LIBERIA’S RULING OPPOSITION: Gloves Finally Come Off As Party In Power Run Amok On President

Monrovia – Not even the celebration of her 79th birthday could spare President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf some scathing verbal attacks from members of her own party, much more the one trumpeting her vice president, Joseph Nyumah Boakai as her likely successor for the Liberian presidency.

For months leading into these elections, it was an open secret that something was amiss between pair, a Harvard-trained economist riding on fanfare of massive women support and a former minister of Agriculture from a vote-rich county, Lofa.

The pair rose to victory, not once but twice – in 2005 and 2011, prompting Sirleaf to declare in a 2015 FrontPageAfrica interview that she and her vice president would leave the seat of the presidency together. “Joe Boakai and I have stuck together. We stuck together for the first term, we’re sticking together again for the second term. We hope that God will give us the second term and he and I will retire together. We will both leave public office and turn it over to the young people and go and rest ourselves. He will be with me right to the end.”

Sirleaf has been often criticized for now doing a lot more to prepare Liberia for life after her presidency. Many of the President’s critics say she could have done more to plan the transition to her likely successor.

So, when the party, at its convention early this year decided to name Boakai as its standard bearer in these elections, it was clear Boakai’s mind was made up, that he would not be sailing in to any sunset with Sirleaf, at least if he had his way.

Exhaustive Elections

But that was yesterday. Today, the dynamics are a bit off, the first round of the elections are over and the results are in: Football legend-turned Senator George Manneh Weah topped the field of 20 candidates with 38.4% while the ruling party’s Joseph Boakai finished with 28.8%. In third place is Charles Brumskine who is nearly 20% further back on 9.6%, having had only one quarter of Weah’s vote and one third of Boakai’s vote. Rounding up the top five, Senator Prince Y. Johnson of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, MDR received a total of 127, 666 votes, constituting 8.2 percent, while Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress, ANC obtained a total of 112, 067 votes amounting to 7.2 percent of the total votes cast on October 10, 2017.

These elections have been exhausting, tedious, overwhelming and expensive, the very reason why many political observers initially frowned on the numerous political parties fielding candidates for the presidency.

To break the momentum which the momentum the CDC had enjoyed in the past two elections and the power of the incumbency, the rest of the field of 18 candidates had their work cut out for them: Form a strong coalition or a united front and hope that it is strong enough to knock either Weah or Boakai out of contention and give them a shot at a second-round shootout with either one of the two. The results of the first round show that many of those in the race failed to make the cut, reminiscent of scenes Liberia witnessed in the 1985 elections of the Samuel Doe era, the 1997 elections of the Taylor era and the two terms of the Sirleaf presidency when the opposition failed to come together.

But here they were on Sunday, at least two of them, the All Liberian Party and the Liberty Party, sitting side by side with the ruling Unity Party throwing jabs at the incumbent, and slamming her for overseeing the most fraudulent elections in recent memory, dampening what is supposed to be a genuine transitional process, the first since 1944, when Edwin James Barclay stepped down for William Tubman, although Tubman himself would later cling onto political power for nearly three decades.

The delivery by Wilmot Paye, Chair of the ruling party was scathing, direct and clear, that Sirleaf was directly involved in fixing the elections to favor an opposition party.

In fact, Paye even accused Sirleaf of inviting Election Magistrates to her residence for a meeting, which is unprecedented in election history. “Our respective Political Parties maintain that this act clearly amounted to interference with the electoral process and has no legal basis or justification whatsoever.”

He also accused the President of making direct contact with the head of the National Elections to alter the outcome of the elections. “The president’s conduct was an act of intimidation and inducement, especially since some commissioners of the National Elections Commission had warned Chairman Jerome Kokorya against Election Magistrates meeting President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. Those commissioners were correct that because there was no precedent for it anywhere, that meeting was not necessary at all.”

