Go! Tony Go!

Go! Tony Go!.


Go! Tony Go!

Huma and Anthony

Comgressman Anthony Weiner and Wife Huma Abedin with their Baby
Courtesy: People magazine

Everyone is a cheat until you are caught,  than suddenly everyone seems to hypocritically demonize you. Huma, you are an inspiration to many like myself who  believe  marriage means standing by your partner in both good and bad times. 

Your Support to Tony during this challenging times demonstrates true love. Moreover, what one  does with his /her free time has nothing to do with the multitude of problems facing the city of New York. The cowardice attacks on Comrade Anthony Weiner’s humanity is a distraction and a demonstration that many of his opponents are unfit to challenge him  on the  table of serious intellectual debate.  If  his Democratic opponents  feel he is unqualified because of  sending  scandalous text messages, let them  challenge Tony  to a debate but not through surrogate journalists.  We need people who are serious about addressing  the multitude of problems  facing New York city and not  political pundits.  Go! Tony Go!  

Fellow New Yonkers,  do not let the worthless 24 hours news media  define your humanity. Comrade Weiner  is an awesome man. I am inspired by his courage and tenacity to fight for what he believes and not cave in to television pundits!

Huma must remember  the story of Bill and Hillary Clinton in the early 1990s when the Republicans and Ultra-feminism  mounted unabated attacks against Hillary with  the explicit goal of destroying Bill’s presidency and political career,  but Hillary stood by Bill. Consequently, they survived and today, they are the most admired couples in the political sphere.

What I am trying to say here, Huma congratulations for standing  with Anthony.  He is a fighter and he will survive the test of time and become victorious.  “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom”- General George Patton, Jr.

Go! Tony Go!

You have inspired many!