The neo-liberal and fake news tyrannical gay agenda hypocrisy must be challenged!


Comrade brother Jason, You know me better than that. I am well-read philosophically, from Marx, Engels, Lenin , Adam smith, the rest, you name it. I am not the guy who can easily be brainwashed by someone calling himself a Rev. But, through practical experience with the neo liberal hypocritical and tyrannical gay agenda, I am now fighting back to preserve the traditional family value and the restoration of the tradition of the founding fathers of this great country of ours,  America, the  Beautiful! If we don’t put a break on the gay agenda now, humanity would be extinct and artificial intelligence (AI) machines would take over our lives. Only God knows the outcome. But base on what we know  now, I can assure you that it would a human catastrophe followed by global tragedies.

Consider what the hypocritical neo liberal did in Liberia. Consider the role of the fake news media in aiding and abetting the subversion of justice in Liberia. Consider the unholy marriage between the fake news media and Crookery Hilary campaign in 2016. Consider the grotesque ambushing of democracy by the DNC in favor of a deeply flaw candidate, although the DNC knew that this candidate had more than one billion tons of unacceptable baggage. Yet, they robbed comrade Sanders of his hard-earned victory and give it to Crookery Hillary, their darling girl. In the same fashion, they subverted justice in Liberia by transforming the chief architect of the NPFL horror into a feminist icon!

From my perspective and based on personal experience and researched, many of these so-called liberal organizations are led by hypocrites who professed to be champions of human rights and liberal democracy, but , they  are not. Many of them are seeking after their personal economic and geopolitical interest(s). Hence, I have learned my lesions over the past 12 years of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf family criminal enterprise in my native country, Liberia.

With the election of Honorable President Trump, Liberian war victims now have a good chance of finally facing perpetrators in the court of competent jurisdiction soon. If Crookery Hillary was elected, our dream of justice would remain in, but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained.

On the question of Liberia and justice for oppressed people, Hillary and her neo liberal war hawks humanitarian interventionist have demonstrated a deeply flaw corrupt minded form of geopolitical activism. Consider their intervention in Libya and Syria? While their so-called GCC states allies were torturing, murdering and butchering their own people who came out peacefully to protest for democracy, they turned a blind eye and targeted moderate and independent Arab leaders like the former Libyan leader Kaddafi and President Assad of Syria.

After under minding the two states ability to provide economic and personal security for their citizens, resulting in the mass refugee exodus from Libya and Syria to Europe, they again blamed it on President Assad. Thank God for President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, an honorable statesman,  who courageously put a break to this hypocritical blood thirsty vampire corrupt military adventurism.

Thus, over the years, my views on these hypocritical institutions have evolved. Which is why, I strongly believe with conviction, that President Trump’s 2016 election victory was a divine intervention with the mission to restore the greatness of America. May God bless him. The crazy Russian election meddling investigation will not stand. The FBI should be investigating the DNC for election fraud and not the Trump Campaign. The FBI should be investigating the Clinton foundation for the “ pay -to-play” and not Honorable Trump’s Campaign. The FBI should be investigating the 2012 Benghazi fiasco and not our  honorable President’s campaign. The FBI should be investigating the grotesque meddling in the recent French election by former President Obama by overtly endorsing Emmanuel Macron over his opponent, H.E. Marie le Pen.   The neo-liberal and fake news tyrannical gay agenda   hypocrisy must be challenged!

An excerpt from my new book entitled; ” Fake News: Walking in the shoes of White America. It is a series of intellectual  work dedicated to unmasking the hypocrisy of the neoliberal institutions.  Watching out for the release date!