No Justice! No peace!  An Open Declaration of Civil Uprising Against the Sirleaf Government in Liberia

Osagyefo Nana Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Gonyah Vonyon Massaquoi

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia,

I wish you marry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her thugs who masterminded the destruction of my beloved country shall not have the privilege to organize another dubious elections in October of 2017 , in the absence of Justice for Liberian war victims.

We, the generation of the 70s and 80s were robbed of our youthful years. Many of us were abused and transformed into killing machines to prosecute Sirleaf and Taylor’s  dirty way.

They planted the seed of hate and animosity between our peoples. As a result, the Mandingos, Khans, Gils and Minos, killed each other like animals. Today, by the grace of God, some of us survived and escaped the carnage.  We have been blessed to study and acquired advanced educations.  The youth from Nimba and Grand Gedeh county (Mandingo, Gio, Mino, Krahn) that were used to prosecute the dirty war are crying for justice!

Sirleaf and Taylor deprived us of our youthful years!  They deprived    us the   right to enjoy our parents! They deprived us the right to live peacefully as youth and children!  They deprived us the right to quality education and health care!  They transformed us into their war machines while their children were studying abroad in America! They   refused to accept any responsibility for   the horrific crimes committed by the NPFL against Liberia.

The youth of Liberia irrespective of ethnicity demands justice now! Every Liberian youth, whether you were child soldier or not, suffered the carnage proportionally.  Today, many of us, are in our late 30s and 40s. This is our useful years ! We can no longer wait for Sirleaf and her family to be appeased, before justice.

Madam Sirleaf, we are fully aware of the cold war current prosecuting against our people. When you deny our people the basic necessities of life including safe drinking water, quality healthcare, quality education and quality life, that is a war!  When you refuse to improve the quality of life of our people while you pay your cronies large salaries, that is a war! When you deny our people basic healthcare services while you and your gangs fly abroad for quality health care, that is a war! When our people continue to die from curable diseases in Liberia, while you seek medical care abroad, that is a war!  This is what I describe as “Sirleaf cold war” against the Liberian population.

Last summer, I lost my younger female sibling to a curable disease at S.D. Cooper Clinic in Sinker, Monrovia. My beloved sister, a UL graduate and a class room teacher did not have to die so young from a curable disease in the 21st century.   I, Osagyefo Nana Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Gonyah Vonyon Massaquoi, II declare the Sirleaf regime a “criminal enterprise.”

Do you know how many Liberians who have died from curable diseases in Liberia as a direct result of the Sirleaf cold war? Do you know how many Liberian children who are out of school as a direct result of the Sirleaf cold war? Do you know how many Liberian female children between the ages of (9-16) years who have been forced into prostitution as a direct result of the Sirleaf cold war? Do you know how many Liberian youths who fought the war and are currently dispossessed and homeless today as the direct result of the Sirleaf cold war? Do you know how many of our brave, strong and trained AFL soldiers who were disgracefully retired and now without a career as the direct result of the Sirleaf cold war?

I refuse to allow another member of my family to die in Liberia as the direct result of the Sirleaf cold war. I unambiguously reject the notion that Sirleaf kept the peace. No! No! All credit goes to Liberian war victims who have been patient enough to allow the criminal enterprise to abuse use in the name of peace. We give Sirleaf and her family the right to abuse us when some narrow-minded   Liberians came out to support her. This time, we are tired and demand justice!

Madam Sirleaf and partners in crime deceitfully used my generation   to prosecute their dirty war and now disdainfully ruling Liberia like their personal business enterprise. Taylor is indirectly paying for his crimes. Sirleaf, Urey, Richardson, Cooper, Johnson, Kromah, Coneh, Boley and others must proportionally pay the price for their demonic crimes. This is what our struggle is about. No Justice!  no Peace! Liberian war victims will not rest until these brutes are held accountable.

Madam Sirleaf must respectfully abide by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and all deriving documents including the TRC report and recommendations and establish an internationally backed special tribunal on Liberia to provide an opportunity for all those accused of perpetrating war and economic crimes to clear their names.    If she refuses, disgrace is will be at her door steps like her friends (Blaise Compare, Gadhafi, etc.), who consciously elected to abuse their own people.

For more than seven years, Liberian war victims have been waiting for Justice while the Sirleaf family enjoy the fruits of their crimes.

