooks, paid agents, detractors, and con-artists who jump from one political party to another for political favors and positions.  They have no ideological underpinning.  Would someone please tell me the ideological difference between the so-called ANC and CDC? Or what is the philosophical difference between UP and Liberty Party of Charles Brumskine?  What is the dichotomy between CDC legislatures and UP?  How do you quantify, or qualify, the output of all Liberian lawmakers?  Based on their performances, are you all proud of them?  Based on the tenets of democracy, are you proud of a group of immoral and incompetent men and women who would reject a presidential nominee on grounds of fraud, which is a felonious offense in Liberia, and then later overwhelmingly confirm him within 35 minutes (KARMO, 2012)?  What a garbage!  Are you happy with a group of immoral men and women who would pay themselves more than USD$10,000 per month (including more than $4000.000 benefits) while the majority of the citizens whom they are supposed to be representing live on less than $1.50 a day?  Someone, please answer my questions!

In my view, all the current political parties are ideologically and philosophically the same.  Ellen is not the only problem.  I challenge any of the so-called opposition parties to present a comprehensive plan that articulates their vision for Liberia and how that differs from the vision of the current trash in Liberia.

Fellow Liberians, have any of the political parties demonstrated any degree of leadership different from that of Ellen’s union of opportunist’s party (UP)?  The records of their law makers speaks volume of what Liberia would be like if they were to take State power.  Many of them have worked for credible institutions, managed or mismanaged nearly $10 million or more dollars without accountability or any internal or external audit report.

Fellow Liberians, although Ellen is the primary mastermind of the demise of Liberia, Ellen alone could not have destroyed Liberia single-handedly without willing participants. The current deplorable situation of Liberia is a product of the collaborative efforts amongst leaders of the many political parties in both houses of Senate and Representatives.  While government is an institution of service to its constituents, in Liberia, government is a cash cow.  Most people go into government for wealth.  This has got to stop immediately!  We need radical change.

The good news is that we have all the necessary legal, intellectually, historical,  and moral tools to bring about this much needed change through a systematic and comprehensive civil process using existing legal machinery and the text of the 2003 CPA.

We have an arsenal of records and living witnesses against Ellen and her collaborators.  More than they can ever imagine.  We may summon them when needed at our chosen time.  Thank God for the internet and the Freedom of Information Act in the great United States.  At the appropriate time, we will publish documents evidencing their roles and engagements in the unlawful destruction of lives and property in Liberia.

X. Liberia’s Problem

The fundamental problem facing Liberia is structural and systematic.  Structural and systematic change is necessary from the bottom up and from the top down.  How can the President who is living in Monrovia appoint a Superintendent to administer Nimba, Grand Bassa, Grand Gedeh, etc.  This is very wrong and immoral.  Is that not the very same reasons Sawyer, Fambulleh, Boley, and other immoral brutes that now congregate at the feet of Ellen spoke passionately against the Tolbert regime?  Is that not what they accused Tolbert of and ultimately murdered him and others in cold blood?  Liberians, what has changed since the war?  Has there been any fundamental change in how we administer our state affairs?

XI. A Call to Action!

If you are satisfied with the current status quo, then this informative narrative is not for you.  But if you are dissatisfied, then this scholarly and revolutionary narrative is all yours for consumption and action.  Liberia urgently needs fundamental change!  It is with the support of people like you that Liberia will one day be liberated from the cancer of impunity, nepotism and political cronyism! Join the struggle for the peaceful transformation of Liberia from the decadence of impunity to accountability and justice for all. Visit us at http://www.liberianinitiativeforjustice.org/

XII.  Conclusion

Currently, we are working with superior and advanced partners on the cause for justice and human rights and with no interest to deceive them or extort money out of their good intentions to insure human rights in Liberia.  History will prove Toe, Ellen, and their collaborators  wrong!

This is my last communication to Toe and his collaborators as I deem them immaterial to human rights and the future of Liberia.  I have no respect for violators of human rights and their enablers.

When the day of reckoning comes, Liberians must be willing to face some unpleasant truths. You cannot run from yourself( Bob Marley, 1979).  

The value of a man is not determine by how much he has but how much he gives (Massaquoi, 2009)

Aluta Continua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please do not forget to read Toe’s letter below. 

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Toe’s Letter to Crll. Jayweh

