Exposing Traitors and Sympathizers of Perpetrators of War and Economic Criminals in Our Community

Toteh and others,

Thank you for the prompt response. Psychologically, a mentally ill person lives in a delusional world of self-denial.  Your denial is no surprise to me.  Regarding the question of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Liberia, one cannot dismiss the role of foreign state and non-state actors.

  1. State and Non State Actors
  1. State Actors

The conviction of Taylor sets a unique precedence for future prosecution.  State actors such as  Gaddafi  of Libya, Blaise Compaore of Burkina Faso, Lansana Conte  of Guinea,  and Félix Houphouët-Boigny of Ivory Coast will all have to account for their rile on aiding and abetting the NPFL.

  1. Non State Actors

Additionally, multinationals including Oriental Timber Company (OTC) and Firestone will also have to account for their role in aiding and abetting the NPFL. Unsculpus business and religious  men  such as Pat Robertson (Brooks) and Jessie Jackson (WND, 2002) who maliciously aided and abetted the   Americo Liberian  True Whig Party backed Charles Taylor and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s notorious  NPFL will also be  held accountable.

African American Leadership  Hypocrisy in Africa: The Case of Liberia

Some African American leaders have  consistently and regrettably aided and abetted gross discrimination, human rights violations, and political disfranchisement in Liberia while hypocritically fighting for   equal rights and justice in America.  Illicitly  using  their connections  and positions both in the democratic and republican caucuses  on capitol hill, these  folks have  consistently   misinformed  the American public on the Liberian crisis  in favor of their business  and political interests in Liberia.

Often,  the interests of their compatriots who were once free slaves in the US.  These folks settled in Liberia and established a Southern Plantation society of slavery characterized by social and political exclusion including  gross human rights violations against the aborigines of Liberia.

Being fully knowledgeable of these gross  human  rights violations and degrading  practices against Liberian aborigines,  Rev. Jessie Jackson, Sr., Congressman Jessie Jackson, Jr., Congressman Chris Smith, and the late Congressman Donald Payne including other African Americans  leaders have  consistently,  shamefully, and hypocritically   adopted a double standard position on Liberia.

In the  text of  the  congratulatory message to Madam Sirleaf  following  the 2011 controversial elections  in which Madam Sirleaf was the only candidate,   Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. described all those oppose to madam Sirleaf as undermining  the peace and security of Liberia and threatened sanctions.  “The United States will hold accountable any and all political leaders and their supporters seeking to undermine Liberia’s peace and democracy by all means available, including the possible use of multilateral and bilateral sanctions (Jesse L. Jackson, 2011).”

Congressman Chris Smith (R-New Jersey), Chairman of the U.S. House Subcommittee on Africa Global Health and Human Rights along with Congressman Jessie Jackson, Jr.,  following the 2011 illegal elections in Liberia, in my view, without   any formal investigation, warned U.S. sanctions against Liberian opposition leaders (Africa.com, 2011).

The late Congressman Donald Payne was also an ardent supporter of Madam Sirleaf.  Considering the level of violence Madam Sirleaf and cohorts perpetrated against Liberia and the people of Liberia, I find it very difficult to understand why  some African American leaders,  who were subject of social and political exclusion would support such a  Babylonian and inhuman hegemony against weak and defenseless aborigine people of Liberia.

The only credible vehicle for sustainable peace, reconciliation, and justice  in Liberia  is the proposed Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia. We are aware  that some of the leaders named above are dead, but they acted in their official capacities as Presidents therefore, their respective countries will be held accountable for the destruction of Liberia and they will be made to pay reparation. OTC, Firestone, and other foreign nationals who were engaged in illicit trade and extraction of our natural resources including timber, gold, diamond, rubber, etc shall also be held liable for the destruction of Liberia and be made to pay reparation as well.  The establishment of an Internationally Backed war Crimes Court on Liberia is the  key.