Sirleaf and her thugs must understand that we cannot wait any longer for Justice. Liberian war victims are tired of the manipulation and sinister games. Sirleaf knows how to pass brown envelop when she wants the inept, intellectually and morally bankrupt Liberian law makers to pass bills.  These fools work against their own interests for short  term gains. We can no longer wait for a few group of people to continue exploiting our people under the guise of peace. Peace without justice is no peace! Peace without economic and political justice is a declaration of war! We did not ask for it, the war was imposed on us on December 24, 1989. We are only fighting to stay alive.

Plain and Simple!  If Sirleaf fails to give us justice, we will dethrone and disgrace her!  There will be a peaceful civic revolution for justice in Liberia.

Sirleaf   has done a fantastic job by depriving the Liberian masses basic services, while her family and cronies exploit our natural and human resources. Ordinary Liberians are angry, we no longer have to convince any Liberian about whether Sirleaf and her gangs are in their interest (s) or  against their interest(s).

The Liberian masses are more than ready today to liberate themselves from the bondage of the Sirleaf criminal enterprise then yesterday.  Make no mistake! All Liberian lawmakers who are against the TRC bill will go down with the regime!

To our international friends…. The most prudent and  strategic   way to fight the spread of radical Islam and any form of terrorism in Africa is through the promotion of human rights, social justice and democracy.  We can no longer cowardly tolerate American politicians who continue to provide platform  for accused war criminal like Madam Sirleaf in the US. Many of these so-called activist politicians  advocate against police brutality,  but at the same time support an accused war criminal.    We request the Congressional Black Caucus and black clergy organizations  to join us in condemning Madam Sirleaf for obstructing justice and human rights in Liberia. We also ask Honorable Hilary Clinton to  publicly condemn Madam Sirleaf for practicing, aiding and abetting gross corruption, nepotism and   obstruction of justice for Liberian war victims.

We have been waiting for  too long. The struggle for Justice for Liberian war victims is equivalent to the struggle for racial and social justice  in America.  We can no longer stand by and  chicken heartily watch the very politicians who are advocating for economic and social justice for black and monitory groups here in America  to use their political offices to support a criminal regime in Liberia.

This is a new era of our struggle, if you support terrorist regime in our native country, we will equally vote you out of office by supporting your opponents. If you take picture with despot, we will   use it in political  adds against you.  If you misrepresent America by supporting criminal regimes that exploits its people like that of the Sirleaf regime, we will equally misrepresent you  during the next election.

Fellow Liberians and my American friends, like I have always maintained, America is the greatest nation on earth. This is the only nation that provides unmatched opportunity for anyone, no matter where you come from, once you can work hard, play by the rules, you can become anything within a short period.  Example, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who governed California from November 17, 2003 -January 3, 2011 was not born here. He worked hard, play by the rules and became a president of a state.

What makes America great is the tendencies of democracy…. the rule of law, respect for human rights, social and political justice. This is the core of America’s greatness. Without these values, there would be no America. As an American train organization development expect and entrepreneur, I cannot keep  silent while a few narrow-minded politicians dishonor the good image of this great nation by providing platform for an accused war criminal to continue exploit my people.

America is the only legitimate defender of true democracy in the 21st century, we cannot allow egotistic, racist and arrogant politicians to continue misrepresenting the image of this great nation by supporting disports in developing countries.  When you violate the core values of America by supporting accused war criminal like Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, you truly undermine democracy. You also undermine the image of America internationally.  When you are holding position of public trust as a politician, such inclination is  indeed an abuse of power.

We can no longer allow   gangs of murderers in power in Liberia who deliberately refused to abide by legal instruments and international agreements. By refusing to abide by the CPA and the TRC recommendations,  reduces the Sirleaf regime to a “white collar terrorist regime.” Although, one may not see the visible impact of their actions, but the psychological impact is tangible particularly, for Liberian war victims.

Many Liberian war victims have been forced to live in exile because of the terrorist regime’s policies. By refusing to abide by the CAP, brute like Prince Johnson was elected Senior Senator and also brute like Urey can formed a political organization. Does Sirleaf truly believe that Liberian war victims will allow her to organize another dubious election with lackeys of Prince Johnson, Urey and other accused war and economic criminals standing as candidates? No Way! She must be delusional!

For those who are complacent with the status quo, I wish you well. For me and my house, we are moving forward. I request all consciences and patriotic Liberians to join us in this struggle for our dignity, pride and survivor . The central theme of our struggle is “JUSTICE FOR LIBERIAN WAR VICTIMS.”