Cllr. Jayweh,

1.     Thanks for your email and the elaborate response, though factually incorrect, and a simplistic reflection of your self-induced imagination and paranoid assumptions. Without regard to the several email evidence I provided and referenced, you still imagine and assume that somebody leaked information about Mandamus petition without stating a single fact or providing an ounce of evidence that information was indeed leaked. You seem to imagine and assume that Aloysius Toe copied a Roosevelt Woods, and so a Roosevelt Woods definitely gave the Mandamus petition to a Kofi Woods, and a Kofi Woods definitely gave the petition to an Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The logicians call that “slippery slope reasoning” fallacy, if not due to mental defect. Facts and evidence should be separated from imagination and assumption, at least this is what every lawyer should know. Sorry I cannot help you; but you are laboring under such a defect of reasoning and might want to see a Psychiatrist. And the only reason I am responding to your intellectual malady is to establish the truth for the records.
2.     Now let me respond to your email, paragraph by paragraph, with documentary evidence (not assumption and imagination), knowing that no lie lives forever and truth crushed to the ground will rise again.  I will provide factual evidence, where necessary, and will present logical  analysis where the factual conclusions can be inferred.   Know that I am responding to you because I want to erase your lies; but I will sue your partner in rumors spreading, Jacob Massaquoi, for character assassination.
3.     Your claim, that you have nothing do with the nonsense Jacob Massaquio has been writing, is false and dishonest. You are the original source of all the falsehood Jacob Massaquio continued to spew against me. Jacob Massaquoi was not involved in the Mandamus transaction between you and me but he mentioned it because you gossiped about me to him. In fact I introduced Jacob to you later; you did not know him before. Jacob mentioned the same lies Kehleboe Gongloe told you about me because you gossiped to Jacob about it. You and Jacob also told several others that I am Ellen’s surrogate, I leaked your documents to Ellen, that I am underground agent for Ellen, that Ellen is sending me to school etc etc.   Ellen and her people will laugh at your guys when they hear your nonsense. I am the #1 hated civil society actor by Ellen and Medina Wesseh. A man of your age should rise above gossip and rumors spreading. At least education should have refined you. People like you and Jacob who have no name or reputation to protect and defend  nationally and internationally take pleasure running smear campaigns against other people hard earned reputation. Beside defending those Krahn people you have no history or record of advocacy work in Liberia. For Jacob, beside running internet cafe he has no single history or record of advocacy work in Liberia. More besides NOBODY knows and cares about two of you in Liberia.  No wonder why you NEVER won a single case as lawyer. I really pity your clients.
Your recent rubbish you wrote on the internet that a judge may likely throw out my case against Jacob and a lawyer may just eat my money is out of place. Your statements to others that my claim against Jacob is not actionable is additionally ill conceived. Only you think so, but every lawyer I spoke with says I have genuine libel claim. Two defamation lawyers I have contacted so far have identified five legal issues that are actionable under New York law from Jacob’s email. So get ready to defend your Jacob in late December or sometime January, Mr. NEVER WIN CASE LAWYER!!!
4.     Reference your first paragraph, I am not in the position to argue whom you have contact with and how many legal actions you have filed or continue to file while you are in America. It would be a magical and strange practice for a lawyer who is out of Liberia for 11 years and without a local office to have “concluded actions of divorce, adoption, legimation, guardianships, and other suits”. Absentee practice??? I know the two and only lawyers who worked with you in the past – Anthony Togba and Milton Taylor – have vowed NEVER to ever work with you.
5.     Secondly, let it be made crystal clear that I knew nothing about your Mandamus Petition until you told me. I warned you that your efforts would fail if you did not include local groups resident in Liberia because it was the same factor that defeated the 10-year residences clause petition filed by Abraham Massalay and otherwise residing in the US. It was then that you requested that I recommend trusted groups to sign on as 4th petitioners (Evidence: logical inference). I therefore recommended and spoke with Cllr. Augustine Toe (JPC), Mr. Roosevelt Woods (FIND), Mr. Dan Saryee (LDI) and Mr. Herron Gbidi (FOHRD). You sent me the petition by email and I emailed same to the individuals named above with your consent and the email copied to you. You were provided their telephone numbers and email address and they were provided with yours. I specifically cautioned them to maintain confidentiality (Evidence: see your and my emails of January 19 & 20, 2012 marked exhibit A and B respectively). You knew and you were copied. In that email I wrote them with a copy to you: “I am herewith forwarding you the draft copy of the petition which should be highly confidential. I am at the same time opening line of communication between you and Cllr. Jayeh. He can be reached at: fjayweh@hotmail.com; Tel: 720 535 5237. Please direct all questions, comments and inquiry to Cllr. Jayweh. To ensure the success of this effort, you are advised to maintain and high and strict confidentiality in the handling of this document – only among those individuals named in this report.” By this language I was stating that I was not a middle man, employee or your proxy and therefore urged them to keep in direct contact with you and you do the same. Let it be know to you also that both Cllr. Toe, Saryee, Woods, Gbidi and myself have filed several legal actions in the past and do not need you nor your ALAA group to claim fame. So be very careful how operate in your gossip club to spoil other people’s good name. A lawyer should be mind in playing with other people character.
