Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: NPFL International Coordinator

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia,

We have always argued that Madam Sirleaf played  a greater role in the notorious National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) reign of terror against Liberia than what she wrote in her cheap memoir.    Click here to read more.

If the article moved  you and you feel strong about making a difference, we urge  you to join   our  peaceful  civil revolution to bring all accused war  and economic criminals in Liberia to justice. email  us your contact: massaquoijacob@gmail.com or text at: 646-801-0749.

Please join the peaceful movement to finally end the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf criminal regime and give peace a chance in Liberia. This is an open peaceful civil revoke  against the  Sirleaf criminal regime.

Sirleaf masterminded the  removal and brutal death of  President Tolbert,  Doe and  Taylor. Therefor, she has no credibility or legitimacy to charge anyone with treason.  We are  not promoting war, she did? We are only demanding her to abide by the very peace agreements that brought  her into power.

The Sirleaf  regime has a choice to  chose between the peaceful creation of an internationally backed special criminal tribunal on Liberia to provide an opportunity for all those accused of war and economic crimes to  clear their names or face the wrath of Liberian war victims.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, don’t be deceived, the 2017 elections in Liberia is only another smokescreen to replace Sirleaf with another Sirleaf lackeys who will deny Liberian war victims justice.

We are tired waiting for justice. No Justice, No Peace! Justice delay, Justice deny! Liberian war victims demand justice!




2 thoughts on “Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: NPFL International Coordinator

  1. We need President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s book on her role and involvement in the Liberian civil war from January 1979 to October 2003.


  2. When will Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf publish her book she said she was writing when witness Jesus Swaray appeared before the TRC and said that he saw Madam Sirleaf in full military uniform in NPFL controlled area in the 90s?


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