Vandalark Patricks and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf: Who is Sidious?


Fellow Liberians and Friends of Liberia, a few days ago, we learned of the illegal arrest, detention, and indictment of comrade activist Vandalark Patricks. Ironically, the Sirleaf kangaroo police charged Comrade Patricks with sedition and criminal libel against Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia please permit me to X-ray the record of Madam Sirleaf and Comrade Patricks’ in order to establish validity of   the charges brought against our beloved comrade in the struggle against corruption and impunity in Liberia.

 1.  Madam Sirleaf has a proven record of sedition and treason against the Liberian government and the people of Liberia.

 2. During the Tolbert regime, Madam Sirleaf covertly worked with  armchair PhDs Amos Sawyer,  Boimah Fahnbulleh and other so-called 1970-1980 progressives of convenience to undermine and ultimately instigated the violent overthrow of President Tolbert. Even though members of the military junta accused the Tolbert government of rampant corruption, Madam Sirleaf who was finance minister was never detain nor charged, but promoted to a high profile financial position by the military junta government. Members of the Tolbert family and patriotic Liberians must demand an answer from Madam Sirleaf regarding her role in the  brutal coup d’état that resulted in the violent death of President Tolbert and many members of the Tolbert government.

3. Following the notorious True Whig Party failed attempt to take power through Honorable Jackson F. Doe, Liberian Action Party (LAP), Madam Sirleaf and other sympathizers of the TWP/LAP absconded. While living in the US, the party formed an unholy union with the so-called 1970-1980 Amos Sayer progressives of convenience and covertly organized the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) infamous 1985 invasion led by the late General Thomas Guiwonkpa. The outcome of this treasonous acts was human catastrophic for all Liberians. The people of Nimba County bearded the heaviest weight of the wrath of the late President Doe government. Consequently, many prominent Nimba citizens fled for their lives and took refuge on the border with Ivory Coast and Guinea. These men later became a perfect tool for Sirleaf and her venomous NPFL. The outcome was a 14 years calamitous war on Liberia patronized by Madam Sirleaf and cohorts who are currently pillaging the natural and human resources of Liberia. Convicted war criminal Charles Taylor notoriously executed the terror on  behalf  of Madam Sirleaf and cohorts.  If Madam Sirleaf believes these facts are misleading then, we  challenge her to work with the necessary local and international bodies to establish a criminal tribunal on Liberia so that we  can proof our case against her  before the tribunal.

4. It came to pass after the failed horrific  NPFL military invasion, Madam Sirleaf again absconded and this time partnered with converted war criminal Charles Taylor, Harry Greeves, Amos Sawyer (ACDL), Tom Woewiyu (ULAA), Urey and others in the murderous decapitation of Liberia. Despite her violent history, Madam Sirleaf has not been held accountable instead; she has been on an aggressive offensive of charging others with sedition. What a travesty of justice!

 The Dichotomy Between Madam Sirleaf and Comrade Patricks

Vandalark Patricks  is a youth victim of Madam Sirleaf’s cancerous war on Liberia. As a patriotic and conscious youth leader and being cognizant of the evil tendencies of Madam Sirleaf, comrade Patricks has not weaver at speaking out against injustice in Liberia. At the risk of torture and death, comrade Patricks has consistently advocated for justice and equal rights for Liberian war victims.

Therefore, the dichotomy between Madam Sirleaf and Comrade Patricks is crystal clear. Madam Sirleaf is a domestic terrorist who illegally stored the presidency of Liberia through terror and political shenanigans while comrade Patricks is a patriotic Liberian youth seeking justice for Liberian war victims.


Hence, fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, the  criminal kidnapping,  illegal detention and illegal  charges of sedition and criminal libel against Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf brought against comrade activist Vandalark  Patricks   by the kangaroo police and justice ministry of Madam Sirleaf  is a  demonstration of desperation by  the Sirleaf  regime in an attempt  to  undermine justice for Liberian war victims. The Sirleaf regime criminal behavior also highlights the disdain for justice and human rights in Liberia.

Comrade Vandalark Patricks and Madam Sirleaf, who committed actual acts of sedition and treason against Liberia?

It is obviously clear without ambiguity that Madam Sirleaf  is the real perpetrator of sedition and treason against Liberia. Henceforward, we are  demanding the immediate and unconditional release of comrade Patricks without delay.

Chris Massaquoi and Fumba Sirleaf must be aware that we worked tirelessly  on  the international stage to ensure the successful   prosecution and conviction of Chunky Taylor, the notorious son of convicted war criminal, Charles Taylor for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Liberia.  Fumba Sirleaf and Christ Massaquoi must know that they are not above the law and that we have commenced the processing of documenting their crimes for possible prosecution.

The psychological and physical pain causing  our  comrade Patricks will not go unnoticed. Liberia does not belong to the Sirleaf family cartel. The Sirleaf family members who are actively engage in the abuse of our fellow Liberians must be aware that they will not escape justice.

We demand the unconditional release of our comrade!