6.     As you know, I personally put Jacob Massaquio in contact and introduced him to you after you sent me the petition. Jacob Massaquoi claimed in his email attack on me that he edited your petition. This would mean you gave the same petition to Jacob. Knowing that Jacob Massaquoi has verbal diarrhea (talks irresponsibly and has no secret), what makes you think he did not inadvertently leak your so-called petition to other parties, if in fact it was leaked?  In fact, in a February 28, 2012 email from Jacob Massaquio to members of his Holistic Peace Movement including you, Federick Jayweh, in which he attached a monthly update of the movement, he informed 22 persons in that email including you that: “”Cllr. Fredrick Jayweh has prepared the law suites for filing in March 1 – 15, [2011]”. (Evidence: See email of February 28, 2011 marked exhibit C and attachment marked exhibit D See attach). In subsequent emails of March 17, 2011 and April 7, 2011 to over 30 people – in all of which you were copied by Jacob Massaquio, he informed them you would do a briefing on legal action update at planned teleconferences. Think carefully about it since you don’t seem to remember your past dealings. I have copies of all these emails.  Do you still believe in your right mind that any of the 22 persons could not have leaked you so-called petition, if in fact it was leaked.
7.     You wrote: “Your failure to have contacted me and told me what went wrong, speaks volume!”. I am not sure what’s wrong with you. Are you ok? Do I look like your employee or your servant to be reporting to you? I put you in contact with the guys and open line of communication. You arrogance and shortsightedness kept you away from them. Don’t bring such friskiness to me next time. You ought to know better than that.
8.     You claim that a lay man from office question your legal Wisdom in an email which I forward you. That’s is a lie!!!! Dan Saryee, a respected civil society leader and Executive Director of the Liberia Democratic Institute wrote that email and copied you (See exhibit E below). You knew that your Mandamus was defective, poorly drafted and illogically argued. So you felt offended. You knew the Justice in Chamber would not even entertain and allow you to file that petition. After promising lot of people that you were filing people, and having realized that the petition did not worth it, you decided to look for a scapegoat by spreading rumors on my name. Go to hell, Jayweh, for whatever you care.
This is my last email
Exhibit A
From: frederick jayweh <fjayweh@hotmail.com>
Subject: FW: Jayweh
To: aloysiustoe@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2011, 1:03 PM
 Mr. Toe,
Please find attached the draft petition that I spoke to about . Thanks and please have a wonderful day.
Exhbit B
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 11:02:45 -0800
From: aloysiustoe@yahoo.com
Subject: Highly Confidential – Not to be divulged to a 3rd Party
To: dsaryeeldi@yahoo.com; jnmahtoe49@yahoo.com; shgbidi@yahoo.com; woodsroosevelt@yahoo.com; aloysiustoe@yahoo.com; fjayweh@hotmail.com
S. Herron Gbidi, Executive  Director, Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy (FOHRD) – +231  4 763 554
Cllr.J. Augustine Toe, National Director,Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) – +231 77517997
Dan Saryee, Executive Director, Liberia Democratic Institute (LDI) – +231 6 514348
Roosevelt Woods, Regional Program Officer, Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) – +231 542316
Dear Colleagues,
Following my discussion with you today in which I informed that Cllr. Frederick Jayweh of the Association of Liberian Lawyers in the Americas and co would love the idea of working with a number of civil society groups  (as 4th petitioner or so) to file a writ of mandamus the SC for the implementation of the TRC final report. I am happy that most of you have welcome the idea and expressed interest to cooperate. Cllr. J. Augustine Toe, has however requested to review copy of the writ before initial commitment.
I am herewith forwarding you the draft copy of the petition which should be highly confidential. I am at the same time opening line of communication between you and Cllr. Jayeh. He can be reached at: fjayweh@hotmail.com; Tel: 720 535 5237. Please direct all questions, comments and inquiry to Cllr. Jayweh.
To ensure the success of this effort, you are advised to maintain and high and strict confidentiality in the handling of this document – only among those individuals named in this report.
J. Aloysius Toe
— On Wed, 1/19/11, frederick jayweh <fjayweh@hotmail.com> wrote:
Cllr. F.A.B. Jayweh
From: fjayweh@hotmail.com
To: aloysiustoe@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Jayweh
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 17:46:37 +0000
Exhibit C
From: Holistic Peace Movement< jmassaquoi@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, February 28, 2011 12:34 PM
Subject: UPDATES
Dear Comrades,
Thank you so much for the interest in liberating our beloved country from the hands of criminals and domestic terrorists.  I am attaching a summary progress report  for  the last months up to date, draft press release for your inputs, and copy of the letter to President Obama and others.  We will be meeting this Thursday. Please remember your $100 contribution for our struggle.  Also, please recommend speakers for our launching program. The idea is to have speakers from all national country associations in the US. What do you all think?  Does anyone have their contacts? Please pass it on ASAP.  We urgently need assistant Secretary General. Someone who will speak on-behalf of the group when I am not available, take minutes, manage our cyber war, and handle other tasks. If you are interested, please email me.
Thank you so much.
Exhibit E
From: Dan Saryee< dsaryeeldi@yahoo.com>
To: jnmahtoe49@yahoo.com; shgbidi@yahoo.com; woodsroosevelt@yahoo.com; Aloysius Toe< aloysiustoe@yahoo.com>; fjayweh@hotmail.com
Sent: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 7:04 AM
Subject: Re: Highly Confidential – Not to be divulged to a 3rd Party
Hi Aloysius,
My apologies for not getting back to you on this document. As indicated to you during our phone conversation, I am indeed interested in this initiative but I was thinking that a lot of legal reflection and analysis would have be done in regards to the recent Supreme Court opinion which render the 30 years band from politics illegal and unconstitutional. While I do recognize the power the Constitutional gave the Supreme Court as the final arbiter, I believe a thorough analsis of such power is an imperative pre-requisite to this campaign if we are to check-mate actions of the Supreme Court. I do agree that the Supreme Court is the final and highest court in the land, but if its action are counter-productive to upholding justice, promoting rule of Law and ensuring the stability of the state, citizens should see reason to demand that rule of law is respected and insist that the Supreme Court is made accountable to the Liberian people. However, such philosophy must be premised on legal grounds and this is while I suggest that we situate our action on extensive legal research.
Please consider this as my initial comment and i promise to get back to you shortly with additional comments on the document itself.
All the best,

