Fake News: Ambassador Christine Elder is Dead Wrong on Liberia!


There you go again! Crooked Hilary allies in US State Department are again attempting to interfere in the democratic process in  Liberia by  aligning  with the Liberian war criminal’s  candidate, George Dumbbell Oppong Weah. The Statement by Ambassador Christine Elder suggesting that the US embassy in Liberia has confidence in the  October 2017 fraudulent elections in Liberia  is  ludicrous and a mockery of democracy. It is no secret that the election was a political charade designed by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to  anoint  an ignorant  intellectually  and morally bankrupt homosexual as her successor in exchange for blanket amnesty.

Liberian war victims will not accept this grotesque assassination of democracy and human rights  in Liberia in the Trump Era. Ambassador Christine Elder pleased do yourself a favor by reading the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord, the 2005 TRC Act and the 2009 TRC report. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and having the same results.

The Bush and Obama administration denied Liberian war victims justice by downplaying justice in favor of their darling girl, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. After 12 years of the Sirleaf criminal enterprise hegemony characterized by nepotism, kleptocracy, and the abuse of power, unfortunately,  Liberia is once more at the verge of another civil war. A product of the dubious Obama and Crooked  Hillary anti-family,  Anti-American, pro-abortion and pro-homosexual   diplomacy! The  gay agenda foreign policy diplomacy that attempted  to use the  enormous U.S. military power to intimidate poor African states to accept same sex marriage.

No justice, no peace. Ambassador Christine Elder, this is not Crookery Hilary and Obama Era.  tell your friend Ellen to give peace a chance in Liberia. If you are concern about Liberia’s future, help Liberia in the establishment of the proposed war crimes court prescribed by the TRC report so that , all these accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as economic crimes can legally exonerate themselves. The court will also provide an opportunity for Liberian war victims to legally seek redress.

The days of cookery Hillary using the name of America to  support  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her criminal enterprise in Liberia are over. This is Trump’s administration. All the Obama and Crookery Hillary hold over at the State department must be removed so that President Trump can have a chance to truly succeed internationally.

I wonder who briefed  the Honorable Ambassador on the sociopolitical situation in  Liberia before her mission? Or who is giving her daily briefing on the  day-to-day  developments in Liberia? Based on her reckless statement, I am convinced that, she  is being guided by the old Crookery Hilary and Obama gay agenda foreign policy expert who only  interest is to impose the gay tyranny on Liberian war victims by supporting accused  war criminals and their allies in power.

Further,  Ambassador Christine Elder’s statement demonstrates a continuation of the corrupt cookery Hillary  globalist foreign policy  agenda in Liberia, in which accused war criminals were allowed to abused their victims. This is not American value, it is anti-American and anti-democratic. Liberian war victims demand apology from Ambassador Christine Elder for making such a reckless and insensitive statements.

  Questions for Christine Elder,

  Where does your loyalty lies? To President Trump’s anti establishment foreign policy of honesty and the restoration of America greatness internationally or the Crookery Hillary decadent gay tyrannical agenda? How many of your relatives were killed in the barbaric Liberian civil war? Do you know that those heartless thugs raped and murdered five innocent American catholic nuns  during the infamous NPFL Operation Octopus in 1992.  Do you know that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others were directly indicted by the Liberian TRC report? Do you know that the republic of Sierra Leone suffered the same  adversities  as Liberia, went through the same TRC process,  worked with the international community, and  established a special war crime’s court on Sierra Leone, which finally convicted Charles Taylor, including all those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone? Why not Liberia? Why did your boss and friend Crookery Hillary denied Liberian war victims justice in favor of her criminal friend, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? Do you guys think Liberian war victims  are stupid? What are you taken Liberian war victims for?

Until President Trump remove all Obama and crookery Hilary hold over at the State Department and other government institutions,  he will not full achieve both his domestic and foreign policy agendas. Ambassador Christine Elder must be  replaced with competent ambassador who is capable of schooling himself or  herself on the historical, political, and anthropological  backgrounds of Liberia or any country before assuming ambassadorial assignment. We can not have people who depend on  fake intelligence or  corrupt cable news network (CNN) reports   as  the basis of  formulating US foreign policies. Ambassador Christine Elder is dead Wrong on Liberia!





