Stop the Hypocrisy: Legalize it!

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Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: NPFL International Coordinator

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia,

We have always argued that Madam Sirleaf played  a greater role in the notorious National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) reign of terror against Liberia than what she wrote in her cheap memoir.    Click here to read more.

If the article moved  you and you feel strong about making a difference, we urge  you to join   our  peaceful  civil revolution to bring all accused war  and economic criminals in Liberia to justice. email  us your contact: or text at: 646-801-0749.

Please join the peaceful movement to finally end the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf criminal regime and give peace a chance in Liberia. This is an open peaceful civil revoke  against the  Sirleaf criminal regime.

Sirleaf masterminded the  removal and brutal death of  President Tolbert,  Doe and  Taylor. Therefor, she has no credibility or legitimacy to charge anyone with treason.  We are  not promoting war, she did? We are only demanding her to abide by the very peace agreements that brought  her into power.

The Sirleaf  regime has a choice to  chose between the peaceful creation of an internationally backed special criminal tribunal on Liberia to provide an opportunity for all those accused of war and economic crimes to  clear their names or face the wrath of Liberian war victims.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, don’t be deceived, the 2017 elections in Liberia is only another smokescreen to replace Sirleaf with another Sirleaf lackeys who will deny Liberian war victims justice.

We are tired waiting for justice. No Justice, No Peace! Justice delay, Justice deny! Liberian war victims demand justice!



Happy New Year: Liberian War Victims Demand Justice

There is no Statute of Limitation on War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

War Time

                      The thugs  who destroyed Liberia days  are at hand.


All those who continue to aid and abet the criminal government in Liberia shall face the wrath of Liberian war victims this year. We can no longer wait for miracles to happen.

The question of Justice for Liberian war victims rest on the shoulders of Liberian war victims.  We are urging all international bodies interested in supporting the 2017 elections in Liberia to support justice before elections. We have tried the failed policy of appeasement several times with the same disastrous outcome of catastrophic  failures.

The basic tenets of democracy are respect for human dignity, social justice, the rule of law and accountability. The support for any electoral process   in Liberia in  the absence of the creation of  a special  tribunal to prosecute alleged  war and economic criminals  amounts to the  support for terrorism in  our country.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and many of the thugs who currently run the affairs of Liberia deliberately aided, abated and prosecuted  the merciless brutality against my generation more than 25  years ago. If we allow  these heartless folks to escape justice, we would have assassinated democracy and human rights  in Liberia, Africa’s oldest independent nation.

Justice for Liberian war victims is tantamount to justice for Rwandan war victims, justice for Liberian war victims is tantamount to justice  for Sierra Leonean war victims, justice for Liberian war victims is tantamount to justice for the former Yugoslavia war victims, justice for Liberian war victims is also tantamount to the Nazi war victims.  LIBERIAN WAR VICTIMS LIVES MATTER TOO. We have the same blood as other nationals who have had the opportunity to see the face of Justice!

You cannot legitimately fight terrorism in Africa while at the same time supporting people in government who have been indicted by a statutory body.  The Liberian Truth &Reconciliation Commission was a statutory body enacted by law, based on the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) to provide an opportunity for victims and perpetrators to seek forgiveness and grant forgiveness respectively. The TRC Commission was also empowered by law to make recommendations that would  end the culture of impunity and advance  peace, security and development in Liberia. The CPA was signed on August 18, 2003 in Accra Ghana, formally ending the 14 years of  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Charles Taylor’s reign  of terror in Liberia.

Emphatically speaking,   if Madam Sirleaf had not subjugated the supreme interest(s) of Liberia under her narrow-minded  political ambitions, there would have been no convicted war criminal  Charles Taylor‘s  National Patriotic Front of Liberia ( NPFL)  rebels. Because Madam Sirleaf felt that she could use her Harvard, UN, World Bank and other international contacts to devastate our  beloved country with impunity, other dangerous rebel factions emerged. The destruction of Liberia was a satanic work of Madam Ellen Johnson and cohorts who have now transformed the Liberian government into the Sirleaf family business enterprise.

The most effective way to fight terrorism is to support true democratic causes and not supporting Islamic Jihadist in Syria. Secretary of State Hon. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party front runner  is a great admirer and  friend of  Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, we urge the Honorable Secretary of State to pressure her friend to seek the path of justice for Liberian war victims by working with legitimate Liberian war victim’s groups and international bodies in establishing a special criminal tribunal on Liberia.