Paye exclaimed that “if the president had any legitimate “concerns” about this year’s elections, she needed to have made those concerns public and not to the magistrates, who are way below the administrative and legal institutional channels. Chairman Kokorya cannot continue to receive instructions from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.”

Ironic Twist for UP

And there were plenty of irony, too as the UP chair called on all Liberians to rise up in order to save Liberia from the shackles of greed, a familiar refrain the opposition have been trumpeting the past twelve years. “We are under no illusion that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has so much to be grateful for: twelve (12) years of quiet and uninterrupted stewardship in spite of the scathing effects of corruption and waste, nepotism, poverty and selective application of justice and the rule of law. After seventeen decades as a sovereign country, this is not what Liberia and its people deserve from a president this privileged.”

Sunday’s scathing rain of attacks on Sirleaf by her own party may have finally unravel a feud that has been building up for months. It was even unclear Sunday whether Boakai had called Sirleaf to wish her happy birthday.

Only a week ago, controversy emerged when both Boakai and Sirleaf quietly expressed outrage over a version of Boakai’s speech he delivered last Monday following his return from briefing with Senegalese President Macky Sall, that found its way on the internet. The speech which was later taken down was different from the version read by Boakai.

Boakai charged: “Contrary to the assumption and expectations since the start of the formal campaign process for the 2017 presidential and representative, neither my campaign nor the Standard Bearer Emeritus – all attempts by me or individual operating upon my instructions to extend a hand of cooperation to the Standard Bearer Emeritus have yielded little or no success. Instead, the Standard Bearer Emeritus is on record for making statements to the international media that, wittingly or unwittingly, have the net effect of detracting from our quest for the presidency.”

Boakai went on to accuse Sirleaf of not supporting the party. “What is even more concerning is not the fact that the Standard Bearer Emeritus is not the fact that the Standard Bearer Emeritus is not supporting us, but we have received disconcerting and credible information from multiple sources even within the opposition political parties that the Standard Bearer Emeritus and individuals close to her and operating under her instructions are in fact giving multiple forms of support to our main opponent in the presidential race, the coalition for democratic change. It is strange and ironic that some of the very individuals whose performances while in government left a bad impression on the minds of the Liberian people would jump ship to the opposition CDC and be urging CDC operatives to hammer the Unity Party for ‘failing the people’

LP Partisan: ‘This is a Mistake’

A week later, the concerns over whether Boakai approved the version that went on line or not is now clear. Multiple sources tell FrontPageAfrica that the vice president has been under pressure for months from factions within his circle to go after the President due to what his aides say, is the lack of support from her for his presidential quest.

Last week, a FrontPageAfrica investigation found that the President has actually been involved in sourcing funding from Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and other countries for Mr.Boakai’s presidential bid.

The ricochet effect from these elections already appears to be having some implications for not just the ruling party but also the opposition. Although two of twenty parties sat beside the UP during Sunday’s news conference, members of those parties are raising alarm.

“I don’t believe the LP has allowed itself to be on the same mourning bench with this failed UP. This is a mistake. UP is using our hands to take palm nuts from the fire, D. Solomon Fyneah posted on Facebook after Sunday’s news conference.

Maxwell Grigsby, another partisan lamented: “The Unity Party’s solidarity support for the pending lawsuit of the Liberty Party is welcoming but the overnight collaboration is a marriage with a few members of the executive committee and not a popular decision of the Executive of the Liberty Party.

Kla Toomey, Spokesperson for the party explained that although he had some personal reservations about the sudden collaboration, it was the will of the party. “I have some personal reservation but being the party’s spokesperson, we have to flow with it. It will have some negative reactions and some partisans are not in support of it but we just have to take that position.” Click here to continue reading.