We are finally vindicated!  Some say that I am delusional, while others say that I am mentally unstable? You have to be crazy about something in order to get public attention.  We will finally prosecute Ellen and her thugs who brought havoc to our country. This was a long and lonely struggle, but we are gradually getting there! Jah live forever! The God of Isaac, Jacob, and Abraham is alive today and forever. Amen. Please listen to Allen White! Crockery Hillary Boddy Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has finally been exposed! Our parents, relatives and loved ones who died and some of us who are living with the physical and psychical pain as the result of Ellen’s horror on Liberia are finally going to have some redress and ultimately, justice.  We will politically, ideologically, philosophically,  and spiritually hunt all those connected to the destruction of Liberia. For those in the west who aided and abetted Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 12 years criminal enterprise in Liberia, we will deny you political power in every election as we did to Crooeky Hillary. This is a war that we did not ask for, but was forced upon us on December 24, 1989. We will fight until Sirleaf including all her partners in crimes, as well as her generals like Prince Johnson, are held accountable.

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Exposing the Same-Sex Marriage Crusaders Hypocrisy

Have you ever seen a male goat engage in same sex, sexual intercourse? Have you heard or seen a cat having same-sex sexual intercourse? intercourse? Even an animal obeys the universal law of creation. So, what about humans? Do you believe that God Almighty made some people gay? I strongly believe that those who have same-sex sexual intercourse intercourse are spiritually dead. They need spiritual intervention. It is a non-mental health problem and not psychological, but spiritual.

Over the years, the less than 1% of the world population has succeed in terrorizing and intimidating anyone with opposing their evil demonic unnatural sexual misconduct. Uncle Bill granted them an initial license and brother Obama enhanced the immoral license by legalizing gay marriage in America. Is this the only gift a Black president has to offer America and the World? I am afraid. It would take another century for another Blackman to be President of America. Not only did Brother Obama legalized the evil in America, he even tried to equate the so-called marriage equality struggle to the 1960 civil rights struggle.

Drear brother Obama, the 1960s civil rights struggle was a legitimate struggle for equal rights and justicebased on natural genetic order. People were discriminated against based on their skin color and not a choice by a mentally deranged person. How the hell on earth can one equate same sex marriage to civil rights struggle? Only those who embraced fake philosophies like postmodernism, Freudianism, Darwinism and others would.

By embracing these pseudo unscientific philosophies advanced by Godless idiots in our text books, we have equally embraced atheism while kicking out God from our text books. All in the name of democracy and human rights. By kicking out God from our text books, we invite Satan in our society, which comes with extreme evil in our society.

Brother Obama has a family, the satanic gay agenda Field marshal crookery Hillary has a family and is very protective and proud of her family. So, why Hillary and Obama are trying to decimate the families of others? This is what the Englishman described as “grotesque hypocrisy!” The doctrine of the cultic democratic party.

Consider the frequency of attack on the house of worships across America. The recent First Baptist Church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Tex, the Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston two years ago, are just the tip of the iceberg, the worse is to come.

Above all folks, the main evil is the ferocious ideological attack on the people of faith and moral conscience. America has become a society in which any criticism or disapproval of the evil ideology of same-sex marriage is consider as a homophobic or bigotry offence. How does one’s honest expression of conscience becomes a homophobic or bigotry offence? The homosexual crusaders will even destroy your career as a deterrence, when they are challenge.

People of faith and of moral conscience have become timid and have willingly allowed the gay agenda tyranny to dominate our social lives and political discuss over last 25 years in America starting with uncle Bill in office, as president.

We have allowed the 1% with loud megaphone and enormous economic power to intimidate the 99% straight people. We have allowed the 1% mentally derange and spiritually dead people to impose their spiritually and morally unacceptable ideology on the 99% mentally stable people. Why? Because of love. Christ taught us the virtue of love, which is the greatest commandment in the Holy Word of God.

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these,(Mark 12:28–34).

Folks, our tolerance and obedience to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ have been abused by the tyranny of the mentally deranged and spiritually dead people whose only goal is to destroy the foundation of a stable society, which is the family. When the foundation is broken, the society is also broken. Hence, we are living in a broken society, indeed, a broken world.