The Irresponsibly Blaming America

For one to  suggest that America is solely responsible for Liberia’s calamity is to say the Federal Government is responsible for the senseless   black-on-black violence taken place across America inner cities. This is the  irresponsible excuse most immature black leaders use to compensate for their gross negligence, thoughtless, unaccountable, untrustworthy, capricious, and carefree tendencies. No one wants to be a man and take responsibility.

If Liberia is to be liberated from the bondage of grotesque impunity, it will require extraordinary action by extraordinary men and women and not immature children who do not take responsibility. The quality of a man is not measured by the size of his endowment or how many women he got pregnant, but by being a responsible father to his children. Providing for his household and training his children to be responsible citizens. That’s what makes a responsible parent. This is largely missing from the black communities in most urban cities. Most black men only know how to get a woman pregnant, but  do not know how to take responsibility for the pregnancy. This is a shameful  and disgraceful tendency in our communities across America.

As a result, we have fatherless babies growing up practically on their own. Their role models and idols are rap artists who were mostly   fatherless as well.  Growing  up in violence and managing somehow to make it to the top echelon of rap music does not qualify one as a good role model.  This is the fundamental problem facing black America. We must now begin to take responsibility and stop blaming the white man for our senseless, irresponsible, and immoral behaviors.

The same goes to African leaders; we must stop blaming America, or imperialism for our gross neglect and failed leadership. We must take responsibility for the failure of Africa in the 21th century. How can you continue to depend on the Western Hemispheres aid in the 21th century when you have almost 60% of the world’s natural resources (oil, diamond, gold, etc)? This is a disgrace! Africans must emancipate their minds from the mentality  of slavery and embrace responsibility and leadership for the development of Africa in the 21st century. Poverty is in the mind, think big (Massaquoi, 2009).

Regarding Taylor’s jail break,  there are countless cases of prison break (Press, 2012) in America. Can one attribute all prison breaks (Dawson, 2011)  to your ill-conceived conspiracy theory that Washington is responsible for some obvious purpose?  Brother Toteh, you know better than that!  Regarding your statement;

“There is nothing you can do about that no matter how many rehabs you take me to; I will not bow down. Oh, you wanted me to be chasing only Liberian suspected war criminals and leave out their American facilitators. If you don’t have the guts to question American warlords, I will stand in the way of your question to Liberian warlords. Remember, every little count. I may be small in your eyes, but I have some courage, very strong, hardworking and willpower. And I/we will win you. I am sorry to disappoint you; I am not your kind of advocate. I care less what you think about me, mentally unstable or whatever. If I was going your way and dancing to the beat of your confused war crimes court drum, you would be celebrating me.”

By taken on the wrong target demonstrates the highest degree of stupidity and ignorance. It brings to question your level of scholarship and understating of the historical and psychological intricacies of the Liberian conflict.   I do not expect you to dance to the beat of my drum but exercise logic and scholarship in your advocacy.

Regarding your much talk about book,  I read your book six months ago during the literature review exercise for my research project. Honesty, I found very little information of relevance to my work. Form an academic and scientific point of view, the book is loaded with baseless and unfounded allegations. You would have done a good job if you had provided references to substantiate the key points you attempted to present.  On the overall,   you made  a good  first attempt, keep it up.

We must take responsibility for the liberation of Liberia. We cannot continue to live in the 20th century mentality in which every ills in Africa  attributed to imperialism. Fortunately, we have had the opportunity to study and work  in the so-called imperialistic society at various levels.  I do not know about you, for me, I have been privileged and blessed to have served on many Boards here in the US and created many organizations. To name a few, I served as the First Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Community Health Center of Richmond. I also served as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and Human Resource Committee.  In addition, I serve as Co-Chair of the Human Services Committee, Community Board # 1, and Staten Island. Currently, I am a member of the United Nations Global Compact USA Network.  For my day job, I am business consultant. I work on my own time.  My 24 hour job is the struggle for the transformation of Liberia from the current state of gross impunity characterized by social and political decadence to a state of accountability and the rule of law. The creation of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court is the central component of my job.