If traditional family value culture preservationist around the world don’t stand up to the gay and LGBTQ community tyranny for fear of losing their jobs or status in society, our traditional family value would be decimated very soon. This is one of the fundamental reasons for which crooked Hillary lost the US presidential elections to Honorable President Trump. I am proud to be a part of the process that put a break to this evil in its tracks! Do you remember when Hilary tried to tie U.S. Aid to Africa to the acceptance of Gay marriage? She had no idea how humiliating we felt! It is a crime to practice polygamy in America so, why the pseudo-liberals and the deep state think that they can impose their homosexual culture on us? Thank God for President Trump, the crazy anti-family laws will be reversed gradually. The Fake Russia Trump Campaign collusion investigation will end up in the air.

Folks, we are at war? We are in the last stage of a brutal cultural warfare against a 1% minority with a very loud megaphone and an enormous amount of money. They use the fake news media and financial influence to intimidate the majority. They want to brainwash our children to believe that people are born gay. They want to redefine God’s sacred institution of marriage. They want to destroy the very foundation of our society, which is the family. They want to depopulate the earth so that artificial intelligence machine can take over the lives of the brainwashed society. The shocking victory of President Trump is the demonstration of the anger of the silent majority. We are sick and tired of this tyranny under the guise of human rights and democracy.

I am not suggesting violent towards to the Gay and LGBTQ community, I have many gay friends, they would tell you that I respect them. I honestly respect their choice, but I do not agree with the false doctrine, that people are born day. It is a satanic philosophy. Don’t buy it, folks! To become gay is a choice and not genetic! It is a matter of pure choice. Don’t be deceived, brothers and sisters! As a human rights advocate, I respect the choice of others. I also want the gay and LGBTQ community to respect my traditional value. Human rights is a two-way street and not a one-way train. The LGBTQ community tyrannical one-way human rights train must be stopped in its tracks now like their godmother Crooked Hilary before it overruns all of us. Vote for the preservation of our traditional family value! Reject George Weah and Madam Taylor! A preview of my new book– Fake News….. watch out!


A Call for the Creation of A Special War Crimes Court on Liberia


I really don’t understand the logic of Liberians who refuses to support the full implementation of the 2003 Comprehensive  Peace Accord (CPA) vis-à-vis the TRC recommendations, which calls for the creation of war crimes court to finally end the culture of impunity in Liberia and yet, the same ULAA sycophants are warning against any violent protest today? Oh! What a gang of spineless morally bankrupt men and women. Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned( Proverbs 6:27, KJV)? If ULAA and its client organizations had joined forces with pro-TRC implementation campaigners, we would not be talking about violence today. However, these spineless men and women willfully elected to use ULAA for photo up with the head of the criminal enterprise who masterminded the destruction of our beloved country.

If ULAA and its client organizations had joined forces with pro-TRC implementation campaigners, we would not be talking about violence today. However, these spineless men and women willfully elected to use ULAA for photo up with the head of the criminal enterprise who masterminded the destruction of our beloved country.

Fellow Liberians, this is not a rocket science, neither a calculus or defending the derivatives and integrals of functions, but a common sense logic. If you have many children, the eldest child misbehaves and walks away with impunity, soon, the rest of the children will follow the same pattern until you’re established a strong punishment regime as deterrence. In the case of Liberia, look at the current social and political landscape of Liberia, who is in control?

Obviously, the same people who masterminded the horrendous destruction of our beloved country and their foot soldiers have been in command of the means of production and distribution of goods and services in Liberia for the past 27 years. Sadly, both my generation and children born during this period saw only one thing; the rise of extremely evil men and women to political and economic powers in Liberia. Hence, the obvious message is “ violence is the answer! Therefore, how can you practically change the minds of the future leaders of Liberia while perpetrators enjoy the fruit of their crimes?

If Liberia is to revert to war, history will not be kind to those who have selfishly been promoting the crazy policy of appeasement in Liberia. Does Ellen Johnson Sirleaf have the moral latitude to tell Weah or any disgruntled politician not to use violence as a means of obtaining political power in Liberia? Ellen did it and recklessly ruled Liberia like her personal business enterprise for 12 years. Anyone can do the same with impunity. Is this the type of nation we want to build? Is this the type of nation we want to leave with our children? Is this the type of nation that you are proud of? I am not!