But, people of faith and moral conscience, we have reasons to rejoice! The Lord God Almighty has anointed President Donald J. Trump, the 45th and current President of the great United States of America to lead us out of this decadent age of immorality.

Whether you like him or hate him, God has ordained President Trump to lead this battle of Armageddon against the satanic culture in America, and yea, the world.

The source of this satanic culture of same-sex marriage and free abortion is in America. If the world is to be freed from the demonic gay agenda influence, it must start within the source, which is America. This means, returning to the old days when Bible was taught in public schools. It means, removing demonic philosophies and theories such as Darwinism-evolution, postmodernism, Freudianism, including all philosophies and theories that reject the universality of truth and the existence of God, Almighty from our academic text books and discuss. Why should we continue to allow the 1% to use the 99% tex dollars against our own interest? This means, come 2018, vote for family value! A total political revolution. We need men and women of faith and substance in congress in order to effectively achieve the Trump doctrine in America.

This is not an issue of compromise, but a divine mission of all people of faith to accomplish.
We must unequivocally challenge and demolish all tenants of atheism and satanic worship in our society. We must restore the traditional family value according to the original order of creation by our heavily father. This is a Messianic mission, which H.E. Honorable Doctor President Donald John Trump has been elected by God himself to accomplish within the next eight years or even 12 years.

People of faith and of moral conscience, we have a huge role in this mission, President Trump cannot do it alone, he needs some disciples, are you going to follow our Messiah in this dispensation of the battle of Armageddon or follow the dictate of the talking heads on the corrupt cable news network (CNN)?

I drop my pen with the holy word of Field marshal Joshua, the man of God who led the Children of Israel into the promise land. God has ordained President Trump, to lead America into the promise land of morality.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, (Joshua 24:15).

A piece from my new book entitled; Fake News: Walking in the shoes of White America. Fake news is a series of intellectual work designed to unmasked the hypocrisy in the America society. Give it a thought! Why is it ok for a black male to call his brother nigger, but it is not ok for a white man to call a black man nigger? Why is it ok for black and brown Americans to organize for the sole purpose of persevering their racial interest(s), but it is not ok for the white man to organize for the purpose preservation the white racial interest(s).

About the Author, I am Doctorroots, an unconventional soldier of Jah army, the army of Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Watch out for the release date.


The neo-liberal and fake news tyrannical gay agenda hypocrisy must be challenged!


Comrade brother Jason, You know me better than that. I am well-read philosophically, from Marx, Engels, Lenin , Adam smith, the rest, you name it. I am not the guy who can easily be brainwashed by someone calling himself a Rev. But, through practical experience with the neo liberal hypocritical and tyrannical gay agenda, I am now fighting back to preserve the traditional family value and the restoration of the tradition of the founding fathers of this great country of ours,  America, the  Beautiful! If we don’t put a break on the gay agenda now, humanity would be extinct and artificial intelligence (AI) machines would take over our lives. Only God knows the outcome. But base on what we know  now, I can assure you that it would a human catastrophe followed by global tragedies.

Consider what the hypocritical neo liberal did in Liberia. Consider the role of the fake news media in aiding and abetting the subversion of justice in Liberia. Consider the unholy marriage between the fake news media and Crookery Hilary campaign in 2016. Consider the grotesque ambushing of democracy by the DNC in favor of a deeply flaw candidate, although the DNC knew that this candidate had more than one billion tons of unacceptable baggage. Yet, they robbed comrade Sanders of his hard-earned victory and give it to Crookery Hillary, their darling girl. In the same fashion, they subverted justice in Liberia by transforming the chief architect of the NPFL horror into a feminist icon!

From my perspective and based on personal experience and researched, many of these so-called liberal organizations are led by hypocrites who professed to be champions of human rights and liberal democracy, but , they  are not. Many of them are seeking after their personal economic and geopolitical interest(s). Hence, I have learned my lesions over the past 12 years of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf family criminal enterprise in my native country, Liberia.

With the election of Honorable President Trump, Liberian war victims now have a good chance of finally facing perpetrators in the court of competent jurisdiction soon. If Crookery Hillary was elected, our dream of justice would remain in, but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained.