From: Aloysius Toe <aloysiustoe@yahoo.com>
To: frederick jayweh <fjayweh@hotmail.com>; Massa Washington <poeriver@aol.com>; Cllr. J J Verdier <oneliberia@yahoo.com>; Jerome Verdier <jeromejverdier@yahoo.com>; lcancadm <lcancadm@gmail.com>; Jacob Massaquoi <jacobmassaquoi@hotmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2012 9:25 AM
Subject: Fw: Highly Confidential – Not to be divulged to a 3rd Party

Dear Cllr. Jayweh,
As you may have already read, I am being insulted and accused publicly by Mr. Jacob Massaquoi, amongst other things, that I passed out confidential documents to Kofi Woods and subsequently to Ellen Johnson Johnson. According to Mr. Massaquoi, this document is the Petition for Mandamus which you sent me. On the question of Mr. Massaquoi’s defamation against me that is a matter for the courts later this  year or early next year, and  is not the purpose of this email. The purpose of this email is set forth below.
You will remember, Counsellor, on January 18, 2011 we had a long conversation in which you expressed your interest to work with relevant civil society organizations as 4th petitioners to file a law suit against the government, and requested if I could recommend few of them to you. I immediately suggested FOHRD headed by Mr. Herron Gbidi, LDI headed by Mr. Dan Saryee, FIND headed by Mr. Roosevelt Woods and JPC headed Cllr. Augustine Toe as individuals that I’ve worked with in the past on issues running counter to government’s interest.  You consented that I contact these individuals and share the idea with them, which I did. While all of them agreed to participate and expressed interest in viewing the petition, Cllr. Augustine Toe requested to view the petition before consenting. I informed you by phone and you consented to release the petition (see your email of of January 19, 2012 marked cccccc below).
On January 20, 2011, I emailed (with cc copy to you) all of the within named persons with the petition attached in an email caption: “Highly Confidential – Not to be divulged to a 3rd Party (see my email of January 20, 2012 in which you were copied marked bbbbbb below). You will recall that in that email, I specifically wrote: “I am herewith forwarding you the draft copy of the petition which should be highly confidential. I am at the same time opening line of communication between you and Cllr. Jayeh. He can be reached at: fjayweh@hotmail.com; Tel: 720 535 5237. Please direct all questions, comments and inquiry to Cllr. Jayweh. To ensure the success of this effort, you are advised to maintain and high and strict confidentiality in the handling of this document – only among those individuals named in this report.”
After putting these guys in touch with you, you called me sometime in February that none of them have contacted you. I encouraged you to contact them since I had already put them in touch with you and provided you with their telephone numbers. However, based on you request, I sent them a reminder email in which you were copied on February 8, 2011 (see my email of February 8, 2012 below marked cccc). One year six months later the petition had not being filed and you have not told me that something went wrong or suspected that the information has been leaked; even though I maintained contact with you on more than three occasion thereafter (for instance, my three email communications to your expressing my disagreement with your general indictment of all progressives in Liberia; and my junior brotherly advice to you that it was wrong for you to continuously be engaged in online accusations with Mr. Aloysius Jappah. I did not know that either you or any of the lawyers involved thought that the information had been leaked and the blame was on my feet.
I was surprised sometime in early August 2012 when both Jerome, Massa and Lovetta made friendly inquiries and expressed concerns that they had heard from some sources that my activities were skewed towards serving government’s interest against the cause of justice, such that I was suspected of providing a sensitive document which had been entrusted to me to the government. I was shocked and told them that I did nothing unethical and that the only sensitive document I was given and aware of was a petition from you which was not filed more than 18 months ago. I also told them that with your knowledge and understanding I also shared this document with four additional persons including Woods, Toe, Ggbidi and Saryee. To convince Jerome, Massa and Lovetta I forwarded the same email to those guys (containing copy of the petition 18 months after) in which you were copied so they would believe that  I did nothing without your knowledge.
Cllr, as you know I’ve stood by you at the Human Rights Center and have always respected you. Whether the truth is told today or Jacob continues his lies against me, all I need from you is your honest opinion and the truth to this matter. Do you believe or do you not that the explanation I provided above represent what transpired between us? And, if the information were leaked, as is being spread by Jacob, do you believe that I passed the information on to government sources or my suggestion to include Roosevelt Woods (Kofi Woods brother) was calculated to have the document leaked?
I ask you these questions because Jacob implicated you concerning the petition in his false accusations against me. Secondly, I know Jacob is associated with the LIJ just as you. Third, the communication concerning the petition was only between you and myself without Jacob.
Please note that I am copying Jerome, Massa, Lovetta and Jacob since they are also aware of these issues. With Jacob’s accusation of immoral, illegal and unethical conduct against me, I am seriously considering both criminal and civil actions against Jacob for his verbal diarrhea. But with his other accusations interpreting my not wanting to associate with certain campaigns as being a traitor and disappointment – those are political opinions to which I may respond if any reasonable person requests me to do so.
Thank you, Cllr., for your attention.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Aloysius Toe <aloysiustoe@yahoo.com>
To: dsaryeeldi@yahoo.com; jnmahtoe49@yahoo.com; shgbidi@yahoo.com; woodsroosevelt@yahoo.com; Aloysius toe <aloysiustoe@yahoo.com>; fjayweh@hotmail.com
Sent: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 2:30 PM
Subject: Re: Highly Confidential – Not to be divulged to a 3rd Party
Dear Augustine, Dan, Roosevelt and Herron,Hope all is well with you and you are doing great. I am sure you have had time to review the document and have, or beginning to form opinions. Cllr. Jayweh would like to know your thoughts and possibly discuss with you on teleconference. I understand Cllr. Toe has a trip to the US soon, maybe he can touch base with Cllr. Jayweh while he’s here.Let me know your thoughts so far.J. Aloysius Toe— On Thu, 1/20/11, Aloysius Toe <aloysiustoe@yahoo.com>wrote:


From: Aloysius Toe <aloysiustoe@yahoo.com>
Subject: Highly Confidential – Not to be divulged to a 3rd Party
To: dsaryeeldi@yahoo.com, jnmahtoe49@yahoo.com, shgbidi@yahoo.com, woodsroosevelt@yahoo.com, “Aloysius toe” <aloysiustoe@yahoo.com>, fjayweh@hotmail.com
Date: Thursday, January 20, 2011, 2:02 PM

S. Herron Gbidi, Executive  Director, Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy (FOHRD) – +231  4 763 554
Cllr.J. Augustine Toe, National Director,Catholic Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) – +231 77517997
Dan Saryee, Executive Director, Liberia Democratic Institute (LDI) – +231 6 514348
Roosevelt Woods, Regional Program Officer, Foundation for International Dignity (FIND) – +231 542316Dear Colleagues,
Following my discussion with you today in which I informed that Cllr. Frederick Jayweh of the Association of Liberian Lawyers in the Americas and co would love the idea of working with a number of civil society groups  (as 4th petitioner or so) to file a writ of mandamus the SC for the implementation of the TRC final report. I am happy that most of you have welcome the idea and expressed interest to cooperate. Cllr. J. Augustine Toe, has however requested to review copy of the writ before initial commitment.I am herewith forwarding you the draft copy of the petition which should be highly confidential. I am at the same time opening line of communication between you and Cllr. Jayeh. He can be reached at: fjayweh@hotmail.com; Tel: 720 535 5237. Please direct all questions, comments and inquiry to Cllr. Jayweh.To ensure the success of this effort, you are advised to maintain and high and strict confidentiality in the handling of this document – only among those individuals named in this report.J. Aloysius Toe— On Wed, 1/19/11, frederick jayweh <fjayweh@hotmail.com>wrote:


From: frederick jayweh <fjayweh@hotmail.com>
Subject: FW: Jayweh
To: aloysiustoe@yahoo.com
Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2011, 1:03 PM

Mr. Toe,Please find attached the draft petition that I spoke to about . Thanks and please have a wonderful day.Cllr. F.A.B. Jayweh

From: fjayweh@hotmail.com
To: aloysiustoe@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: Jayweh
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 17:46:37 +0000

fjayweh@hotmial.com; fjayweh@ciisdenver.org
website: www.liberianlawyers.org
website: www.ciisdenver.org

F.A.B. Jayweh

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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 07:26:42 +0000
Subject: Re: [EveryLiberian] Re: Jappah replies: Settle Your Criminal Record