Thank God Hillary Clinton and Fake News did not win the 2016 U.S. presidential election, or else, the Liberian war victims dream of holding perpetrators and their patrons like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf accountable for the destruction of our beloved country would have remained in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued but never attained. If Liberia is to revert to the days of the 90s, the Liberian Council of Churches, ULAAA, the Liberian  Islamic organizations,  and all the so-called Liberian politicians and organizations that have been in bed with the criminal enterprise will be held accountable. History will not be kind to you folks!

Irrespective of your ethnic, religious or political persuasion, it is time to rally the international community for the establishment of an internationally backed special war crime’s court on Liberia. Fellow Liberians, the court will provide an opportunity for alleged perpetrators and their patrons to legally litigate their innocence. The court will also provide an opportunity for victims to legally channel their grievances unambiguously.

To this end, I am passionately urging all Liberians to demand the winning party to prioritize the full implementation of the TRC recommendations as it was done in neighboring Sierra Leone. This is the surest guarantee for sustainable peace, security, and development in Liberia. Please do not be fooled by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s deceitful political rhetoric that she kept the peace. Sirleaf did not keep the peace for 12 years but rather created the foundation for further violence. Evidentially, the current threat of war in Liberia is the classic example. On the contrary,  it was the presence of the UN peace-keeping force that created the atmosphere of peace and security in Liberia over the last 12 years.

I hope we can see logic and put the interest of Liberia above our personal short-term political and economic interest(s) and support the full implementation of the Liberian TRC recommendations. God blessed Liberia! Amen.




The Fake News Deception



Liberia’s former President Charles Taylor is currently serving a 50-year sentence for war crimes in a prison in the British city of Durham. But is he using that as a base to interfere in the elections in his homeland next Tuesday? “If he was to come back today, I’d roll out the red carpet,” said Justin Luther Cassell, a 32-year-old man sitting outside the Pray for Peace Business Centre in Gbartala, central Liberia.

For many years, the Cartel of international fake news media has been purposefully marketing news stories designed to masked the main perpetrators of injustice in Liberia.

Let’s set the historical record straight! Liberian war victims did not get justice. Neither Taylor, nor Sirleaf, or their foot soldiers were prosecuted for the heinous crimes perpetrated against Liberians. From Liberia war victim’s perspective, the prosecution, and convention of Charles Taylor were a scheme designed to protect the fake news media “darling girl” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. It is no secret that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was the chief patron of the NPFL horror in Liberia. For those who differ, I challenge you to an intellectual debate!

Instead of supporting the implementation of the Liberia TRC recommendations as it was done in Sierra Leone, Tony Blair and Hillary Clinton illicitly used their powers and influence to deny Liberian war victims justice. The Taylor trial was the biggest travesty of justice in modern times. I am not suggesting that Tayor and Ellen’s  NPFL did not commit heinous crimes. Off course, the  NPFL committed some of the worst war crimes and crimes against humanity in modern African history. The NPFL was aided and abetted by some African leaders, including Blaise Compaore and other multinational corporations like Firestone and others. Why those leaders and the Multinational corporations which aided and abetted the NPFL terror in Liberia, and the sub-region were not arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the NPFL heartless crimes? Can anyone from the international and local fake news cartel answer my question?

The Taylor conviction was a grotesque charade engineered to masquerade in the image of justice on the international stage. Unfortunately, this disgusting insult to the intelligence of Liberian war victims has turned Taylor and other Liberian war criminals into a national Hero in Liberia. The case of General Prince Johnson, a notorious killer is widely celebrated by his kinsmen from Nimba county as a hero. What a disgrace in the face of justice? Where is justice? Liberian war victims alive and those deceased are still crying for justice!