My almost eleven (11)  years  (June 2002- November 2012) in the US has been dedicated to studying and serving humanity.  I need not emphasize on my academic and professional credentials but I must celebrate the blessings God has bestowed on me.  I have been blessed to create my own job and worked at a very high level of the American society. I have gained a deep understanding of how the American society works both at the community level and at higher levels.

Understating America merely from the classroom to working 9-5 jobs to house your family and put bread on the table is not sufficient.  Such experience is a very narrow-minded and restrictive   experience of America. Such is the case with many Liberians who profess to know America. It is not how long you have lived in  America, but what you have done with your life here accounts. How have you contributed to building America? What have you done to elevate the plight of your fellow men? My goal in life is to make  mother earth a little better than I met it.  What is your goal in life?

I encourage all Liberians who are interested in democratizing Liberia to take advantage of the glorious opportunities  in the US and   participate in organizations outside of the Liberian community. Join international groups. Attend your local community council meetings and play a leadership role. That is how you will understand the intricacy of the American democracy. The classroom and 9-5 experience is limited. Make some contribution to the change you aspire to.  Don’t just criticize,   but make an impact! Be a part of the solution!

Intellectually Cheap Argument

While I was about to conclude this note, I came across your email and so in decided to respond in this manner.

1. (a)The first attempt to punish one of the war suspects failed miserably; Ellen Sirleraf is serving two six-year term. Ninety-nine percent of Krahn/Sapo people will not cooperate with anybody who is seeking the prosecution of their heroes, George Boley et al. The wise know the implication.

Response:  You do not  speak for the Sapo/Krahn people. Boley  and Krhan Warlords are not the heroes of Grand Gedeh County. The  barbaric and inhuman conduct  of their wars bring shame and disgrace to the people of Grand Gedeh county. I have several Krhan nephews  and nieces. My village  less than 4 miles from lower Nimba. My sisters and brothers married from the Krhan  tribe.  Your illusion that Boley and other notorious war criminals represent the Krhan is false and self-serving. How did you arrive at your conclusion? Did you conduct an empirical research or anecdote research ? What type of research method for example, Quasi-Experiments, True Experiments, Correlational  or  Observational research, etc.? Which one? Which  research design?  Quantitative  and  Qualitative? Which one?

2. Ninety-nine percent of Gio and Mano people will not dance to the drum beaten by people who want to prosecute their heroes, Prince Johnson et al. Prince Johnson took third place in the presidential election. That how popular he is with his people. The wise know the implication.

Response: I am a native Gio boy from Zoe Geah District where Prince Johnson hill from. I shared  family ties with more than 20 former NPFL special forces. Including the late General verney who was Prince immediate partner in the INPFL.  I lost more than 10  immediate members of my family  on the battle field prosecuting Ellen and Taylor’s immoral war.  Do you know how many Gio and Mino’s Prince Johnson brutally murdered?  Do  you think Prince John represents the interests of Nimba county?  Many citizens of Nimba view Prince Johnson as a violent  brute who seek after his personal economic and political interests.  Your  delusional  and self-serving view that Prince John is the hero of Nimba is false and misleading. You don’t know anything about Nimba  and therefore  have no credibility on the psychological  and political disposition of Nimba citizens.  

3. Ninety-nine percent of Mandingo people will not clap for people who want to prosecute their messiahs, Kromah, Conneh et al. The wise know the implication.

4. Liberians are tired of paying debt (1980 to 1989 or on and one we go). They want to let bygones be bygones and move on with their lives uninterrupted by some group of attention seekers.

Response: The Mandingos I know and lived with in Nimba are better than Kromah and Conneh. These men and their allies  are nothing but common war and economic criminals.

5. It costs UN millions of dollars and years to prosecute one warlord. Liberians don’t have money to try  suspected war criminals. It would take millions of dollars just to gather evidence and millions of dollars and years to establish and prosecute cases against more than 10 suspected war criminals. A lot of other legal procedures are involved that most or all war crimes court advocates out there don’t know.

