Unmasking Joe Gbaba, RW Chea, & Thomas Toteh Falsehood & Mischief

Liberian War Victims and Friends of Liberia:

I bring you greetings in the name of the most high God of Israel. Jah- Rastafari!  Happy New Year to you all. Wishing you a successful 2013 as we struggle for the liberation of Liberia from the captivity of impunity.

We Are in a War for Freedom

Fellow Liberian war victims, friends of Liberia, and my Passionate Supporters, may I crystalize in this  medium that   we are at war with incredibly powerful forces. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12, KJV).

Some of the forces are multibillion dollar oil companies, multibillion dollar steel companies, multibillion dollar tire companies, as well as, morally and spiritually bankrupt self-proclaimed men and women of  God like Joe Gbaba  and  his newly found attorney, RW Chea.   We know what they are capable of doing to anyone. They have historically masterminded the downfall of countless true Pan Africanist.

H. E. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah the rightful leader of Ghana, Comrade Patrice Émery Lumumba, first Prime Minister of the Zaire,  Samora Machel leader of FRELIMO and first Prime Minister and President of Mozambique and others  were martyred by forces of  tyrannical, authoritative, autocratic, despotic, dictatorial,  doctrinaire, dogmatic and corrupt  corporate and religious hegemonies.

Hence, my inspiration and faith comes from the work of the above ordained leaders of African origin who set the standard of resistance against extraordinary superior force.  May the souls of all African heros rest in perpetual peace. I am grateful for their adventurous, audacious, courageous, daring, dauntless, defiant, fearless, firm,  gallantry role in the liberation of  the people of African origin.

With that said, the character of Thomas Toteh, Joe Gbaba, RW Chea and others   does represent the character of an Pan Africanist. These men are simply immorally and intellectually bankrupt idiots with no remorse. Gbaba and Chea are diabolically using so-called PhD and fraudulent  religious credentials  to  compensate for  their intellectual  deficiencies.

Knowing what I know now, I would not have ventured on the PhD journey because doctoral degree is only a door opener. Most PhD degree holders in our community are a disgrace. Gbaba, Chea, and Nat are  a classic example.   They lack conviction, they are morally decade!

Unmasking Joe Gbaba, RW Chea, & Thomas Toteh Falsehood & Mischief

With that said, some egotistic, selfish, morally bankrupt, and inherently corrupt men and women of gods with no remorse for the plight of Liberian war victims have elected to covertly campaign against the creation of an Internationally Backed War Crimes Court on Liberia. Unfortunately, most of the low life Liberians in this case did not experience the war physically, mentally, or economically, except for the few dollars they occasionally sent home to their immediate relatives and friends.

They have no record of volunteering for the general good of society. Every institution they have ever worked for has been on the basis of selfish economic gains. They lack any moral fortitude and conviction to take positions on what is right for the general good of society. They only take position on issues that are convenient to their selfish interests. They are fair-weather and chameleons friends whose friendships is based on what they can gain from others  rather than  what others can gain from them.

They are driven by their self-indulgence and love of earthly things. These folks are short sighted and lack no historical understanding of society because they have no conviction. They are spiritually dead and morally decade. They are unable to operate in peace and harmony.  They are inherently corrupt to the core and cannot resist the temptation of corruption and moral decadence. Some claim to be followers of Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but are actually followers of Satan like Rw Chea and Joe Gbaba.

With that said, Joe Gbaba and RW Chea represent the character eloquently described above.  RW Chea instead of supporting the cause of justice for Liberian war victims, has reduced himself to the position of enablers of accused child molester and perpetrators of the 1990 St. Peter Church Massacre. Chea has desecrated the position of a REV by covertly providing cover for an accused criminal.

I believe Gbaba is capable enough to defend himself. When you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!  I am Doctorroots, The Oracle, The Unconventional!   I have no time to moderate or polish my text in order to appease a generation of fools and hypocrites. God, Jah Rastafari anointed me to weed out falsehood and traitors from the Liberian community in order to prepare the way for the great prosecution through the proposed  war crimes court.

Fellow Liberian war victims and friends of Liberia, it is written in the Holy Scriptures that “by their fruit, ye shall know them (Matthew 7:16).”  When you take a banana from Africa to Europe, it is a banana.  An apple will always bear an apple fruit. For too long pseudo men and women of gods have camouflaged themselves in many shades and have manipulated the process of justice and accountability in Liberia. Praise be to Jah Rastafari for the revelation that today, we can unapologetically denounce, chastise, and publically expose  demons like Gbaba, RW Chea and Toteh in our community.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (Matthew 7:15)

Fellow Liberian War Victims, Friends of Liberia, and Human Rights Defenders around the world:

Gbaba and Rw Chea, had  the audacity to textually assault my person  in a frantic  effort  to divert public  attention from the cardinal questions raised in my previous  email regarding Gbaba’s alleged  immoral and violent  records.

