Fake News: Ambassador Christine Elder is Dead Wrong on Liberia!


There you go again! Crooked Hilary allies in US State Department are again attempting to interfere in the democratic process in  Liberia by  aligning  with the Liberian war criminal’s  candidate, George Dumbbell Oppong Weah. The Statement by Ambassador Christine Elder suggesting that the US embassy in Liberia has confidence in the  October 2017 fraudulent elections in Liberia  is  ludicrous and a mockery of democracy. It is no secret that the election was a political charade designed by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to  anoint  an ignorant  intellectually  and morally bankrupt homosexual as her successor in exchange for blanket amnesty.

Liberian war victims will not accept this grotesque assassination of democracy and human rights  in Liberia in the Trump Era. Ambassador Christine Elder pleased do yourself a favor by reading the 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord, the 2005 TRC Act and the 2009 TRC report. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and having the same results.

The Bush and Obama administration denied Liberian war victims justice by downplaying justice in favor of their darling girl, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. After 12 years of the Sirleaf criminal enterprise hegemony characterized by nepotism, kleptocracy, and the abuse of power, unfortunately,  Liberia is once more at the verge of another civil war. A product of the dubious Obama and Crooked  Hillary anti-family,  Anti-American, pro-abortion and pro-homosexual   diplomacy! The  gay agenda foreign policy diplomacy that attempted  to use the  enormous U.S. military power to intimidate poor African states to accept same sex marriage.

No justice, no peace. Ambassador Christine Elder, this is not Crookery Hilary and Obama Era.  tell your friend Ellen to give peace a chance in Liberia. If you are concern about Liberia’s future, help Liberia in the establishment of the proposed war crimes court prescribed by the TRC report so that , all these accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as economic crimes can legally exonerate themselves. The court will also provide an opportunity for Liberian war victims to legally seek redress.

The days of cookery Hillary using the name of America to  support  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her criminal enterprise in Liberia are over. This is Trump’s administration. All the Obama and Crookery Hillary hold over at the State department must be removed so that President Trump can have a chance to truly succeed internationally.

I wonder who briefed  the Honorable Ambassador on the sociopolitical situation in  Liberia before her mission? Or who is giving her daily briefing on the  day-to-day  developments in Liberia? Based on her reckless statement, I am convinced that, she  is being guided by the old Crookery Hilary and Obama gay agenda foreign policy expert who only  interest is to impose the gay tyranny on Liberian war victims by supporting accused  war criminals and their allies in power.

Further,  Ambassador Christine Elder’s statement demonstrates a continuation of the corrupt cookery Hillary  globalist foreign policy  agenda in Liberia, in which accused war criminals were allowed to abused their victims. This is not American value, it is anti-American and anti-democratic. Liberian war victims demand apology from Ambassador Christine Elder for making such a reckless and insensitive statements.

  Questions for Christine Elder,

  Where does your loyalty lies? To President Trump’s anti establishment foreign policy of honesty and the restoration of America greatness internationally or the Crookery Hillary decadent gay tyrannical agenda? How many of your relatives were killed in the barbaric Liberian civil war? Do you know that those heartless thugs raped and murdered five innocent American catholic nuns  during the infamous NPFL Operation Octopus in 1992.  Do you know that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and others were directly indicted by the Liberian TRC report? Do you know that the republic of Sierra Leone suffered the same  adversities  as Liberia, went through the same TRC process,  worked with the international community, and  established a special war crime’s court on Sierra Leone, which finally convicted Charles Taylor, including all those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone? Why not Liberia? Why did your boss and friend Crookery Hillary denied Liberian war victims justice in favor of her criminal friend, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? Do you guys think Liberian war victims  are stupid? What are you taken Liberian war victims for?

Until President Trump remove all Obama and crookery Hilary hold over at the State Department and other government institutions,  he will not full achieve both his domestic and foreign policy agendas. Ambassador Christine Elder must be  replaced with competent ambassador who is capable of schooling himself or  herself on the historical, political, and anthropological  backgrounds of Liberia or any country before assuming ambassadorial assignment. We can not have people who depend on  fake intelligence or  corrupt cable news network (CNN) reports   as  the basis of  formulating US foreign policies. Ambassador Christine Elder is dead Wrong on Liberia!