The tribunal  would  provide an opportunity for all those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity including economic crimes to clear their names. We recognize the intimate friendship Madam Sirleaf shares with the below listed world  leaders and extremely powerful personalities:

Hon. Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister of Britain

Hon. Angela Merkel

Chancellor of Germany

The Honorable Mary Robinson

Former President of Ireland;

President, Mary Robinson Foundation–Climate Justice;

UN Special Envoy for Climate Change

Dr. Thelma Aware

Chair Emeritus

Former Assistant Secretary General

United Nations Development Program

Dr. Margaret (Peg) Snyder

Vice President Emeritus

Founding Director, UNIFEM

Nance Oku Bright

Chief of Staff, Office of the Special Representative

of the UN Secretary-General on Sexual Violence

in Conflict

Dr. Drew Gilpin Faust

Current President

Harvard University

Hon. George Soros

Chairman of Soros Fund Management.

Our estimation is that Madam Sirleaf has been hiding under the canopy of the above listed world leaders and powerful  personalities with  massive financial and social influence   to subvert justice and democracy in Liberia. We urge these distinguished leaders to do the right thing by standing with Liberian war victims.  At the end of the day, the history of Liberia will not be kind to anyone who preaches virtue and practice vices in the case of accountability for Liberia war victims.

As the result of what I described as “double standard policy,” the knowledge of thousands of Liberian war victims are being wasted in foreign lands across the globe, while our productive years passes by  like a wind.  We  are cognizant  of  the indispensable role Sirleaf ‘s international connections  have on the  world stage and  because of their support, Madam Sirleaf has  been embolden to negate the question of justice for Liberian war victims with impunity.

Therefore, we are requesting the above listed distinguished personalities and world leaders to abandon the pro Sirleaf  policy which has led to the death of thousands of Liberians under the watchful  eyes of the Sirleaf regime. The Sirleaf regime policy of outrageous high salaries for some public officials and extremely low salaries for essential civil servants including teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors, etc., has largely contributed to the unnecessary death of thousands of innocent Liberians  since the inception of the Sirleaf government in early 2006. This notorious policy  have  also  eroded public trust in the judiciary system  and  created the atmosphere of “jungle justice”   in which,  Liberians take laws in their own hands, on the streets.

Additionally, Madam Sirleaf’s appointment of immediate family members and relatives to positions of  public trust (financial and security influence ) demonstrates  gross disrespect to the Liberian intelligentsia. Moreover, Madam Sirleaf’s government intransigence and grotesque lack of empathy for Liberian war victims have become unbearable to the Liberian war victim’s community. Example, since the end of the 14 years’ barbaric war, the Sirleaf regime has refused to erect a single memorial to memorize the war. The regime in concert with false men and women of gods have embarked on a sinister campaign of demonizing anyone who advocates justice. They label you as “trouble markers.”

 The cardinal problem facing Liberia is not corruption, but the inherent culture of impunity masked in the culture of political patronage.

We can no longer continue to wait for Sirleaf and her generation to voluntarily give up power before we can see the face of Justice. It would be  naïve not  to believe that the preceding government after Sirleaf would   be the crone of  the former. We demand justice before any elections.

This is not a rocket science, the money for elections can immediately be invested in creating  the proposed internationally backed tribunal on Liberia. The voter’s education money can be redirected to funding the civic education component of the process.

We are tired  with the shenanigans. The question of establishing criminal tribunal on Liberia is not money, but the political will on both the part of the Sirleaf government and  that of  key international actors with vested interests in Liberia. It benefits some to see our country in the current state of cronyism, kleptocracy and total neglect.

As a student of John Perkins’Confession of an economic hitman, we know that such an irresponsible  regime will  never prosecute   the unaccountable  business relationships between the Taylor NPFL government and Firestone, Cocola, BF Goodrich and other major US and Chinese  based corporations and businesses men and women business interest(s).

With Sirleaf in power,  Chevron Corporation and other major US, Chinese and other international corporations  can get favorable concessional agreements signed  at the expense of the Liberian masses.

We cannot wait! Liberian war victims demand justice now! 2016 is the year of justice for Liberian war victims! Happy New Year.

About the Author: Jacob D. Massaquoi, II is a torture survivor, war victim and prolific  human rights activist, social entrepreneur and geopolitical analyst. He is  an author, a  software engineer, business analyst,  organizational development and human resource management  practitioner.   He is the  founder of a startup technology company engaged in electronic surveillance, business analyst training, live events streaming, small business consultancy, digital and hard copy publication, etc. Jacob can be reached by email at Mobile @ 646-801-0740






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