Until Gbaba can provide substantive, conclusive, and logical answers to my questions, I will continue to repost.  Gbaba must know that I am more sophisticated than what he thinks of me.  As one of the victims of the notorious July 1990 St. Peter Church massacre (Reuters, 1990) and a fearless human rights advocate, I will not rest until Gbaba responds to the allegations of child molestation and the Lutheran Church Massacre.

The allegation of Gbaba’s alleged participation in the St. Peter Church Massacre is extremely distasteful to me.  I demand an immediate answer from Gbaba!

Regarding the Photos

Fellow Liberians and Liberian war victims,

I thought Gbaba was sophisticated enough to know that not all pictures speak a thousand words. Some pictures may be manipulated using Photoshop and other photo manipulative software for mischievous purposes.

Hence, I do not know when Gbaba took those photos employed in his diabolical diversionary tactics. I have no recollection of the photos. Do the photos have any time signature or digital foot print to substantiate   the place, date, and time?  Gbaba needs to do a better job next time regarding any digital evidence against the elected one of Jah Rastafari!!

With that said, fellow Liberians and Liberian war victims, the frantic attempts by Gbaba and his newly found lawyer, RW Chea to divert the attention of Liberian masses from the key debate surrounding Gbaba’s alleged involvement in child molestation and war crimes raises more questions about his innocence of those crimes that he is being accused of.  Why is he refusing to answer my questions?   Why is Gbaba attempting to tribalize his immoral behavior?

Hence, if Gbaba wishes to regain my respect and the respect of the Liberian masses, I demand an immediate answer from him within 72 hours otherwise; he will be listed as one of the violent perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Liberia. I will also alert the FBI and other federal and state agents about the case of his involvement in the alleged child molestation in Liberia. Gbaba must know that the crime of child molestation is an international crime with no statute of limitation or judiciary boundary!

Below is a Repost of my Questions for Gbaba’s Immediate Response:

  1. Gbaba did you molest any child?
  2. Have you ever been accused of child molestation?
  3. Do you recall any allegation of sexual harassment against you?
  4. Do you know Kehleboe Kongloe?
  5. Do you recall having conversation with Kehleboe Kongloe with reference to any allegation of child molestation?
  6. Where were you on the night of the St. Peter Lutheran Church Massacre in July of 1990?
  7. Do you know of anyone who might have participated in the crime?
  8. Why are you refusing to respond to Kongloe’s allegation against you regarding the massacre and child molestation in Liberia?
  9. Why are you trying to divert my readership attention from the allegation of child molestation and participation in the heinous July 1990 St. Peter Church Massacre?
  10. Did you participate in the crime?
  11. Is George S. Boley, Moses Jarbo, Thomas Jaye, Ezekiah Pajibo, Ignatius Clay, Thomas Jaye, D. Karn Carlor, Joe Wylie, George Dweh, Thomas Nimley your heros?
  12. What is your motivation for denying that you know nothing about the Liberian Initiative for Justice Petition for the creation of an Internationally Backed war Crimes Court on Liberia?
  13. Why are you refusing to sign the petition for the creation of an internationally backed war crimes court on Liberia?
  14. Are you guilty of war crimes?
  15. Do you support Justice for Liberian War Victims?
  16. Why are you eager to work for someone whom for the last 24 months you have relentlessly attacked and demonized for sponsoring war in Liberia? I am referring to Madam Sirleaf.
  17. Do you believe Madam Sirleaf has more to do with the horrific war in Liberia than what she fraudulently told the United Nations, World Bank, and some of the most powerful feminist activist in the world about her involvement with the Notorious National Patriotic Front of Liberia?
  18. Do you believe Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  is a fraud who has for decades crafted  a troubling career based on falsehood, manipulation, and the exploitation of feminist sentiments in the western hemisphere in pursuit of her diabolical ambition?
  19. Do you believe Madam Sirleaf is currently ruling on the carcasses of her incalculable victims?
  20. Do you believe Madam Sirleaf and her band of hard core war and economic criminal’s refusal to fully implement the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) is treason against the Liberian people and Liberian war victims?
  21. Do you believe Madam Sirleaf attempted to divert both the Liberian masses and her international friends attention from the horrific crimes committed by the work of her hands (04/12/ 1980 military coup; 11/ 15/1985 Quowonkpa’s failed invasion (NPFL 1.0), and the Taylor and Ellen barbaric war 12/24/1989-08-18-2003 (NPFL 2.0)) is a treasonous crime against humanity and Liberian war victims?
  22. If your answer is yes to any of the above then, why do you want to work for a government headed by such a wicked and heartless individual?
  23. What are your core values?
  24. What is your core philosophy of life?
  25. Are you a war criminal?
  26. Did you make financial, material, and political contribution to LURD, ULOMO, or MODEL war efforts in Liberia?
  27. Do you know of anyone who may have willfully contributed to ULIMO, LURD or MODEL’s war efforts in Liberia and are currently living in Philadelphia, PA?
  28. Apart from the three being your kinsmen, do you have any other relationship to George Boley, Thomas Y. Nimely, and George Dewh?
  29. If yes, please explain?
  30. Are you a child molester?
  31. Why did you refuse to intellectually and ideologically refute your kinsman, Thomas Tote’s suggestions that George Boley, Thomas Nimely, Alhaji G.V. Kromah, Sekou D. Conneh, Prince Y. Johnson, and A. Dolo AKA General Peanut Butter are Heros of the Krhn, Mandingo, and Gio& Mino tribes respectively?
  32. Are you a tribal fanatic?
  33. Do you know Frayez Massaquoi in Yekepa?
  34. How many children did you molest at CUC, St. Patrick’s High School, UL?
  35. Specifically, do you know any former student who knows you as a child molester?
  36. Are you afraid thy may give testimony against you?
  37. How many children did you molest in Gbarzon District, Konobo District, and Tchien District Grand Gedeh County?
  38. Do you believe in tribal loyalty above national interests and patriotism to Liberia?
  39. What are your values?
  40. Who are your role models?
  41. Do you know of any child molester at Carroll High School in Yekepa?
  42. Where you molested by anyone?
  43. How do you wish to be remembered when your work on earth is done?
  44. How would you describe your legacy?
  45. What made you think that you are a Rabbi?
  46. Who confirms you?
  47. Do you believe in God?
  48. Do you think you will go to heaven when your work on this earth is done?
  49. Why are you so arrogant?
  50. Other than your so-called PhD title, what else do you have to qualify you?

