Cyrus Cooper the Leopard of Grand Gedeh‏

Wow, this guy is a real hero of Grand Gedeh County. I am glad to know Cyrus Cooper; he is an emerging leader of Grand Gedeh County. Thank God for Grand Gedeh County for such a brave man. Thank you Cyrus for standing up against the criminal enterprise in Liberia. Together, we shall soon bring an end to the criminal regime that currently holding our people in bondage in Liberia.
Where are all the leaders of Grand Gedeh County Association in America? Useless ULAA leader, Gaye D. Sleh, a son of Grand Gedeh? How about Grand Gedeh County legislative caucus? Isaac Nyenabo , “Ellen praise singer” and Senior Senator of Grand Gedeh County, Zoe E. Pennue, Representative of Grand Gedeh County,– “Mr. sleep” and others. How about Tillman N. Collins, President of – “Do nothing” Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas, Inc., , P. Allison Tarlue,Sr. , the former immigration Chief who professed to be the leader of Grand County, but when comes time to lead, he takes cover in group homes watching TV with consumers.
All the above men are useless to the general interests of Grand Gedeh County. Grand Gedeh County needs real heroes and not cowards and job seekers who are only interested in their personal welfare. These men have consistently demonstrated a total lack of leadership with deep seated tendency of hypocrisy and cowardice.
It is no secret that Ellen Jezebel Johnson Sirleaf and cohorts who are currently ruling their victims (Liberia) like an abused and neglect bastard child have no interest in the people of Grand Gedeh, Nimba County, and Liberia in general. If Liberia is to be liberated from the current criminal enterprise, infested with some of the most evil beasts on planet earth, we must audaciously and ideologically confront Ellen’s criminal enterprise with superior philosophically and higher standard.
Make no mistake! We are in a brutal warfare with a very evil enemy which has for decades held our people in bondage. The enemy we are confronting is the chronic culture of impunity. Our choice of weapon is the pen and superior philosophy. The days of AK47 and RPGs are over.
Thank you Cyrus for the audacious move.
You have the full support of the people of Grand Gedeh and patriotic Liberians like myself.
Long live Liberia , Grand Gedeh , and Nimba County.