In the absence of justice and accountability…. terrorism strive and in the presence of fear…. terrorism strive. Madam Sirleaf and her gangs who took our pride and dignity are nothing but cowards. It will take less than 10,000 Liberians on the streets of Monrovia to finally depose the terrorist gangs from power. Have you forgotten God’s promise to his children?

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. “Isaiah 41:10. Are you ready?

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, be ye not deceived, the 2017 general and presidential election  in Liberia is another smokescreen to legitimize the criminal enterprise. Under the current regime, the 2017 elections would see another war lord in power. The UN peace keeping force would be gone. The consequences would be catastrophic….  another brutal civil war. We do not need another war. The best way to prevent another war in Liberia is by holding those who financed and patronized the war, including their foot soldiers accountable.

These folks present serious danger and threat to future peace and security in Liberia, the sub region and the world. Our children will not live in peace until these folks are held accountable as a deterrence.  Do you think lackeys of Urey would accept any election defeat?  Remember Ellen and her TWP associates suddenly absconded from Liberia  after the 1985 elections defeat and illegally brought war on us. Do you remember the 1985 November 12 NPFL invasion?  Also do you remember the 1989 December 24, NPFL war?

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” …. George Santayana.

Liberian war victims have been terrorized for too long, we can no longer accept terror in our country.  Sirleaf and her gangs must give up their pride and allow justice to take over.  I, Jacob D. Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Massaquoi, II, declare 2016 as the year of justice for Liberian war victims. I openly invite you to join me and other patriotic Liberian war victims in the struggle for justice for Liberian war victims. Let us once and for all end this criminality in our beloved country.

No Justice! No Peace! At the end, the Liberian justice movement shall overcome and Liberian war and economic criminals shall be a part of our dark history.  We did not ask for this peaceful struggle; it was forced upon us by the Sirleaf government refusal to abide by the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).

No one has monopoly over the Liberian masses. Neither do anyone has monopoly over violence. Sirleaf and her gangs used terroristic and manipulative methods to shot their way to power. But, we will not follow their illegal path, but peaceful civil and legal means to dethrone the evil regime through justice.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, Madam Sirleaf and her gangs who are currently abusing our people are cowards, under our pressure, she capriciously wrote the Liberian law makers requesting action on the TRC recommendations…. particularly the question of justice for Liberian war victims. But, we know that her letter was another smokescreen to appeased her international audience.

Unfortunately, some of our light weight brain brothers in both chambers of the Liberian legislatures have falling prey to this ELEMENTARY STING OPERATION.

The passionate debate about the creation of war crimes court in both chambers of the Liberian legislatures demonstrates naivety and disgrace. What happen to the brown envelope? Sirleaf can pass on brown envelopes to persuade the law makers to pass corrupt concessional agreements, but not the TRC bill? Can’t the law makers reason? Are they too stupid to know that Sirleaf is using them as a scapegoat to escape justice?

When you behave like a fool, you will be treated like a fool. Any Liberian law marker who refuses to pass the TRC bill will not escape the vengeance of Liberian war victims. I, Jacob D. Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Massaquoi, II, through the grace of God, will mobilize the forces of good in Liberia against any Liberian law marker who refuses to   support the TRC bill.  If you are stupid, reject the bill and lose your political office, if you are wise, support the bill and keep your office!

No Justice! No Peace! Sirleaf must go! In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, history will be our judge Amen!

Osagyefo Nana Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Gonyah Vonyon Massaquoi,II

About the Author:

 Osagyefo Nana Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Gonyah Vonyon Massaquoi,II is a torture  survivor from Liberia.  He survived the July 30, 1990 infamous St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Massacre in Monrovia, Liberia. He witnessed the execution style killing of one of his elder siblings and lived under false identity during the height of the Liberian civil war. He is an author, social entrepreneur, software engineer and a business analyst. He holds an MBA from AIU, Diploma in not- for-profit management from Columbia University Business School and Fellow at NYU Wagner School for Public Service, Fellowship for Emerging Leaders. He is currently pursuing a PhD in information security.  He is the founder of IJDM Consultancy & Information Technology Solutions, /MassaquoiBrothers,  Co-founder National Volunteer Service of Liberia (NVSL),  Co-founder African Refuge ,  and founder of IAVE Liberia.