If traditional family value culture preservationist around the world don’t stand up to the gay and LGBTQ community tyranny for fear of losing their jobs or status in society, our traditional family value would be decimated very soon. This is one of the fundamental reasons for which crooked Hillary lost the US presidential elections to Honorable President Trump. I am proud to be a part of the process that put a break to this evil in its tracks! Do you remember when Hilary tried to tie U.S. Aid to Africa to the acceptance of Gay marriage? She had no idea how humiliating we felt! It is a crime to practice polygamy in America so, why the pseudo-liberals and the deep state think that they can impose their homosexual culture on us? Thank God for President Trump, the crazy anti-family laws will be reversed gradually. The Fake Russia Trump Campaign collusion investigation will end up in the air.

Folks, we are at war? We are in the last stage of a brutal cultural warfare against a 1% minority with a very loud megaphone and an enormous amount of money. They use the fake news media and financial influence to intimidate the majority. They want to brainwash our children to believe that people are born gay. They want to redefine God’s sacred institution of marriage. They want to destroy the very foundation of our society, which is the family. They want to depopulate the earth so that artificial intelligence machine can take over the lives of the brainwashed society. The shocking victory of President Trump is the demonstration of the anger of the silent majority. We are sick and tired of this tyranny under the guise of human rights and democracy.

I am not suggesting violent towards to the Gay and LGBTQ community, I have many gay friends, they would tell you that I respect them. I honestly respect their choice, but I do not agree with the false doctrine, that people are born day. It is a satanic philosophy. Don’t buy it, folks! To become gay is a choice and not genetic! It is a matter of pure choice. Don’t be deceived, brothers and sisters! As a human rights advocate, I respect the choice of others. I also want the gay and LGBTQ community to respect my traditional value. Human rights is a two-way street and not a one-way train. The LGBTQ community tyrannical one-way human rights train must be stopped in its tracks now like their godmother Crooked Hilary before it overruns all of us. Vote for the preservation of our traditional family value! Reject George Weah and Madam Taylor! A preview of my new book– Fake News….. watch out!