Madam Sirleaf Must Account: Time to Occupy Monrovia

Madam Sirleaf Must Account: Time to Occupy Monrovia!!!


Mr. Greeves’   brutal murder mirrors Madam Sirleaf’s signature  of opponent’s  elimination. Madam Sirleaf thinks she is skillful at covertly eliminating her opponents, but the death  of Mr. Greeves has grossly placed a huge dive between the  defunct TWP members.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. No matter what his role in the demised of Liberia may be, Mr. Greeves  does not deserve to die in  such a brutal and humiliating manner. This is the time for those of us who reject the path of violence for  peaceful revolution  to  escalate the process of building an army of peaceful protesters  in order  occupy Monrovia and demand accountability  for the brutal civil war.

If we fail to hold Sirleaf and her thugs accountable, I can guarantee 150% that Liberia  will  revisit  the 90s after the departure  of  the United Nations peace keeping force. We will no longer accept the government of an accused   war  and economic  criminals.  The Sirleaf  criminal enterprise  has taught us a very hard  and indelible lesson.

Madam Sirleaf and her  progressive of convenience  allies like Amos Saywer, Boimah Fahnbulleh  and others who have deceitfully and shamefully chosen the path of  political prostitution will  be held to account! By  aiding, abetting and implementing a satanic policy of terror against the Liberia people for the past 25 years, they have reduced themselves to an agents of terror.   Make no mistake, the end  of the Sirleaf regime will ultimately be the end of the so-called progressive of convenience in Liberia.

2016 must end the draconian rule of the  domestic terrorist  who have waged the  war of  terror on  the Liberia people with impunity for many years. Madam Sirleaf is a pathetic coward who has made her political career through manipulation, falsification, shenanigans, propaganda, divisive tactics and cruel violence at the expense of the  weakness and moral deficit of her male opponents who can  not keep their pens up.    I I  I can summarize  the characteristic of  these  uncultured creatures as mostly men and women  who  cannot resist the temptation of  brown envelop;  unpatriotic Liberians with  no love of God  and fellow mankind in them; and  men and women who are essentially morally bankrupt.

The Sirleaf clan and collaborators must understand  that Liberian war victims are tired  of their  manipulation and deceit. The Death of Mr. Greeves   can be summarized  as a desperate attempt  by Madam Sirleaf  to destroy  evidence.   Soiled evidence  in our possession  show  that Mr. Greeves  was the  error boy of Madam Sirleaf’s   fundraising campaign for both NPFL 1.0 and 2.0.  We will use these evidences in the court of competent jurisdiction against Madam  Sirleaf and cohorts.

Make no mistake, if Madam Sirleaf should die before the creation of the internationally backed criminal tribunal on Liberia, we will prosecute her estate along with  who so ever aided and abetted her reign of terror. Amos Saywer , Boimah Fahnbulleh and other so-called progressive of convenience who consciously elected to support  illegality  in partnership  with  the leader of the  criminal enterprise  in power will all have to account!

It is Time to Occupy Monrovia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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