I have been very patient with these junk mails I have tried to unsubscribe my email contacts but still continues to get mails from u all. I hate to be a part of this forum…please stop sending me all these JUNK Mails full of senseless dialogues!
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Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 23:20:06
To: Everyliberian@yahoogroups.com<EveryLiberian@yahoogroups.com>
Reply-To: EveryLiberian@yahoogroups.com
Cc: Everyliberian@yahoogroups.com<EveryLiberian@yahoogroups.com>
Subject: Re: [EveryLiberian] Re: Jappah replies: Settle Your Criminal RecordCllr. Jayweh and Atty. Jappah,This debate between you has since been skewed from relevant issues under
discussion to personal and insubstantial issues. Whence the said debate has lost
its pertinence to be further debated unless you choose to deal with the
issue other than personality. Attorneys/Barristers/Counselors/Lawyers are
respectable professionals everywhere around the world. Even students of Law are
respectable scholars within communities and therefore act in accordance with
law. No matter how a lawyer is being pushed her/his utterances are well coined
within the confines of a legal undertone.Where for and where necessary, for this debate to recapture the minds of the
reading public, you should and must deal with relevant legal issues since you
both are legal minded as I presume. Legal debates are solely based on facts not
on assumptions. Please analyze your questions in legal rudiments so as to
enhance our reading, understanding and interpretation of the facts not of the
assumptions.Moreover, please be aware that many and perhaps most us have deep knowledge and
understanding of the gradations in Liberian-body-politic prior to and including
the civil war. We will judge your professionalism basically on merits of facts
you present not presumptions to persuade others who have little or knowledge of
the discussion under review.Furthermore, Attorneys/Barristers/Counselors/Lawyers
argue/debate/discuss/consider material facts devoid of prejudice and prejudicial
statements of other people.

Additionally, be watchful of run-on-sentences and questions aimed at only
confusing the ordinary man [layman] of analyzing the material facts thus
presented in this and future discussions of similar issues.

Finally, we urge you to restrict you
arguments/debates/discussions/considerations on admissible evidence.

Pero M. K. Kerkula
City of Euless / DFW / TX


From: frederick jayweh <fjayweh@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Tue, January 18, 2011 3:34:40 PM
Subject: RE: [EveryLiberian] Re: Jappah replies: Settle Your Criminal Record

Atty Jappah,

The below so-called PRESS RELEASE is self-serving; being published by you or the
Jappah familiy. Your criminal record still is too outstanding and disgraceful to
have me to discuss any legal matter with you. Go home and settle your criminal
record first and talk to me later.  You should give thanks to God Almighty, had
I being in Liberia and representing the Poor Liberian Woman from whom you stole
US$5000, today, you would have been disbarred and jailed.  LAWYERS (Attorneys
and Counsellors) are honorable people. You are a public Criminal!

Cllr. F.A.B. Jayweh

To: everyliberian@yahoogroups.com; onliberianmedium@yahoogroups.com;
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From: Jappah@aol.com
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 16:07:31 -0500
Subject: [EveryLiberian] Re: Jappah replies: Settle Your Criminal Record

Jayweh,  as a lawyer, I know the forum for the resolution of dispute is the
court.  When people have no standings in the actual forum, they try their cases
in the public where there are many fools.  I am sure you read this press release
below, published in Newspapers for over a week in Monrovia but neglected to give
cognizance to it.

I have had the car allegations formally resolved through the court
system.  Besides the court, the lady involved has formally apologized to me and
I accepted. I was her guest in Maryland a few weeks ago.  No one uses the threat
of defamation against me to corrupt me.  All matters or claims against me, I
am prepared and willing to defend in courts of competent jurisdictions.  My
character might be smudged because I stand firmly in what I believe.

I bagged, challenged, and implored the government of Liberia to take me to court
on the Greaves case. See the press release below which was published in every
major newspaper in Liberia for over a week.  I am going back to Liberia next
week and will renew my challenge for a formal trial.  So, lets address the
issues I raised about your questions like professionals now that I have “settled
my criminal record” in your head.

Can your questions withstand legal scrutiny? Why did you finance Mrs. Sirleaf’s
campaign? Why did you not ask her these questions when you met her face to face?
Why did you take pictures with her?

Aloysius Jappah
Shoes Factory, Gardnersville, Montserrado County
——-Original Message——-
Shoes Factory, Gardnersville, Montserrado County

(Wednesday, November 18, 2009):  The Family of Mr. Aloysius T. Jappah, Esq., a
member of the erstwhile Independent Technical Committee (ITC) appointed by Her
Excellency President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to investigate the contract between
Zakhem International Construction, Ltd and the Liberia Petroleum Refining
Company is calling on the Liberian Government to take the bribery allegation to
court.  The government of Liberia must show courage in taking the appropriate
steps to leave no doubts in the minds of the public as to who is criminally
responsible.   It can be recalled that Mr. Harry A. Greaves, Jr., former
Managing Director of the Liberia Refining Company swore to an affidavit which he
submitted to the Office of the President, alleging bribery demand on the part of
Mr. Jappah.  The President submitted the affidavit to the Ministry of Justice
for investigation.  But strangely, after two days of investigation by the
Ministry of Justice, Mr. Greaves undertook a dare-devil public campaign intended
to mislead the public, when he realized that the bribery allegation scheme was
being identified and exposed as a part of a signature pattern of his to
discredit attempts to unmask the “unholy” nature of the Zakhem contract. He was
immediately dismissed after the investigation.

The Jappah family decries the preferential treatment given to Mr. Greaves.  The
Family claims that the government of Liberia’s travel restrictions placed on Mr.
Greaves and Mr. Jappah have been lifted to satisfy Mr. Harry A. Greaves need to
travel abroad; that unlike Mr. Harry A. Greaves who has been fully compensated
and given all his benefits since his dismissal, Mr. Jappah has written several
letters to the President, Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Minister
of State for Finance, Economic, and Legal Affairs, the Minister of Justice, and
the Director General of the Civil Service to receive just compensation for his
services rendered, without success.  Mr. Jappah has described this as “outright
cruelty and no respect for governance and the rule of law.”  The Family calls on
the general public to implore the President to pay Mr. Jappah and to properly
investigate the litany of lies told against this decent young man whose
character remained immaculate until he joined the company of wolves and hyenas.

