The White Man Guilt Syndrome



I describe the white man’s guilt syndrome as the product of the over saturated use of the race and gender cards by the pseudo left to achieve their selfish political agenda. In the process, they make the white man feel terribly guilty for the sins of slavery committed by their ancestors over four hundred years ago.

As the result, when a white police officer come in contact with a black male, he feels obligated to treat the black male supper good or else, anything on the contrary would be deem as racism.

Conversely, when a black male come in contact with a white police officer, he feels fearful for his life. Because in his mind, the police are there to get him, no matter what!

These divergent conceptions are some of the key contributing factors to the hosteled relationship between black America and the law enforcement community. Sadly, many aspiring black and brown males lives have been lost as the result of this misconception.

Who benefits from this human catastrophe, only the democrats and the neoliberal pseudo left politicians who shamelessly use these solemn events for political grandstanding.

The deep state and the fake news pseudo liberal media organizations through their tentacles in the black and brown communities across America.

This tentacles is the Christian churches in the black and brown neighborhoods across America. This tendency has kept the community of color in abject poverty while the leaders of these churches live a flashy life style driving the latest cars.

They have mastered the art of playing the “race card and victimization scam.” They talk, walk, preach, and eat like authentic Christians, but when the darkness comes, they are worst  than vampires. An excerpt from my new book entitled: “Fake News.” Watch out for the release date. It is a series of books focusing on the hypocrisy of the liberal media and neoliberal political demagogues like Secretary Clinton. Watch out for the release date.