Response: What do you know about the UN protocol?  Have you participated in any UN forums, have you been involve any UN sub-organizations such as UNISECO, etc?  Do you know how the special court in Sierra Leone was created and  funded? Have you read the Agreement for and Statute of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, 16 January 2002

6. Those who are calling for the prosecution of war a crimes court in Liberia have no spine to question some of the major victimizers of Liberians. This means Liberians will not allow to be used by cowards to sow seed of another discord in Liberia.

Response: What  do you mean about mean victimizers? Please explain.

7. War Crimes court is not one of Liberians’ basic needs after war. Liberians’ basic needs include food, health, shelter, and social needs include interpersonal connectedness and love, education, employment, physical and intellectual ability and so forth.

Response: Who determines Liberia basic needs? You or the war and economic currently ruling Liberia like an abused bartered child?

8. Liberians would prefer economic crimes court to war crimes court.

Response: You do not speak for all Liberians but  rather  the few brutes who willfully elected to murder and plunder Liberia.

9. The establishment of a war crimes court in Liberia has less or no impact on the fight against corruption in Liberia. The establishment of a war crimes court will not put food on ordinary Liberians’ tables.

Response: The Problem of Liberia is not corruption but impunity.

10. And last but not the least, Liberians need people who will reconcile them without pointing finger. Liberians need people who will go from county to county, city to city, town to town and village to village spreading the message of reconciliation through series of festivities including

inter soccer games and etc.  

Response:  There can be no peace and reconciliation without   accountability on the part of perpetrators and justice for victims.

Cowardly Tendency

Toteh,  you willingly attended all LIJ’s  formative meetings and participated in the drafting of some of our documents. Why didn’t you express your opposition to war crimes court. Why now? Why the sudden conversion? Did money change hands?   Are you an agent of Boley or Ellen? Why are you afraid of  the establishment of war crimes court on Liberia?

The above reasons you provide is inclusive,  insufficient,  nonsensical, lacks moral and intellectual basis   and does not compensate for the  incalculable loss of lives and properties in Liberia. Do you have other logical and conclusive  reasons for rejecting  the establishment of an International Backed War Crimes  Court on Liberia? Do you rather maintain the current status quo of gross  impunity and human rights violation? Or do you rather have well documented war and economic criminals run Liberia  with impunity ?  You are a traitor.  Thank God for exposing you at this early stage of our struggle.

Call to Action

If anyone believes America is responsible for the calamities in Liberia, than I urge you to join us in the struggle for the establishment of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court so that you can bring charges against whatever American government agencies, officials, businesses, and private citizens. But don’t undermine the struggle for the creation of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia. By doing so would suggest you support  Ellen and her thugs who are currently ruling Liberia like an abused bastard child.    The Court would provide an opportunity for everyone to litigate their guilt or innocence.  Will you join the struggle for the creation of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia?

I encourage  you to take responsible and stop baselessly blaming America.  Let  it be  known  to all those who continue to irresponsibly and recklessly blame America for Liberia’s self-destructive war that Liberian war victims who have been graciously blessed by America will no longer allow such an ungrateful and self-serving stupidity to continue with impunity.  We will hold you accountable in the court of law to produce whatever evidence so that we can use those evidences in future litigation.  We will no longer allow anyone to confuse the Liberian masses with irresponsible and baseless statements purely designed to support and legitimize people who have committed well documented war and economic crimes against Liberia and the people of Liberia.

As a war victim, I consider the question of accountability for Liberian war victims very personal. I have put everything on hold (marriage, family, pleasure, etc.)   for this cause. This is not about politics, but the lives of thousands of innocent men and women killed in cold blood by those brutes who are currently ruling Liberia like an abuse bastard child. We will not allow anyone to live amongst us why supporting perpetrators who cause incalculable psychological and mental trauma for thousands of Liberian war victims here in the US.  Your days of impunity in the diaspora are numbered!

You are either for justice and accountability for Liberian war victims or a supporter of impunity in Liberia. 2013 will be a defining moment for the struggle for the liberation of Liberia from the satanic culture of impunity. If you are a supporter of impunity in Liberia then we have an intellectual, philosophical, psychological, economic, and legal battle on hand. Be preparing for the battle in 2013.

We look forward to the challenge.

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