The Jappah Family thanks the Minister of Justice, the Solicitor General, and
Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Justice for professionally
handling the investigation. Let us pray for increased wisdom and discernment for
our President for things are no longer what they seem.  God Bless Liberia.

Signed:  Alteah Jappah/The Jappah Family

From: frederick jayweh
Date: 1/18/2011 3:35:12 PM
To: everyliberian@yahoogroups.com;  onliberianmedium@yahoogroups.com;
horizonnewsmedia@yahoogroups.com;  ulibsaaforum@yahoogroups.com;
Subject: [EveryLiberian] RE: Settle Your Criminal Record


When it comes to Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s role in the NPFL and your
feelings, I can certainly understand. Is this the same Atty Jappah who was
arrested by the Monrovia City Court for fooling and stealing US$5000 from a poor
Liberian Woman having lied of selling used cars? Atty Jappah, you are so much a
public criminal that I will not waste my time to talk about legal profession
with you. Professionally, you (Atty.Jappah) has no value; except for attempting
to steal from Mr. Harry A. Greaves and the poor Liberian Woman. Keep fighting,
may be, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf will give you your job back. Did you settle your
Property Theft case in Liberia prior to flee for your life and justice? Any
Atty-at-Law who will choose to steal and seek bribe, has no professional
value.  Publicly, why did Ellen Johnson Sirlear eject you from her whitehouse?

If you could legally defend yourself, why did you runaway from Liberia, the
Ministey of Justice and the Monrovia City where you were charged with Property
Theft?  Your criminal record is so outstanding that you  could be barred, if you
were ever in the legal profession. Settle your criminal record first, the talk
to me later!

Cllr. F.A.B. Jayweh,

To: onliberianmedium@yahoogroups.com; everyliberian@yahoogroups.com;
horizonnewsmedia@yahoogroups.com; ulibsaaforum@yahoogroups.com;
From: Jappah@aol.com
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 14:09:08 -0500
Subject: [EveryLiberian] Jayweh Disgraces Law School

Jayweh, I personally appeal to you to stop brining disgrace to the respected
Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law.  What you write as a lawyer is so anathema to
the legal profession I wish you would just shut up and stop writing nonsense on
this listserv.

Pray, Jayweh, how can you asks questions that you know are so objectionable and
on its face stupid?  If you were worth the time, I would deal with you
exhaustively. But summarily, I will point out your ineptitude as a lawyer.

Firstly, a good lawyer turns evidence into fact, and fact into truth. Your
writings have no respect for evidence and the rules and ethics of your
professions –  your conduct always makes me want to puke (vomit).

Lets just scrutinize a few of your questions:

Mrs. Sirleaf, as the political and financial leader of the National Patriotic
Front of Liberia (NPFL), where were you when the following political leaders and
sons of Liberia were murdered and disposed off from the face of the earth in
Liberia by CIC Charles G. Taylor and the NPFL?

My response: This question is objectionable: 1) based on hearsay – that she is
the political and financial leader of NPFL is hearsay; not been established in
any competent forum. 2) based on facts not in evidence; 3) misstates what is
publicly known.; 4) objectionable on grounds that she has already answered these
questions in forum where you may have obtained your “Public Admission.”

Mrs. Sirleaf, during your administration as the political leader of the NPFL,
did you order and command CIC Taylor to command Mr. John T. Richardson, your
current chairman of National Housing Authority (NHA) and the NPFL to in 1992,
murder the Catholic Nuns, American Citizens, in Gardnerville, Liberia to
smoothly pave your way to the Presidency of Liberia?

I repeat the same objections here but include a question to you: explain in any
imaginable manner how the Murder of the Catholic Nuns could have smooth Ellen’s
way to the Liberian Presidency? Why not take judicial notice of the fact that
Ellen publicly parted with NPFL in June 1990. Or, it is not part of your “Public
Mrs. Sirleaf, could you be truthful to God and fellow Liberians to clearly and
forthrightly tell Liberia and Liberians what were your actual role in the wars
that destroyed Liberia and its people from 1989 to 2003, with specific reference
to the other warring factions order than the NPFL? Did you also finance and
sustain these factions?

Objection: compounded question. Dummy, have you not stated her role already as
political and financial leader? Why would you ask it again if it were a settled
Mrs. Sirleaf, it appears that as a human being, you are being troubled by your
conscience and ethics for telling the half-truth relative to your role in the
death and destruction of Liberia. Are you ready and will you before God and man
be willing to tell Liberia and Liberians about your actual role during the
NPFL’s and other wars?

Objection: repetitive; badgering. Jayweh, meet me in court and ask my witness an
“it appears” question. Go and learn the law.
Since you are not worth my time and won’t bother with your junk writings again,
I will leave you with one question and an advice.
Why did you not ask Ellen these questions when you went to her fund raising with
me prior to her election but opted to finance her campaign and take pictures
with her?
My advice is that as a lawyer, when you write here, it should be instructive and
informative.  Please distinguish yourself from the layman.

I close with an apology to you. But I can’t tolerate a disgrace to my noble
profession. Even if you have your biases, come out as a professional. We are
taught as lawyers to defend every side of a case based on evidence, the law, and
within ethical confines. Do it Mr. Counselor-At-Law, LLM.
Sustain the gain.  Vote Ellen 2011
Aloysius Jappah

——-Original Message——-

From: frederick jayweh
Date: 1/18/2011 10:51:28 AM
To: onliberianmedium@yahoogroups.com;  everyliberian@yahoogroups.com;
horizonnewsmedia@yahoogroups.com;  ulibsaaforum@yahoogroups.com;


January 18, 2011

Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
President of the Republic of Liberia and
former Chief-financier & Political Leader
National Patriotic Front of Liberia, (NPFL)
10 Monrovia, 100 Liberia
RE: Liberians Deserve to Know
Dear Mrs. Sirleaf,
The organizing founders and authority of Liberia’s Swiftboat for the Truth bring
you greetings and hope that you and your families are doing well in these trying
days of Liberia’s health and history. As Liberia and its people embark on the
upcoming October 2011 presidential and general elections season in Liberia,
officials and members of Liberia’s Swiftboat for the Truth strongly encourage
you to deposit part of your time to please provide detail and convincing answers
to the following concerns and burning issues relating to Liberia’s past
political and moral history.