President Trump’s shocking victory over Hilary Clinton was a divine intervention on behalf of Liberian victims and the people of Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, etc. God, answered the prayers of the innocent souls of these people who have been killed as the result of Secretary and Senator Clinton’s hawkish and deceptive foreign policies. Some of us have been forced to live in exile for decades as the result of Hilary Clinton’s attempt to shield her “buddy,” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from prosecution in Liberia. But, through the intervention of God, the table turned on November 6, 2016, when an unpolished political novice defeated the most powerful, well-funded and well organized political machine in the American political history. If Secretary Hilary Clinton had won and becomes the president of the most powerful country on mother earth, the dream of justice for Liberian war victims will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained.

Some of us have been forced to live in exile for decades as the result of Hilary Clinton’s attempt to shield her “buddy,” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf from prosecution in Liberia. But, through the divine intervention of God Almighty, the table turned on November 6, 2016, when an unpolished political novice defeated the most powerful, well-funded and well organized political machine in the American political history. If Secretary Hilary Clinton had won and becomes the president of the most powerful country on mother earth, the dream of justice for Liberian war victims will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained.

Make no mistake, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her cohorts which masterminded the destruction of our beloved country will not escape justice. President Trump, please hear our cry! We need your compassionate intervention!

Liberian war victims will demand the release and return of Taylor to Liberia in the custody of the proposed internationally backed special war crimes’ court on Liberia so that he and his boss; Sirleaf can have an opportunity to legally account for the destruction of Liberia. Off course, the ICC must compensate Taylor for the injustice that he has suffered over the last decades. Many sitting and past African leaders, including Multinationals like Fire Stone, aided and abetted Taylor, why they have not been prosecuted for aiding and abetting the horror in Liberia? Is it because Taylor was a political threat to their “darling girl” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? Liberian war victims demand real justice and not geopolitical shenanigan!

A piece from my new book, titled “Fake News: Unmasking the Liberal Media Queen of Africa.” Watch out for the release date!  






The Fudemental Problem Facing Liberia



 2017 Liberian President Election Candidates, Courtesy of Frontpage Africa 

The 2017 Liberian presidential candidate’s campaign rhetoric has been below the pedigree of sound intellectualism. This cheap anti-corruption rhetoric demonstrates the gross lack of practical knowledge and understanding of the fundamental problem facing Liberia on the part of the so-called new liberators of Liberia. The same-old anti-corruption rhetoric is identical to that of Amos C. Sawyer, Henry Boimah Fahnbulleh, and all the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf crony clowns which are currently exploiting and denying Liberian war victims justice in Liberia.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, please don’t be deceived by those political vampires. A comprehensive scientific, philosophic and historical analysis of the current difficulties facing Liberia shows that the fundamental problem facing Liberia is not caused by a distinct political party or civil-society organizations, nor human rights abuses or political activism. Nor a specific ethnic group, neither  Congo people or corruption, but rather, a systemic and structural problem buried in the veneer of an inherent culture of impunity, which is married to the soul of political patronage tendencies.

Liberia is a nation that has a constitution and government modeled on that of the United States, but unfortunately, successive Liberian leaders have consistently refused to abide by the rule of law and the principles of good governance and democracy.

Hence, the cancerous problem facing pre and post-war Liberia is the culture of impunity and the grotesque lack of willingness on the part of previous and present Liberian governments to implement needed structural and systemic reforms in the general welfare of the state.

Liberia is a nation of paradox, unlike the United States where there are a check and balance system to ensure accountability on the part of all citizens irrespective of social and political persuasions, Liberia has none. Although 99% of past and present Liberian leaders are products of some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, i.e. Harvard University, they willfully refused to uphold principled and judicious practices, and implement moral business principles according to industry standards.

The current dangerous political playing field in Liberia is the direct product of Madam Sirleaf, and her crony’s game designed to plunge Liberia into the state of turmoil in order to avoid accounting for the brutal 14 years NPFL carnage and the ongoing economic crimes by members of the Sirleaf clan.

A piece from my new book titled “ Fake News: Unmasking the Liberal Media Queen of Africa. Release date coming soon.