On the question of Liberia and justice for oppressed people, Hillary and her neo liberal war hawks humanitarian interventionist have demonstrated a deeply flaw corrupt minded form of geopolitical activism. Consider their intervention in Libya and Syria? While their so-called GCC states allies were torturing, murdering and butchering their own people who came out peacefully to protest for democracy, they turned a blind eye and targeted moderate and independent Arab leaders like the former Libyan leader Kaddafi and President Assad of Syria.

After under minding the two states ability to provide economic and personal security for their citizens, resulting in the mass refugee exodus from Libya and Syria to Europe, they again blamed it on President Assad. Thank God for President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, an honorable statesman,  who courageously put a break to this hypocritical blood thirsty vampire corrupt military adventurism.

Thus, over the years, my views on these hypocritical institutions have evolved. Which is why, I strongly believe with conviction, that President Trump’s 2016 election victory was a divine intervention with the mission to restore the greatness of America. May God bless him. The crazy Russian election meddling investigation will not stand. The FBI should be investigating the DNC for election fraud and not the Trump Campaign. The FBI should be investigating the Clinton foundation for the “ pay -to-play” and not Honorable Trump’s Campaign. The FBI should be investigating the 2012 Benghazi fiasco and not our  honorable President’s campaign. The FBI should be investigating the grotesque meddling in the recent French election by former President Obama by overtly endorsing Emmanuel Macron over his opponent, H.E. Marie le Pen.   The neo-liberal and fake news tyrannical gay agenda   hypocrisy must be challenged!

An excerpt from my new book entitled; ” Fake News: Walking in the shoes of White America. It is a series of intellectual  work dedicated to unmasking the hypocrisy of the neoliberal institutions.  Watching out for the release date!


Trump and Moore

I  am not surprised to note that many Christians and people of faith have been brainwashed

by the talking heads on the fake news cable network like CNN, which I have renamed as the  “Corrupt News Network.” Folks, when you think about CNN, what should come to your mind is the new name. The “Corrupt News Network.”

The CNN talking heads unjust aggression against our President, Honorable Donald J. Trump must be challenged intellectually, ideologically and spiritually. Don’t buy into their nefarious scam! What has Trump done to Africa or Africans? Who murdered our King Muammar Gaddafi? Has President Trump  attack any African country unjustly? Cookery Hillary deceived the American public and said  that the people of Benghazi were in imminent danger of destruction by Gaddafi’s troops. Consequently, they secured UN mandate to enforce a “no-fly zone”  over Libya.

Soon, the no-fly zone mandate was maliciously transformed into an all-out war against the Libyan army. Consequently, resulting in the brutal death of Gaddafi. The outcome was a massive refugee crisis in Europe. Crockery Hilary tried to again lie by painting the European refugee crisis created by their stupid decision to invade Libya on President Assad of Syria.

Another case in point, Crookery Hilary abused the office of the United States State department by subverting justice and accountability in Liberia. Over the years, Crookery Hilary professed to be the defender of human rights and oppressed people, but when it came to protecting the rights of Liberian war victims, she chooses friendship over justice by protecting her buddy Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,  in the face of indictment for aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity by the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission and and imposed this diabolical woman on Liberian war victims for the past 12 years.

In politics, an enemy of my enemy, is my friend! I am one of the many Liberian war victims currently living with excruciating pain as  the result  of bullet   injury to my right leg. Words cannot describe the suffering and pain we suffered in the 90s at the hands of Crookery Hillary’s buddy Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s foot soldiers. Today, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a Nobel Laureate. This can only be possible in the world of morally bankrupt politicians like Crookery Hillary. I am 99% confident that Crookery Hillary played a significant role in granting accused war criminal Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the so-called 2011 Nobel Peace Prize.

The quiet majority must no longer remain quiet while the less than 1% minorities overrun us under the guise of human rights. We have rights not to recognize and legalize unnatural sexual conduct “sodomy.”

This ideological war requires men and woman of courage who are armed ideologically, philosophically, morally and spiritually, to defeat the source of this garbage. The gay rights advocates covertly imposed this war on the straight community through philosophies and theories such as Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and the philosophy of postmodernism, which rejects the universality of truth. If we accept the rejection of the universality of truth, then, we would have rejected the Holy Word of God, which is the absolute Truth and Sacrosanct!