As Liberia and Liberians approach elections 2011, please provide deserving and
honest answers to the best of your knowledge to the foregoing concerns and
questions that measure reasons why you should or should not be reelected as
Liberia’s President, come October 2011. Since it is believed that you have
partially and publicly confessed to providing money to support and sustain CIC
Charles G. Taylor and the NPFL to prosecute the war of death and destruction in
Liberia, what are your answers to:

I. Mrs. Sirleaf,as the political and financial leader of the National Patriotic
Front of Liberia (NPFL), where were you when the following political leaders and
sons of Liberia were murdered and disposed off from the face of the earth in
Liberia by CIC Charles G. Taylor and the NPFL? The citizens of Liberia that
Liberia’s Swiftboat for the Truth has reference to for your easy review and
attention are:

1)Mr. Jackson F. Doe, leader of the (LAP)
2) Mr. Gabriel William Kpolleh, leader of the (LUP)
3) Mr. G. Moses DouPou, a citizen of Nimba County
4) Dr. Stephen M. Yekenson, President of the University of Liberia
5) The Catholic Nuns, Christian Women working to educate Liberian Children

II.  Public Admission:Being that you have publicly  admittedly, confessed and
told the world that you financially supported and sustain the death and
destruction in Liberia during the prosecution of the war in Liberia by NPFL,
please provide believable and straightforward answers to the foregoing concerns
and questions:
1) Mrs. Sirleaf, as the political and financial leader of the NPFL, did you
order and advise CIC Taylor and the NPFL to murder the following political
leaders and sons of Liberia around 1989 to 2003? Those Liberians referred to for
your reference are:
a)  Mr. Jackson F. Doe, a native of Nimba County, Liberia
b)  Mr. Gabriel William Kpolleh, a native of Bong County, Liberia
c)  Mr. G. Moses Doupou, a native of Nimba County, Liberia
d)  Dr. Stephen M. Yekenson, a native of Lofa County, Liberia

III.International Murder: Liberia’s Swiftboat for the Truth, wants to remind you
and your colleagues of the NPFL, that during the war financed by you, there
were Catholic Nuns and other international citizens murdered by CIC Taylor and
the NPFL from 1989 to 2003.  Please provide frank and deserving answers to the
foregoing questions:

1) Mrs. Sirleaf, during your administration as the political leader of the NPFL,
did you order and command CIC Taylor to command Mr. John T. Richardson, your
current chairman of National Housing Authority (NHA) and the NPFL to in 1992,
murder the Catholic Nuns, American Citizens, in Gardnerville, Liberia to
smoothly pave your way to the Presidency of Liberia?
2) Mrs. Sirleaf,could you be truthful to God and fellow Liberians to clearly and
forthrightly tell Liberia and Liberians what were your actual role in the wars
that destroyed Liberia and its people from 1989 to 2003, with specific reference
to the other warring factions order than the NPFL? Did you also finance and
sustain these factions?
3) Mrs. Sirleaf,it appears that as a human being, you are being troubled by your
conscience and ethics for telling the half-truth relative to your role in the
death and destruction of Liberia. Are you ready and will you before God and man
be willing to tell Liberia and Liberians about your actual role during the
NPFL’s and other wars?

Finally, Mrs. Sirleaf, the authority of Liberia’s Swiftboat for the Truth, is
fully aware that under the laws of Liberia, an accused is presumed innocent
until proved guilty. But, after your public confession and admission that during
the heat of the armed conflict in Liberia, around 1989 to 2003, you
intentionally and authoritatively traveled to Liberia and financed CIC Charles
G. Taylor and the NPFL to prosecute and sustain the war in Liberia, you legally
waived your right not to testify against yourself. By so doing, you, also
legally and consciously waived your right to being considered innocent until
proved guilty under the laws of Liberia. So then, the negative burden to provide
proofs that you did not command or order the destruction of Liberia and
murdering of fellow Liberians shifts to you. Should you not provide honest and
deserving answers to the foregoing questions and concerns, should Liberians vote
to have you indicted and prosecuted for your commission of war crimes and crimes
against humanity in Liberia?

As the political and financial leader of the NPFL, Mrs. Sirleaf, Liberia’s
Swiftboat for the Truth, finds it rather difficult and humanely impossible to
accept and believe that you have no responsibility in the destruction of Liberia
and murdering of fellow Liberians in Liberia, from 1989 to 2003. Please, say if
you can, what role did you play in the NPFL?

Other Questions and Concerns
1)Mrs. Sirleaf, why should the Citizens of Nimba County help to reelect you in
October 2011 as Liberia’s President, when you might be credited with the murder
of Mr. Jackson F. Doe, the political leader of LAP and a permanent citizen of
Nimba County?
2) Mrs. Sirleaf,why should the Citizens of Bong County help to reelect you in
October 2011 as Liberia’s President, when you might be guilty of the murder of
Mr. Gabriel William Kpolleh, the political leader of LUP and a renowned Citizen
of Bond County?

3) Mrs. Sirleaf, why should the Citizens of Lofa County help to reelect you as
Liberia’s President, when you might be guilty of the murder of Dr. Stephen M.
Yekenson, a scholar and a renowned son of Lofa County?
4) Mrs. Sirleaf,why should Liberians re-elect you as their President in October
2011, when you have consciously and intentionally chosen to tell them the
half-truth about your actual role in the NPFL and the destruction of Liberia,
from 1989 to 2003?

