Stop the Hypocrisy: Legalize it!

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Osagyefo Nana Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Gonyah  Massaquoi,II

Don’t think the antique 20t century demonetization of cannabis …ganja will last forever!

In Africa, where I come from, herb is a part of my culture. Using herb is a part of my cultural and religious sacrament and not psychology. Not using herb is the violation of my own constitutional rights. To be humiliated, aggravated, brutalized and criminalized for using herb in the  Empire State in the 21st century   is totally antique.

It is  hypocritical and cowardice to criminalize someone for  using   ganja chiefly   for political correctness.  Imagine the harmful effect of alcohol on our society. The number  of alcohol related accidental death annually in the United States [1] [2]? Think about the astronomical number of family’s ruin annually by alcoholism [3]? Think about the number of people who died annually due to prescription narcotic drugs overdose [4]?  The facts can no longer be ignored. This is not politics, neither philosophy or psychology, but raw data driving physical science.  Why the hypocrisy?

Despite the catastrophic impact of alcohol on our society yet, the United States Congress hypocritically continue   to allow the consumption of alcohol while maintaining the antique anti-marijuana law. This law has done great deed of injustice to my community.

Politically, in retrospect and introspect about the reasons for this grotesque anti-marijuana law despite the irrefutable scientific data on the medicinal values of marijuana, I can safely conclude that the anti-marijuana law is driving by deep racism masked in the deception of morality.

Past and recent research show that majority of black and brown male in both federal and state penitentiaries across America were immorally convicted for non-violent  marijuana related offenses [5] [6]. [7]  [8] [9] [10] [11].

Considering the overwhelming empirical research data exposing the  gross racial disparities in the American criminal justice system, the United States Congress as an institution must be ashamed of the devastation that the racist anti-marijuana policy has done to the black and brown communities across America. Reparations for victims of this heinous crime must be at the center of any meaningful debate on the criminal  justice system reform in America.

My authority on this subject is the product of more than (10) years of productive community service work in the ghettos of Parkhill [12] on Staten Island, New York, the birth place of the Wu-Tang Clan [13].

 Making a difference in the lives of people victimized by this racially motivated  immoral draconian law is a critical part of my life journey. 

It is no longer a secret that ganja, marijuana, cannabis…. whatever you may  call it…….is  a true  natural remedy for many debilitating disease  and illnesses  ranging from cancer to traumatic brain inquiries [14] [15] [16] [17] [18].

Since the beginning of time, marijuana  has always been used for religious sacraments, healing  and recreation purposes [19]. Marijuana is use to make hemp seed oil for cooking, lamps, lacquers, or paints and also making fabrics. Scientists and innovators are yet to discover the undiscovered medicinal and other benefits of marijuana.

I, Osagyefo Nana Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Gonyah Vonyon Massaquoi, II  declare 2016 as the year of decimalization of Ganga…Marijuana in the Empire State, yea in the great United States of America.  

This  antique racially motivated drug policy has  now been scientifically discredited empirically and therefore, the United States Congress must finally and permanently  abandon  this horrendous and reckless anti marijuana policy. It does not kept America safe, but rather imprison brown and black males across  America.

This immoral policy has caused more damage to my community then any known racially motivated policies in mordant American history. This cruel policy has  placed millions of my compatriots in the state of  perpetual poverty and has reduced millions of its victims into 4th class citizens in their country of birth.

Think about the millions of black and brown males operating perpetually  in the under ground  economy  across America because they have been marked by the cruel drug law. Think about our brothers in prison simply for possessing a small amount  of  Marijuana? Thank about the thousands of children growing up without fathers in their lives because of the racially motivated drug policy? Thank about the gun violence  in  our community as the result of competition  for market  share in the under ground  economy?

America think!  This is a passionate plead to your conscience. This a wake up call to action against this immoral drug policy. Together, we can overturn this ugly face of Africa in November.

The Empire State must be the gold standard for a robust, sensible and compassionate regulation of marijuana so that criminals do not break the law, cheat on taxes or expose our precious children to marijuana before maturity.

I urge His Excellency Governor Andrew Cuomo and  Mayor Bill de Blasio to take the lead. I also urge New York State political leadership in Albany to do their part. Particularly, Honorable John Flanagan,  NY State Senate  Majority Leader (R); Honorable Carl Heastie (D),  NY State Assembly Speaker; Honorable Jeffrion Aubrey (D), NY State Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore; and Honorable Joseph Morelli (D), Majority Leader, NY State Assembly.

Interestingly, only one Republican is on the New York State political leadership and the rest are democrats.  Wow!  It is duplicitous for the democratic party to brand itself as a progressive leading party when its leadership decline to represent and take positive action on the least progressive agenda.

Guys, where are  your progressive credentials? Have you sold it big businesses  that run the prison system in New York State or to the pharmaceutical  companies? Please help me understand  your rational for maintaining a scientifically unsupported policy? 

But, shamefully, these politicians can proudly promote gay marriage and went to the extent of disingenuously elevating gay  marriage to the civil rights struggle. My friends, be not deceived, the civil rights struggle was about genetic rights, which one has no control. I scientifically, philosophically and ideologically reject the argument that some people were born gay [20].

I have proven that being gay is a   choice with no or remote connection to   natural selection or genetic therefore, to equate the gay struggle for marriage equality to that of the  civil rights struggle in the United States is grotesquely deceptive at it’s best.

As a human rights activist, I believe that every man has the right to choose his own destiny. No one has the right to decide the sexual preference of another person therefore, gays should not be punished for loving whoever they want. People should not be punished for what they do within legal boundaries in the privacy of their homes.

As a progressive liberal, I find it very deceitful when Democrats failed to be true to progressive agendas. The New York State political establishment is heavily controlled by democrats so, why are they still be holding to antique laws that continue to devastate my community?

Ironically, the Democratic party continue to  enjoy overwhelming support in the black and brown communities across America. The very community being  vaporized by the evil draconian drug policy.

Do you know how many black and brown people lives that have been ruin by the outdated anti Marijuana law?   I am calling on the New York State political leadership to do the right thing by passing a morally sensible marijuana decimalization law by November 2016.   Off course, the law must have a very stringent regulatory component that would ensure that everyone plays by the rules. Marijuana related revenue could be used to address mental health and other psychological illnesses.

Join me, together, we can successfully make 2016 a year for the legalization of Marijuana in the Empire State and within  the borders of the great United States! Jah live for ever!!!!!

About the Author: Jacob D. Massaquoi, II is a torture survivor, war victim and prolific  human rights activist,  a social entrepreneur and geopolitical analyst. He is  an author, a  software engineer, business analyst,  organizational development and human resource management  practitioner.   He is the  co-founder of African Refuge and founder of IJDM Consultancy & Information Technology Solution, Inc. MassaquoiBrothers, an information  technology company  in the  business of  helping  business, faith based organizations,  not for profits and  individuals   in need  of  surveillance system, websites, tech support and trained  information technology professionals.  Jacob is a born again evangelical Christian  with a positive outlook on life.  A Pan-Africanist.   Jacob can be reached by email at


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