Regarding Thomas’s Toteh Allegation

Fellow Liberian War Victims and Friends of Liberia,

The evil that man does lives after him” (William Shakespeare). I worked with Thomas Toteh intimately on addressing the question of impunity in Liberia.  Toteh and his kinsman Gbaba deceived me  and other human rights activists into believing that  they  support human rights and accountability. Regrettably and sadly, we later found out they  were actually a spy for some of the most violent men and women in Liberia. Thus, The Oracle has no choice but to do what he does best.  As  one of the Liberian war victims, I will not permit any  supporters of  brutes like George Boley, Prince Johnson, etc. to live  peacefully in the United States.

Lackeys of Prince Johnson, George Boley, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf   deserve to burn in hell following their conviction like Charles Taylor. With God’s help, the time is now!

With that said, if you want to self deport like Toteh, then follow his lead!

Using Religion as the Instrument of Mischief in Liberia

The infinite resource in Liberia is churches and mosque but yet, most Liberians including their so-called men and women of gods are extremely evil to the core. When ask, why are some Liberian religious leaders so evil and criminal?  Their feeble and illogical response is “we are living in the last days.”

 Such irresponsible, reckless, and unfounded defense in support of cruelty against fellow Liberians only aids and abet impunity.

With that said, Bishop Chea are you a false bishop? Who ordained you as bishop? Did you study philosophy at the theological school? When did you graduate?  How would you differentiate your church from other Liberian churches or denominations? What is the biblical and spiritual dichotomy between your church and other denominations?  How long have you been in the ministry? When did you accept Christ? What is the underpinning foundation of your faith and your church’s articles of faith? How would you describe your personal conviction? How would you describe your personal relationship with Christ, your wife, and congregation?  What ethical believe based on the bible do you profess? Have you cheated on your wife?

Chea must know that the code words he mischievously used in his morally bankrupted email are not words that one can get by me with impunity.   Such reckless and irresponsible defense of lackeys of Gbaba has unfortunately helped to aid and abet perpetrators of violent crimes, as well as, their financial and political patrons in Liberia.  Chea are you an enabler of Gbaba’s alleged crimes?  Do you have any knowledge of Gbaba’s involvement in child molestation in Liberia? Are you a faithful man of God? Are you a fateful husband?  Has your wife accused or ever suspected you of infidelity?  What is the foundation of your Christian faith? Do you believe in Christ Jesus? Are you practicing his will?  Are you a prosperity bishop deceptively extorting money from  people who come to your so-call church? Who are you?

A Call to Action

Therefore, brothers and sisters, there is no time for passivity and laissez-faire tendencies.  The hard truth is that America and its allies will not establish any war crimes court on Liberia in isolation of Liberian war victim’s participation. We must take ownership of the process. We must forcefully demonstrate our urgent desire for justice in Liberia now! We must be assertive in our quest for sustainable peace, justice, and development.

We must ideologically, philosophically, psychologically, and morally attack Ellen AKA Jezebel Sirleaf peace ambassadors and whosoever that  subscribes to their philosophy of peace which  violent perpetrators get away with impunity

Peace and Love