Victory to Grand Gedeh County! No Evidence, Release my People

Victory to Grand Gedeh County! No Evidence, Release my People.


Victory to Grand Gedeh County! No Evidence, Release my People


                                       Cyrus S. Cooper,II 

Fellow Grand Gedeans, Liberians, and Friends of Liberia;

I am writing to draw public attention to the provocations and frequent violations of Grand Gedeans human rights by Madam Sirleaf and her National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) Allies.

Historical Analysis

  • Madam Sirleaf after  the political and social marriage with former President Samuel Doe, a Krhan from Grand Gedeh county  ended in the 1980s, Ellen led  a venomous  campaign against the Doe government along with Amos  Sawyer, her Good Governance advisor, Biomah Fanbulleh, her Security Advisor, Conmany Wesseh , Ministry of State, and host of  other haters of Krahn   absconded  and  transformed Liberian diaspora organizations primarily, those in the United States such ULAA, UNICO, and other Liberian groups into anti President Doe propaganda machine. Consequently, Nimba citizens and Grand Gedeans murdered each other in cold blood. Today, those who masterminded this evil design are in power at the expense of the carcasses of our both people.
  • During the 1985 Presidential and General elections, Madam Sirleaf won the Monserrado County Senatorial seat, but refused to served her people because according to her, President Doe was “a native fool unfit to lead Liberia.”
  • On November 12, 1985, Ellen and her cohorts sponsored an unsuccessful invasion that ultimately led to the death of General Thomas G. Quawonkpa   and thousands of innocent Liberians mostly, Nimba citizens. It is now clear that the selection of General Quanwonkpa   was a sophisticated and clandestine scheme to cause enmity between our Nimba brothers and sisters.
  • In the late 1980s, at one of the several ULAA anti President Doe meetings in Philadelphia, Ellen referred to President Doe as “idiots and fools.”
  • On December 2,  1986, Ellen along with one lobbyist, Peter Y. Emerson wrote an article in the Los Angeles Times title “ Liberia’s Doe Deserves No More U.S Aid”  calling for sanction on Liberia alleging corruption.  Even though the proposed sanction would hurt the ordinary Liberians and not President Doe, nor members of his government who had access to resources, but Ellen did not care, her interest   was only geared towards destroying Liberia.
  • In 2007,  General Charles Julu and Andrew Dorbor-both sons of Grand Gedeh   were arrested, incarcerated, and vigorously prosecuted for treason, but the  trial ended with  acquittal of both men due to  lack of evidence.
  • Today, 19 sons of Grand Gedeh have been held in prison for more than a year without trial for alleged rebel activities and murdered of UN peace keepers in Ivory Coast.   The inhuman detention of the 19 Grand Gedeans without trial is a gross violation of article 21 (f) of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia, “Every person arrested or detained shall be formally charged and presented before a court of competent jurisdiction within forty-eight hours. Should the court determine the existence of a prima facie case against the accused, it shall issue a formal writ of arrest setting out the charge or charges and shall provide for a speedy trial. There shall be no preventive detention.” The prolong detention of  fellow Grand Gedeans without trial is also a gross violation of Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.”


Treasonous Crime

Based on the above historical and scientific evidence, Ellen has historically demonstrated an extraordinary Grand Gedehphobic and hatred towards Grand Gedeans.  The erroneous accusations of treason against the sons of Grand Gedeh have no place in the lexicon of Grand Gedeh County. It was Ellen and  her cohorts who consistently waged war on Liberia in an effort to remove the legitimate government of Liberia headed by  President Samuel K. Doe, a proud son of Grand Gedeh County. The November 12, 1985 failed invasion and the 1989 NPFL genocidal war evidentially show that Ellen and her cohorts who have currently imposed themselves on  Liberia are the most treasonous creature in the political history of Liberia. Article 76 (a) 1-5 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia defines treason as;

(1) Levying war against the Republic;

(2) Aligning oneself with or aiding and abetting another nation or people with

Who Liberia is at war or in a state of war;

(3) Acts of espionage for an enemy state;

(4) Attempting by overt act to overthrow the Government, rebellion against the

Republic, insurrection and mutiny; and

(5) Abrogating or attempting to abrogate, subverting or attempting or conspiring

To subvert the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by any other

Means which attempts to undermine this Constitution.

