Exposing the Same-Sex Marriage Crusaders Hypocrisy

Have you ever seen a male goat engage in same sex, sexual intercourse? Have you heard or seen a cat having same-sex sexual intercourse? intercourse? Even an animal obeys the universal law of creation. So, what about humans? Do you believe that God Almighty made some people gay? I strongly believe that those who have same-sex sexual intercourse intercourse are spiritually dead. They need spiritual intervention. It is a non-mental health problem and not psychological, but spiritual.

Over the years, the less than 1% of the world population has succeed in terrorizing and intimidating anyone with opposing their evil demonic unnatural sexual misconduct. Uncle Bill granted them an initial license and brother Obama enhanced the immoral license by legalizing gay marriage in America. Is this the only gift a Black president has to offer America and the World? I am afraid. It would take another century for another Blackman to be President of America. Not only did Brother Obama legalized the evil in America, he even tried to equate the so-called marriage equality struggle to the 1960 civil rights struggle.

Drear brother Obama, the 1960s civil rights struggle was a legitimate struggle for equal rights and justicebased on natural genetic order. People were discriminated against based on their skin color and not a choice by a mentally deranged person. How the hell on earth can one equate same sex marriage to civil rights struggle? Only those who embraced fake philosophies like postmodernism, Freudianism, Darwinism and others would.

By embracing these pseudo unscientific philosophies advanced by Godless idiots in our text books, we have equally embraced atheism while kicking out God from our text books. All in the name of democracy and human rights. By kicking out God from our text books, we invite Satan in our society, which comes with extreme evil in our society.

Brother Obama has a family, the satanic gay agenda Field marshal crookery Hillary has a family and is very protective and proud of her family. So, why Hillary and Obama are trying to decimate the families of others? This is what the Englishman described as “grotesque hypocrisy!” The doctrine of the cultic democratic party.

Consider the frequency of attack on the house of worships across America. The recent First Baptist Church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Tex, the Emanuel AME Church shooting in Charleston two years ago, are just the tip of the iceberg, the worse is to come.

Above all folks, the main evil is the ferocious ideological attack on the people of faith and moral conscience. America has become a society in which any criticism or disapproval of the evil ideology of same-sex marriage is consider as a homophobic or bigotry offence. How does one’s honest expression of conscience becomes a homophobic or bigotry offence? The homosexual crusaders will even destroy your career as a deterrence, when they are challenge.

People of faith and of moral conscience have become timid and have willingly allowed the gay agenda tyranny to dominate our social lives and political discuss over last 25 years in America starting with uncle Bill in office, as president.

We have allowed the 1% with loud megaphone and enormous economic power to intimidate the 99% straight people. We have allowed the 1% mentally derange and spiritually dead people to impose their spiritually and morally unacceptable ideology on the 99% mentally stable people. Why? Because of love. Christ taught us the virtue of love, which is the greatest commandment in the Holy Word of God.

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these,(Mark 12:28–34).

Folks, our tolerance and obedience to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ have been abused by the tyranny of the mentally deranged and spiritually dead people whose only goal is to destroy the foundation of a stable society, which is the family. When the foundation is broken, the society is also broken. Hence, we are living in a broken society, indeed, a broken world.

But, people of faith and moral conscience, we have reasons to rejoice! The Lord God Almighty has anointed President Donald J. Trump, the 45th and current President of the great United States of America to lead us out of this decadent age of immorality.

Whether you like him or hate him, God has ordained President Trump to lead this battle of Armageddon against the satanic culture in America, and yea, the world.

The source of this satanic culture of same-sex marriage and free abortion is in America. If the world is to be freed from the demonic gay agenda influence, it must start within the source, which is America. This means, returning to the old days when Bible was taught in public schools. It means, removing demonic philosophies and theories such as Darwinism-evolution, postmodernism, Freudianism, including all philosophies and theories that reject the universality of truth and the existence of God, Almighty from our academic text books and discuss. Why should we continue to allow the 1% to use the 99% tex dollars against our own interest? This means, come 2018, vote for family value! A total political revolution. We need men and women of faith and substance in congress in order to effectively achieve the Trump doctrine in America.

This is not an issue of compromise, but a divine mission of all people of faith to accomplish.
We must unequivocally challenge and demolish all tenants of atheism and satanic worship in our society. We must restore the traditional family value according to the original order of creation by our heavily father. This is a Messianic mission, which H.E. Honorable Doctor President Donald John Trump has been elected by God himself to accomplish within the next eight years or even 12 years.

People of faith and of moral conscience, we have a huge role in this mission, President Trump cannot do it alone, he needs some disciples, are you going to follow our Messiah in this dispensation of the battle of Armageddon or follow the dictate of the talking heads on the corrupt cable news network (CNN)?

I drop my pen with the holy word of Field marshal Joshua, the man of God who led the Children of Israel into the promise land. God has ordained President Trump, to lead America into the promise land of morality.

And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, (Joshua 24:15).

A piece from my new book entitled; Fake News: Walking in the shoes of White America. Fake news is a series of intellectual work designed to unmasked the hypocrisy in the America society. Give it a thought! Why is it ok for a black male to call his brother nigger, but it is not ok for a white man to call a black man nigger? Why is it ok for black and brown Americans to organize for the sole purpose of persevering their racial interest(s), but it is not ok for the white man to organize for the purpose preservation the white racial interest(s).

About the Author, I am Doctorroots, an unconventional soldier of Jah army, the army of Master Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Watch out for the release date.