5) Mrs. Sirleaf,do you rightly and sincerely believe that you are credible to be
re-elected as Liberia’s President, when you and your government from January
2006 to present, have institutionalized corruption and publicly protected and
sustain economic criminals ( Some of your Ministers) relative to property theft
and economic sabotage?
6) Mrs. Sirleaf,to shield yourself from being charged with war crimes and crimes
against humanity in Liberia and to hide the truth of your role and involvement
in the murdering of nearly 300, 000 Liberians and residents of Liberia, you have
arrogantly and publicly set-aside and shelved the Final Report of the TRC. Why
should Liberians not believe that you are guilty of war crimes and crimes
against humanity, for your role in the NPFL and the other wars in Liberia?

7) Mrs. Sirleaf,by arrogantly and publicly appointing Mr. John T. Richardson as
your Chairman of the National Housing Authority (NHA) the NPFL’s general who
intentionally and willfully murdered the Catholic Nuns (American Citizens) in
Gardnerville, Liberia , you have surpassingly confessed and publicly represented
to the World and the United States of America that you were the leader of the
NPFL that ordered the murder of the Catholic Nuns to put fear in the
international community to intentionally leave CIC Charles G. Taylor and the
NPFL’s activities alone.

Reflecting on the above factsand circumstances and under the Laws of America,
why should you not be arrested, indicted and prosecuted by America, for
committing war crimes and crimes against humanity for allegedly and recklessly
ordering the murder of the Catholic Nuns and thereafter, compensating Mr. John
T. Richardson for carrying out your orders by appointing him as your NHA
Thank you ever so much for your time and cooperation in providing credible and
convincing answers to the above questions and concerns sought by fellow

Sincerely yours,



Note: Liberia’s Swiftboat for the Truth is publicly seeking qualified Liberians
to apply to immediately fill the foregoing positions:

1)    National Chairman
2)    Secretary General
3)    Treasurer
4)    Public Relation Officer

Please direct all communications and documents intended for LSBT to:

Mr. Frederick A.B. Jayweh
Counsellor-At-Law & Organizing Member, Liberia’s Swift Board for the Truth

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From: breakingnewsliberia@mail.com
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 10:22:15 -0500
Subject: [OnLiberianMedium] Breaking News: Quatarra Rejects Vice Presidential

Despite mounting international pressure there has been very little progress in
convincing Gbagbo to step down [EPA]

Alassane Ouattara, the man recognised by the international community as the
winner of Cote d’Ivoire’s presidential poll, has rejected an offer from Laurent
Gbagbo, the incumbent president, to take up the role of vice-president, sources
have told Al Jazeera.
The offer was reportedly made on Tuesday during mediation efforts to break the
political deadlock following the disputed poll.
The United Nations says more than 200 people have been killed in violence
since the dispute broke out between Gbagbo, who has refused to step down as
president, and Ouattara, after a presidential runoff on November 28, which the
UN says Ouattara won.
On Tuesday, at least five people were killed in clashes in Abidjan between
supporters of the presidential claimant and police and security forces.

Ouattara supporters are angry over the ongoing political stalemate [REUTERS]
It reported that two bodies of protesters and three police lay in the streets,
all with gunshot wounds, after clashes in the predominantly pro-Ouattara
neighbourhood of Abobo, as hundreds of police backed with armoured vehicles and
machine guns patrolled the area.
Sporadic gunfire could be heard across the neighbourhood, Reuters said.
Yvonne Ndege, Al Jazeera’s correspondent in Abidjan, said that Ouattara
supporters have been angry for weeks due to the ongoing political stalemate.
“I doubt this will be the last face-off between security forces and Ouattara
supporters,” she said.
Ethnic violence in Cote d’Ivoire’s western town of Duekoue last week killed 33
people and wounded 75, the chief of its main hospital told the news agency.

Mediation continues
Raila Odinga, the Kenyan prime minister and the African Union’s mediator in the
Ivorian crisis, is expected to fly back to the troubled West African country
this week, his spokesman said on Tuesday.

“The PM has indicated that he will return to Ivory Coast this week. The date of
his return will be either Thursday or Friday,” Dennis Onyango told the AFP news
Our correspondent said that the issue of Gbagbo stepping down is no longer a
precondition to finding a peaceful solution.
“What I’m sensing is the whole issue of power sharing is what will be advocated
to try and bring an end to all this,” she said.
Odinga’s first trip to Abidjan since being appointed as mediator by the
continental body ended on January 5 with little tangible progress in
resolving the standoff.

Meanwhile, Olusegun Obasanjo, former Nigerian leader and mediator, left Cote
d’Ivoire early on Monday as the country’s incumbent president continued to defy
the world and insist he had won the recent election.

Former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo visited Cote d’Ivoire in a bid to
help mediate [Al Jazeera]

Obasanjo, who came unannounced over the weekend, had driven back and forth
between the presidency and a hotel across town where Ouattara is barricaded.

The purpose of Obasanjo’s visit was to deliver the international community’s
message as forcefully as possible, and to offer Gbagbo an exile abroad and a
monthly stipend if he chooses to step down, said an adviser to Ouattara who was
briefed on the discussions.

The adviser spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the
matter. He also said Obasanjo repeated the warning that Gbagbo will face a
regional military ouster if he does not cede power.
The UN Security Council on Monday urged an end to the broadcasting of what it
calls “false information” in Cote d’Ivoire, which it says is aimed at inciting
ethnic violence.

The council’s statement, read to reporters by Mirsada Colakovic, Bosnia’s deputy
UN ambassador, voiced “deep concern over continued violence and human rights
violations” in the West African country.
“The members of the Security Council strongly condemned and demanded an
immediate halt to the use of media, especially Radiodiffusion-Television
Ivoirienne (RTI), to propagate false information to incite hatred and violence,
including against the UN,” the statement read.
“In view of the recognition set out in the communique of Alassane Dramane
Ouattara as president of Cote d’Ivoire, the members of the Security Council
reiterated their call on all Ivorian parties and stakeholders to respect the
will of the people and the outcome of the election,” the statement said.
Alain Le Roy, UN peacekeeping chief, told the 15-nation council last week that
he would ask for up to 2,000 additional peacekeepers to top up the 10,000-strong
UN force, known as UNOCI.

The statement said the Council “welcomed the submission of the detailed
recommendations and proposals” aimed at strengthening the UNOCI.


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