Folks, by accepting these scientifically, morally and spiritually unfounded philosophies and ideologies in our academic text books, the gay community have been able to covertly brainwashed our people over time. Consequently, many Christians and people, of faith have become desensitized and whippy on the question of same-sex marriage. We cannot allow the minority to redefine God’s secret institution of marriage.

The purpose of  creation is determined by the creator. It was God who  created  the universe and  the institution of Marriage from the beginning of time. He made  male and a female. He blessed them and give them freedom to choose between right or wrong. Unfortunately, mankind became perverted and elected to chose wrong! Hence, no one was born gay, but one can choose to become gay.  If you want to sleep with a beast, it is your right, which has limit. My rights also have limit. Please practice your unnatural sexual conduct within the confines of your bedroom. Please don’t tread on me!

Every people of faith have moral and spiritual responsibility to defend the sanctity of Marriage. Our traditional family value must be protected. The attempt by the talking heads with their big megaphone on CNN, to demonize anyone that opposes the gay community must be challenged. We must not allow the talking heads on the fake  news networks to intermediate us.

We must defend President Trump’s policies. President Trump is not a historical accident, but a divine intervention for the spiritual revival of this great nation. In order to liberate the world from the satanic ideology of same sex marriage, we must win the battle in America first by voting pro-family and pro-life worriers into congress come 2018.

Folks, we have no choice,  this struggle is about the survival of our destiny. President Trump is the central figure ordained by God in this dispensation of time to liberate America from the satanic cult of gay marriage. The nonsensical and hypocritical Russian election meddling investigation will failed. Whatever tactics Satan employed to derail God’s mission, shall failed like Crookery Hillary presidential train! Our God is in control.

Do not be afraid to speak your mind. Don’t be a hypocrite. Publicly reject this satanic culture from our lives. The LGBTQ community tyranny has been broken through the intervention  of God. Their new tactics is employing over 30  years erroneous sexual misconduct allegation against any authentic social and religious conservatives.

The baseless sexual misconduct accusation against Honorable Roy Moore is a classic example. President Trump, please stand with Judge Moore. Remember, Crookery Hillary and the corrupt democratic party employed the same tactics against you and failed? Where are those shameless women who accused our president of sexual misconduct during the election in 2016?

For the lukewarm republicans and conservatives who have foolishly accepted the false claims of over 35 years old sexual misconduct allegation against judge Moore and condemn him before the fact, we must not forgive them at the billet in 2018. The social conservative and value voters in America must form a new political party build on the Trump doctrine of straight talk. No compromise. A space is a space!

A feggy, is a feggy! 

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Amen. Pre-Merry Christmas to you all.  No more happy Holidays! Amen!


The White Man Guilt Syndrome



I describe the white man’s guilt syndrome as the product of the over saturated use of the race and gender cards by the pseudo left to achieve their selfish political agenda. In the process, they make the white man feel terribly guilty for the sins of slavery committed by their ancestors over four hundred years ago.

As the result, when a white police officer come in contact with a black male, he feels obligated to treat the black male supper good or else, anything on the contrary would be deem as racism.

Conversely, when a black male come in contact with a white police officer, he feels fearful for his life. Because in his mind, the police are there to get him, no matter what!

These divergent conceptions are some of the key contributing factors to the hosteled relationship between black America and the law enforcement community. Sadly, many aspiring black and brown males lives have been lost as the result of this misconception.

Who benefits from this human catastrophe, only the democrats and the neoliberal pseudo left politicians who shamelessly use these solemn events for political grandstanding.

The deep state and the fake news pseudo liberal media organizations through their tentacles in the black and brown communities across America.

This tentacles is the Christian churches in the black and brown neighborhoods across America. This tendency has kept the community of color in abject poverty while the leaders of these churches live a flashy life style driving the latest cars.

They have mastered the art of playing the “race card and victimization scam.” They talk, walk, preach, and eat like authentic Christians, but when the darkness comes, they are worst  than vampires. An excerpt from my new book entitled: “Fake News.” Watch out for the release date. It is a series of books focusing on the hypocrisy of the liberal media and neoliberal political demagogues like Secretary Clinton. Watch out for the release date.