No Balkanization of Nimba


We cannot divide Nimba. The idea of dividing Nimba County is a crazy, unpatriotic, and satanic one. Those who are advocating for the division of Nimba do not love  Nimba.   They are arch enemies of Nimba.

The case of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1943–1992  and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia(1992–2003)  worth discussing in this context.  After the collapsed of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)  1922–1991, the former soviet client states became the prey for NATO expansion in the Baltic  in  an attempt to minimize Russia’s influence. Yugoslavia and other former USSR states became a victim. Yugoslavia  was Balkanized and transformed into splintered NATO client states.   These states are basically powerless and dependent  on   NATO for  security. Do you want Nimba to become powerless like  Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and others?

Another example, Grand Gedeh County was divided  into two counties during the  demonic rule of convicted war criminal, Charles Taylor. Taylor allies from Grand Gedeh County including  Peter Fineboy,   Isaac W.Nyenabo, Zoe Pennue,  Conmany Wesseh and other naïve and   short sighted citizens from  Grand Gedeh and River Gee  mischievously worked with Taylor to destroy their once united, loving, vibrant and powerful  county.

Today, Grand Grand County has become one of the least developed and under populated county.   Most of their leaders have reduced themselves to the Sirleaf praise singing choir members while  Madam Sirleaf  vindictively prosecute their compatriots. The case of the late General Julu  and others. The case of the 18 Grand Gedehians immorally convicted.

How can you have alleged war and economic criminals in the presidency and on the Supreme Court bench  in person of Kabineh Ja’neh to  prosecute people for treason? Sirleaf and Ja’neh should be tried first for the death of an estimated 300,000 Liberians killed in cold blood. Instead of    establishing  a war crime court to prosecute alleged war and economic criminals, Sirleaf and Ja’neh are shamelessly prosecuting  weak and powerless people of Gedeh for treason. OH!!!  what a disgrace to justice!  The kangaroo process that led to the conviction of the 18 sons of Grand Gedeh is  a travesty of Justice and needs to be reversed immediately!

Do you want Nimba to be like Grand Gedeh? We will fight to maintain Nimba unity. Our union makes us the strongest county in Liberia. The most populous county next to Montserrado. We will not accept the balkanization of Nimba!

The fundamental problem facing Liberia is not violence, corruption, poverty, nor  the lack of knowledge and political will, but the inherent culture of impunity.  Until we confront this virus like the Ebola virus, Liberia will not know peace. Madam Sirleaf knows this very well but, it is to her benefit to keep our country in the state of national calamity so as to project herself   as the mother of peace.

Our country is declining and  slowly dying from the impunity virus. No one has been held accountable for the horrific crimes committed in Liberia during the civil war.  The only guarantor of the relative peace we are currently enjoying in Liberia  is the UN peace keeping mission.   The recent violence in Ganja is a clear testimony that Liberia is sitting on a time bomb.  Children born during the course of the war only know violence. They see extremely violent men and women  like Prince Johnson, Urey, Kromah, and others prosper while their victims continue to suffer in abject poverty. We must institute the war crime court ASAP.  Please join me and other patriotic Liberians in fighting for war crimes court in Liberia.