4 Global Leaders Causing Drama At the U.N. General Assembly

4 Global Leaders Causing Drama At the U.N. General Assembly

Following are reasons why Liberians are protesting against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf:

  • Prosecuting and holding 19 Liberians from Grand Gedeh County in prison without evidence. 
  • Aided and Abetted the 14-year bloody civil  war in Liberia.
  • Transforming the government into the Sirleaf family enterprise.
  • Failure to reconcile Liberians.
  • Failure to hold perpetrators of war and economic crimes  in Liberia  accountable.
  • Paying lip service to corruption.
  • Using the Justice system to silence the press.
  • Out of 70 contractual agreements 68 illegal.
  • Ellen spent 49.9  million to promote her  government  abroad  while Liberian schools  and healthcare system remain substandard.