According to former NPFL defense Minister Thomas Woewiyu, Ellen was the chief mastermind and patron of the NPFL genocidal war. She has established a long history of subversive activities in Liberia than any Liberian politician. How dare can she   charge anyone with treason or rebel activities  while she walk freely after causing the death of thousands of innocent Liberians with impunity.  If Ellen and her blind followers doubt me, I challenge Ellen to establish an internationally backed independent war crimes court there; we will surely convict her for treason, war, and economic crimes.

Fellow Liberians and members of the  international community, we as people of  Grand Gedeh county  do not need any more war in our beloved country therefore,  we are calling on members of the international  community and peace loving Liberians to demand the release of  all the 19 sons of  Grand Gedeh county  immediately within 14 days. It is a known fact that Sirleaf and her NPFL cohorts who waged genocidal war on Liberia have strong disdain for the people of Grand Gedeh County.   By August 1990, the notorious NPFL rebels had form a government with no Grand Gedeans. In reaction, on August 31, 1990, Byron Tarr, wrote a protest letter to Ellen “Are we keeping Grand Gedeh a conquered territory?” This statement is significant evidence substantiating our claims that Ellen and the NPFL had all along targeted the people of Grand Geddeh country unjustly.

Let it be known, one cannot advocate peace and at the same time remain silent on the recipe of war. Instead of promoting peace and national reconciliation, Ellen and her cohorts have embarked on the same old anti Grand Gedeh and anti-peace path that led to the 14 years genocidal war in Liberia. Ellen and her cohorts must know that we are more sophisticated than them. The people of Liberia are more advance than ever before. We will not permit such cheap tactics to succeed this time around.

Our Demands

Hence, we are calling on all Grand Gedeans serving in Ellen’s government to resign their positions if Ellen refuses to release all our 19 sons within 14 days. We cannot continue to do business with someone with a notorious history of deliberately humiliating and murdering our people with impunity. We must collectively resist  Elle’s  genocide  against our people. If you cannot sacrifice today in defense of your people, how can you represent them tomorrow? This is a challenge to the Grand Gedeh legislative caucus and all aspirant and current leaders, as well as elders, women and youth of Grand Gedeh County.    We must oppose Ellen and her cohorts barbaric attempt to make Grand Gedeh a conquer territory. We refuse to be enslaved in our country and on our own land Gedeh Gedeh County.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Finally, may we express our deepest thanks and appreciation to our  diligent Nimba brother Crll. Tiawon Gongloe and team for the gallantry defense of our sons? We also express our deepest appreciation to Jacob D. Massaquoi, II  AKA Doctorroots and Tony Leewaye  and other members of the concerned Nimba and Grand Gedeh citizens for  initiating the resistance against Ellen’s  genocide against Grand Gedeh county.     We are positive of  another legal  victory   as it was  in  the case of  General Charles Julu and Andrew Dorbor in 2007.

The greatest fear of  Ellen and her inherently  corrupt   recycled  True Whig Party  ( TWP), now calling themselves  Unity Party  ( UP)  cohorts,  is the marriage  of Nimba and Grand Gedeh  county.   The marriage of Grand Gedeh and Nimba county  would permanently end the TWP hegemony in Liberia therefore,  Ellen and her TWP cohorts  used all  their  intellectual and material resources deceived,  manipulate, place enmity between     our both people. Sadly, they did succeeded, consequently, thousands of our people including innocent Liberians and foreign nationals were murdered in cold blood.   The good news is that  we have emerged stronger than ever before.  Our  bond  is unbreakable,  any sons and daughters of Grand Gedeh and Nimba who allow him  or herself to be used as an  instrument of destruction of our common people will be immediately exposed and  purged!

There has been more intermarriage between the people of Grand Gedeh and Nimba in recent times than ever before in our both history. Today, Grand Gedeh County is the target, tomorrow; it may be Nimba, and so on. Liberians let us unit against this one  corrosive  enemy who rules only by decimating our aborigine culture,   dividing, and conquering our people. Ellen and her cohorts of less than 2% of the Liberian population knows  that they can never come to power without dividing us.  In union strong, success is assure!

The victory of Grand Gedeh County  is the victory for  all peace loving Liberians.


Cyrus S. Cooper, II

Former Senatorial Candidate

Grand Gedeh County

Phone (347) 965-1962 /Email: