An Ultimatum for the Establishment of an Internationally Backed Special War Crimes Court on Liberia: A Video Message to Liberia and Friends of Liberia

An Ultimatum for the Establishment of an Internationally Backed Special War Crimes Court on Liberia. Click here to play the Video. 

The World View &  Philosophy


Jacob D. Masssaquoi,II

AKA Doctorroots

 The Future President of the Republic of Liberia

I am Jacob D. Masssaquoi,II, a member of the Dahn tribe, AKA Gio  from Zoe Geh District, Nimba County.  I survived   the horrific Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and convicted war criminal Charles Taylor’s   notorious National Patriotic Front of Liberia(NPFL)  barbaric  war in Liberia.   In early 2002, I escaped Liberia, sought and received political asylum in the United States and settled down on Staten Island, New York, home to more than ten thousand Liberians refugees who fled the horrors of  Hillary Clinton’s  buddy, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s  carnage  in Liberia.

In the spring of 2003, in partnership with psychologist Jack M. Saul, PhD, the Executive Director of the International Trauma Studies Program/REFUGE, Program for Survivors of Torture, we formed African Refuge, Inc. This was in response to the many needs of war victims from Africa, mainly Liberia and Sierra Leone  living on the North Shore of Staten Island.

In July 1990, during the height of the civil carnage in Liberia, I miraculously survived the infamous St. Peter’s Lutheran Church massacre that took the lives of about six hundred people and injured many others. I witnessed the execution of my older brother by the Government death squad and escaped, living under false identity in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia for several days. In October 1994, I survived an assassination attempt to my life by anti-democratic forces, leaving me with a shattered right leg and physically handicapped for over 10 years.

Despite  the many catastrophic events in my life, I have always kept a positive outlook. Since arriving in the United States, I have continued to volunteer for good causes, even under extreme circumstances. In 2004, while recovering from a reconstructive orthopedic surgery marked by excruciating pain, I served as a volunteer youth mentor for Joint Action for Community Services (JACS), a national volunteer organization engaged in helping graduates of Job Corp integrate into mainstream society.

While in Liberia, my work centered on human rights, HIV/AIDS, environmental awareness, promotion of volunteerism, and humanitarian assistance to children orphaned by the brutal civil war in Liberia. In February 1998, I co-founded Free Teens Liberia, Inc. a non-profit volunteer organization with the mission of promoting human rights and alleviating the plight of disadvantaged children, combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy as well as the incident of drugs and substance abuse among teenagers through abstinence based education. In August 2000, I served as the Country Representative of the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE).  I was responsible for the coordination of activities surrounding the United Nations International Year of Volunteers (IYV2001), and follow-up activities in Liberia. In November 2000, I successfully co-founded Call Management, Inc. a social entrepreneur venture engaged in the sales of computer hardware and accessories, internet telephone service and other communication technology solutions to support the work of both Free Teens, Inc. and IAVE.

What makes me do what I do is a  fundamental believe in God. I am convinced beyond all doubt that God permitted me to survive the upheavals in Liberia so that I can become an agent of change; representing the downtrodden masses through direct service and advocacy. Philosophically, I believe that every disappointment is an opportunity. I also believe that poverty is in the mind, but will is the driver of knowledge, wealth and prosperity. My strong religious and family upbringing helped to elevate my will. I believe that what others have accomplished, can be accomplished. I also believe that the  Almighty God, Jah is a just, upright, invisible universal father of all humanity,   He provided  all humankind  with equal abilities, one has to work for his or her own destiny. No one can let you down, but yourself!

Professionally, I am an organization development expert with over 25  years experience in developing and managing both  for profit and not for profit organizations in Liberia and the United States.  An Information Technology Business Analyst with over nine years  experience in the implementation of Agile Scrum Methodology, LOS System and  credit card application development and business process reengineering environment.

I am currently working on my doctorate in computer science with concentration in Cyber Security and Assurance at Capella University.  A 2009 graduate of the Executive Management Training Program at Columbia University Business School Not-for-Profit Executive Management Training Program. A 2007 graduate of  NYU Wagner School for Public Service Future Leaders Fellowship Program.  I hold a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree with concentration in Organization Psychology and Development and Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) with concentration in Human Resource Management from the American Intercontinental University (AIU), respectively.

A 1998 University of Liberia college dropout.  While  studying at the University of Liberia, I  majored in Physics  and minored in Mathematics. My vision was to become a nuclear physics. I am fascinated by Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of motion and Albert Einstein’s relativity Theory.     A 1989 graduate of  Sanniquellie Central High School, 1986 graduate of Levi H. Martian Baptist Elementary and Junior High School in Sanniquellie City, Nimbe County, respectively.

Politically, I am a social conservative and cultural preservationist. I believe in Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr.’s, prophetic quote “ a man  without a knowledge of  his history is like a tree without a root.”  I  am an unapologetic pro-life crusader,  I believe that Abortion and contraceptives are instruments  of biological warfare against our beautiful sisters and daughters, irrespective of the race or creed.

I  also believe to be gay is a matter of choice and not by nature. I fundamentally oppose same sex marriage without any room for compromise.   I believe that education and healthcare are fundamental rights and not a privilege. On the question of the environment, I  believe that humankind have a moral, spiritual and  social responsible to the environment as commanded by the Almighty God, Jah! “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth,”(Genesis 1:28,KJV).

Philosophically, I fundamentally reject Charles  Darwin’s  unscientific conjecture law of evolution. I do not believe that humankind evolved, but rather  created by  the Almighty God Jah, as written in the Holy Scriptures. “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them,” (Gensis 1;27).

I  fundamentally oppose and reject  the pseudo unscientific philosophy of postmodernism, which rejects the universality of truth.  When we reject the universality of truth, than by what standards do we measure morality and international law, good governance, peace, and democracy.  With respect to family values and cultural preservation, by what standard do we grade our culture? By embracing these pseudo unscientific philosophies advanced by Godless idiots in our text books, we have equally embraced atheism while kicking out God from our textbooks. All in the name of democracy and human rights. By kicking out God from our textbooks, we invite Satan in our society, which comes with extreme evil in our society.

I believe that globalism is neo imperialism;  a new form of imperialism based on the exploitation of workers from  3rd world countries therefore,  I fundamentally oppose globalism. I unapologetically agree with Honorable Dr. Donald John Trump, the democratically elected 45th President of the great United States of America that “free trade is bad trade.” It is bad for America and bad for the world. America needs fair trading partners and not one-sided free trade deals that benefits the other side. I believe in fair trade and not free trade!

My interests are human rights, politics, education, leadership, environment, religion, roots and culture, physical science, and the arts. I am the founder of the New Liberia Movement with the mission to promote human rights, sustainable peace, reconciliation, and development,  through volunteer service. I believe that peace without justice is illusive  peace.

I am the  founder of the Rootical Foundation, Uprising Press and Organization for the Promotion of Friendship and Cooperation between Africa and  USA. I believe that government is the vehicle for   service to your country  and not a vehicle for the acquisition of wealth.  No Justice! No peace!


A Vote for Pervert Weah is A Vote for the Return of Taylor: Liberian War Victims will Not Tolerate the Return of Taylor



Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your much-appreciated support and care during this very difficult time. I am very touched by your warm wishes, and I thank you for the strength your kind words give me.

I look forward to working with you in the new year as we struggle for justice for Liberian war victis. Make no mistake, Liberia is at a crossroad between death and life. The vote for pervert Weah, is the vote for death. A vote for JNB is a vote for life;. A vote for Weah is a vote for the return of Taylor. We will not tolerate the return of Taylor. A vote for Weah is a vote against justice for Liberian war victims. We have broken the backbone of the obsticle to justice and impunity in Liberia. That backbone is Crooked Hillary who supported the trashy woman called Ellen Johnson Sirleaf against the will of Liberian war victims. With Honorable President Dr. Donald J. Trump as President of the great United States, Liberian war victims will finally see the face of justice.

Fellow Liberian war victims, let us rejoice! By December 24, 2018, the war crimes court must be established so that supper killer like Prince Johnson Kromah, Boley, LURD leader, MODEL leader and others can face justice. We can no longer wait, there will be justice. We have no choice but to set the record straight! If anyone thinks that he/or she will get away with the horrific crimes committed against innocent Liberans, he or she must be a fool.. Abraham Kromah, watch out, we will prosecute you! We prosecuted your brother in Phili and convicted him! Do you remember April 6, what you and the so-call government forces did to the Krahn people at BTC? You killed innocent Krham people.

Saywer and Brownie Samukai, do you record the infamous Octopus operation 1992, during the barbaric civil war , when your Black Beret and ULIMO forces went on the rampage in Monrovia and killed innocent Gio/Dahns or Minos indiscriminately. I was one of the them who escaped your notorious attacked on peaceful citizens. You will account!

Prince Johnson, do you remember what you did to the Mandingos in Nimba? You killed innocent peaceful Mandingo s. . It is not a crime to be Mandingo. But, the INPFL and NPFL killed innocent people of the Mandingo ethnic group without remorse. What was you guys thinking? To all the rebel leaders, you will face justice for the cries you committed against our people.

Finally, to the so-called Liberian law markers, you should be ashamed of yourself.! You are the most evil creatures God ever created! . Worst than the war lords. Do you think it is just for you to pay yourself 18,000.00-19,000.00 monthly excluding benefits while you pay our patriotic teachers, law enforcement officers and other civil servants below the living standards. How evil re you? Why are you so evil? Who do you think you are? The stupidity will stop soon. Even in the US, no congressman or woman make such salary per month. I Doctorroots describe you as idiots and gangs of economic criminals.

Finally, Liberians, make no mistake, a vote for the pervert Weah will be a vote for death. Do not blame us, you should blame it on yourself when you vote for Weah. The vote for Weah is the vote for the turn of Taylor. We will not tolerate the return of Taylor. Make no mistake, a vote for Weah is a vote against the establishment of the war crimes court in Liberia..A vote for Weah is a vote to celebrate gay marriage in Liberia. Weah is a faggy! We will not tolerate a morally bankrupt diot to run Liberia!

Make no mistake, if you do vote for the prevent Weah, you must be prepared for all the consequences.

Merry Christmas

Yours sincerely,

Osagyefo Nana Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Gonyah Vonyon Massaquoi, II

AKA Doctorroots


Welfare Program: The Godless Cult Democratic Party Modern Day Slavery


      Honorable President Dr. Donald J. Trump 

Who is misguided? Who is the real deplorable? Who is mentally ill? The one who supports a fraudulent candidate, Crooked Hillary or the one who supports an authentic candidate? The one who supports his/her suppressors or    the one who supports an honest man  who tells  you like it is, even if it hurts your feelings? The one who supports someone whose criminal justice policies  decimated  the black and brown  communities across America  or the one who  supports  an honest individual?

Do you know how many black and brown families  that were destroyed by the  Clinton era evil  criminal justice policy? Although Bill himself is a pervert, who  sexually molested White House interns, but he hypocritically called black male  pervert and enforced a punishing criminal justice policy on our community?

Al- Shaptop and al the crazy never Trump so-called black activist will not  expose the rape sheet of the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas? But, Doctorroots will tell you!  My friend, after a deep  researched on the impact of the  Clinton era crimes bill on the black and brown communities across America, I cannot comprehend  while black  people are stupid and crazy  about  supporting  Crooked Hillary Clinton. What crime has Honorable Trump committed agonist the black community? What crime has President Trump  committed against the Latino community? What crime has he committed against immigrant? Tell me his crimes and I  will read the rap sheet of your morally bankrupt perverted  idols? From Al-Sharpton to Jesse Jackson! From John Lewis to the Black congressional caucus? I have your hypocritical  racist rap sheet!

The black congressional caucus supported  and imposed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on my people,  a woman who has been indicted by the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report  and recommended prosecution. But, in the eyes of the perverted black congressional caucus , she is a hero? A woman who preside over a constitution that states ” only those of Negro decent can become a citizen of Liberia.” Is this not apartheid? How about whites born in Liberia ? How about white who wants to be citizens of Liberia?  You created this garbage,  then you talk about racism here in the states. How low can you go? Another case in point, your brothers who went to African enslaved our people for over hundred years,  my grandparents were not allowed to vote in Liberia although they  were forced to pay taxes to a government that did not provide any services for them,  but the black  congressional congress consistently support this cruel regime in Liberia. How low can you go?  You want to  talk about racism and discrimination, bring it on?  I challenge any African American so intellectual from Henry Roberts Gates to who so ever,  we are tired of your hypocrisy in the US. You guys are more racist than  satan. Trump is the best gift that God ever blessed America with!

The Black  and brown communities  have to wake up and emancipate themselves from mental slavery. The welfare mentality is modern day slavery. Whether you believe me   or not,  the  godless cult democratic party has consistently enslaved the black community  with welfare. You could be living a better life without welfare.  I hope President Trump end the senseless welfare problem and divert the resources to job creation programs to lift people up from the yoke of poverty in the ghettos across America.   I honestly Pray that President end the welfare program!

I am a proud political refugee  from Liberia.  I escaped Liberia  and came here 17 years ago with nothing, but  God, faith and hard work. Today, I am a senior corporate executive of a startup tech company. I also own a business. I am an  author, written 2 books, releasing my 3rd book  in February.  I am  completing my doctorate in computer science with concentration in cyber  security and assurance. I am living  in an upscale neighborhood.

The Trump America first doctrine is  about attracting  industrial immigrants and not people who will become liability on the US social welfare system. The America first doctrine is about protecting America interests and not the interests of other nations who do not respect America. The Trump America first doctrine is  bout protecting the interests of the forgotten  hardworking men and women of America on main street and not only the interests wall street.  Honorable Trump’s  America first doctrine is about protecting unborn babies and not killing the unborn with biological  warfare-Abortion and contraceptive. The Trump America first doctrine is about   protecting the divine  institution of marriage and not redefining marriage for political correctness.

I also used the welfare program, welfare is a means but not an end. I  lived and worked in the Parkhill project for nine  years. Built a successful community based organization while on welfare.  Helped more than 8000  fellow immigrant and low income families. Now, who is misguided? Little kid watch your words! Trump is our man, he is the best thing that ever happened to America and the world. With Honora Trump as President, America is coming back slowly. Nations that do not support us, will no longer receive our aid. Our taxpayer money will be  used here at   home to build our nation and will no longer going to be used to support  our enemies. With Trump  as commander in Chief, we are winning again. The death cult,  so-called islamic state  has been defeated in  Iraq and Syria. Our economy is back on track? Honorable Trump is  the President of the great USA for the next 8 years, if you don’t like it, go hang yourself !

The Bush and Obama Administration supported notorious war and economic criminals in my native country, Liberia. As a result, I have not been able to  return  home for over 17 years. With Honorable Trump as President, the backbone of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her thugs have been broken,  I  can proudly return home. More importantly, as  one of the thousands of Liberian  war victims, I am very happy and thankful to God  for giving us Honorable President Trump, if the Crooked Hillary had been elected, the dream of justice and accountability for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s  Terr on Liberia will remain in, but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,but never attained.

God bless President Trump and his beautiful family. God bless America!  Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. To the Never Trump team, I hope you never get to see the New Year!

Watch out for the release date of my new  book ” Fake News: Walking in the Shadow of White America.”


No Collusion: The Useless Trump Campaign Russian Collusion Investigation Must Be Shutdown Immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



How long will this stupid and hateful political witch-hunting Trump campaign Russian collusion investigation go on? Why the spineless Republican controlled congress can’t shut this craziness down? The FBI has become a partisan organization. We now know that the FBI under the fired Chief, James Comey abused power by illegally  unmasking General Michael Flynn  and unjustly  spying on the Trump campaign, under the guise of suspicious Russian connection.

We now know that it was Crooked Hillary who committed treason by selling our American Uranium to Russian interest. We now know that it was Crooked Hilary who lied to the world and illegally invaded Libya, causing the worst refugee catastrophe in Europe since WWII. She tried to blame the refugee horror on President Assad of Syria. Where is the FBI investigation over the death of Ambassador Chris  Stevens and other patriotic American service men in Libya? Where is the congressional investigation over the horrific African slavery currently going on in Libya?

We now know that it was crooked Hilary and the so-called neoliberal feminists in America, mostly  corrupt  democrats who emboldened murderous Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, an accused war and economic criminal by nominating her for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize after she had been indicted by the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) for masterminding the horrendous 14 years Liberian carnage in, which over three hundred thousand innocent Liberians, as well as, foreign nationals were brutally killed in cold blood. Where is the congressional investigation?

Where is the Crooked Hillary investigation? Folks, the fake news cartel and the DNC have failed to bring down our legitimately elected President, Honorable Trump. If it is not stupid sexual misconduct accusation today, tomorrow, it would be another stupidity. How long will this madness  continue? When will the neoliberal media fake news CNN, NBC, ABC, NY Times, etc, stop spreading anti-Trump propaganda instead of spreading real news? Can’t they see the great success of our beloved president? Why the anti Trump obsession? I want to know?

Well, Doctorroots has a little Christmas message for all the Trump haters, if you don’t like our beloved president, go hang yourself! Honorable Trump is our president for the next eight years. Merry Christmas to all Trump lovers. Hell, to all Trump haters .

The only Christmas gift, we, the “deplorable” need from Honorable President Trump is  the termination  of  the so-called Russian Gate investigation. It is the waste of our money. Please President Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the spineless Republican controlled congress have failed to bring an end to this stupidity, we need your urgent intervention.

Use your executive order. Lets celebrate the new year with the news of the crazy Robert Mueller termination! It is only the arrogant elites who hate you because of jealousy over your rapturous victory against  their deeply flawed candidate, crooked Hillary.  If  Jeff Sessions  failed to initiate an  aggressive  investigation in the dealings of Crook Hilary and the DNC campaign fraud, fire him and  bring on board someone who will seek the best interest of America, which is focusing on making America great again.

No time for procrastination. We can not procrastinate while our legitimately elected President and his administration is under  ferocious attack by an ever aggressive enemy with an explicit aim of overthrowing  our government. This is not about President Trump, it is about overturning  our votes  and hard work . It is about rebelling against God’s anointed  President. It is about bringing down our dignity and pride.  It is about bringing down God’s  people.

Folks,  don’t be carried away by the  fake news  cartel, our economic is coming back! Russia and the US are once more working collaboratively against global terror. In under 6 months, the satanic ISIL has been completely  defeated! Obama and the DNC failed to defeat ISIL over 3 years? Instead of fighting ISIL, they were busy supporting terrorist against the legitimate Syrian President, Assad under the canopy of supporting democracy in Syria. But,  where is the democracy in Libya   they destroyed  under  the packs of lies? Where is the democracy in Saudi Arabia,  the military industrial complex cash cow? What a hypocrite?

Unlike Crooked Hilary and former President Obama who abused our military resources by fighting a proxy war against Russia  in Syria under the guise of fighting ISIL, President Trump kept his campaign promised by collaborating with Russia in defeating ISIL in Syria and Iraq. Because of President Trump’s ingenuity and unconventional diplomacy, the satanic death cult, ISIL has been demoralized, dismantled ,downgraded  and totally defeated in both Syria and Iraq!

Thank God for President Trump, our divine leader sent by God to lead America  out of the satanic Godless culture of  same sex marriage and biological warfare  against our prospective mothers. Abortion  and contraceptives  are biological warfare  against our prospective mothers. This is what happens when we elect an unconventional genius anointed by God to lead our country. But, the fake news will not report  his  great success . The success of President Trump is the success of America as a nation. We must celebrate his sucess.

Because of sin, Satan has blinded their eyes and heart to   downplay the success of our beloved president, Honorable Trump.

God bless our beloved President Trump! God bless America! God bless the deplorable and  send all President Trump haters to hell right now!  Merry Christmas from Doctorroots.


The Root of Gun Violence in America: An Argument for the Election of Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis & All Conservative Candidates



Jacob D. Massaquoi,II, MBA

If you want to disobey God, please go ahead, you do not need my approval, neither do you need me to redefine God’s sacred institution of marriage in order to satisfy your selfish satanic desire. No man or woman was born gay. Being gay is a matter of choice and not by nature. We must reject any ideology that promotes gay marriage. Gay marriage is the perversion of the very foundation of our society. It is the fundamental cause of all the gun violence going on in America today. When we reject God, we turn to the devil for direction. When we reject God, we celebrate celebrities. When we reject God, we kill God’s children for fun.

Think about the gun violence in America today? Do you think it is just an accident? No! it is not an accident, but rather a product of the anti-God philosophy taught in our public schools across America. The Federal Government must erase, eradicate and eliminate any reference to postmodernism or evolution in our primary education textbooks. We must fight to reintroduce the teaching of Bible in our public schools. The ACLU and other Godless organizations must be banned!

As people of faith, we have a Scared and Biblical obligation to protect the sanctity of marriage and the family. For too long, we have allowed the godless cult, democratic party to scammed and shamed us into accepting gay marriage as human rights. They disguised the satanic philosophy of same-sex marriage under the canopy of tolerance.

Brothers and sisters of faith and all straight people permit me to ask you a fundamental question, are they tolerant of opposing views? In 2012, Chris Brown, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton were viciously attacked and made to apologize to the homophobic dictatorial gay community after they expressed their honest opinion against the distorted queer marriage. When you speak out against the distorted queer sex, the dictatorial gay community will viciously come after your career. Hence, people of faith, who is homophobic? Do not allow them to make you feel guilty for standing up for what is right. Fighting for the preservation of our traditional family value is not a crime, but an offense to those who want to destroy our core values.

Brothers and sisters of faith, we have a divine duty to fight for what we believe in. We believe that marriage is a divine union between a male and a female, ordained by our Heavenly Father from the beginning of time. We must not allow the 1% to destroy the foundation of our society.

A victory for Sister Kim Davis and Judge Roy Moore is a victory over Satan. A Victory for Judge Roy Moore and sister Kim Davis is a victory for God’s kingdom on Earth. A Victory for Sister Kim Davis and Judge Roy Moore is a victory for Honorable President Donald J. Trump’s agenda for making America great again. I urge all straight men and woman, as well as all people of faith, in Rowan County, Kentucky, to come out and support Sister Kim Davis. She is a woman of courage. She stood up against Crooked Hilary and Obama anti-family campaign when she refused to grant a marriage license that would ultimately legalize the perverted gay marriage, thus, giving our God, we serve a decisive victory over Satan.

Please stand with Judge Roy Moore, a victory for Judge Roy Moore would be the biggest price. The fake news cartel in collusion with the never Trump Republican establishment has organized an aggressive plot to derailed President Trump’s agenda. This unjustifiable attack on Judge Roy Moore is the demonstration of the hypocrisy of these spineless politically correct so-called Republican leaders.

Folks, this is not about Judge Roy Moore, his records on crime, immigration, abortion, and all core conservative issues are irrefutable. This is about undermining our courageous president, Donald J. Trump. Now that the useless political witch-hunting Russian meddling/ Trump campaign Russian Collusion investigation is falling apart, they are aggressively trying to modify their tactics by using shameless women to bring baseless sex misconduct allegations against any conservative candidate. The baseless and malicious sexual misconduct allegation against Honorable Judge Roy Moore is a direct attack on the Presidency of President Trump. By extension, an attack on the conservative movement.

They want to overthrow our revolution. They want to impeach what God has blessed. They want to impose the satanic gay agenda on us. They are waging biological warfare on our young girls through the planned parenthood birth control scam. The contraceptive is a biological warfare in our society. During the 60s, they use the same biological warfare to control the black population. Now, in the 21st century, they are using the same satanic biological warfare to control the white population.

Let’s be brutally honest and look at raw data, according to the Pew Research Center by 2050, the white race will be the minority race in America. The  Plan Parenthood  is leading this biological warfare on  white America through Contraceptive campaign and sex education while the ACLU and other so-called human rights and progressive groups are using open borders to populate America with foreigners who often do not love this country.

This is a battle call to  All periotic Americans to wake up and fight for the land which our forefathers bled and die to make us all free. A vote for Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis, and all hardcore conservative candidates is a vote to defend our freedom from globalist, pro-abortion, and pro-gun control agendas. A vote for Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis and all hard core conservative candidates is a vote to make America great Again. A vote for Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis, and all hardcore conservative candidates is a vote for Honorable President Donald J. Trump’s agenda to make America great again. A Vote for Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis and all hard core conservative candidates is a vote to recognize Zion (Jerusalem) as the providential home  for the Jewish people and the capital of the Jewish State. The only stable democracy in the troubled middle east.

Fellow Christians, people of faith, straight and all people of conscience, please join me in supporting our  courageous, genius, and authentic president Donald J. Trump and make America great Again! God bless America !


About the Author

Jacob D. Masssaquoi,II  is a Liberian political refugee, a Pan Africanist and geopolitical analyst. An information technology   business analyst with expertise in agile   scrum methodology.    He is currently pursuing a doctorate in computer science with emphasis on cyber security and assurance at Capella University.  An evangelical Christian and a lifelong human rights activist. He survived the July 1990 St. Peters Lutheran Church massacre in his native country, Liberia, in which over 500 innocent people seeking  refuge at the Church were gun down in cold blood.

 Jacob lost both parents including several siblings, love ones and friends   in the 14 years Liberian horror. He was also tortured by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and convicted war criminal Charles Taylor’s rebel forces for speaking out against human rights violations in his country. 

Since the 90s,  he has dedicated his life to work for justice for Liberian war victims. Unfortunately,  the Obama and Crooked Hillary administration  abandoned the issue  of justice   in his native country and elected to support the chief architect  of the  barbaric civil  war, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  at the expense of Liberian war victims. Consequently, 15 years after the official end of the horrific Liberian civil war in 2003, no one has been held accountable for the massive destruction of lives and properties in Liberia. 

Nearly nine  years after the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission  issued its  report indicting Crooked Hillary’s  buddy, the   current President of Liberia, Sirleaf  of  masterminding the carnage and recommending  her for Persecution,  Crooked Hillary in the capacity as Secretary of State and the godless democratic party have  continue to support the perpetrators of war crimes in his native country.

 He believes that  peace without justice is an elusive peace. His passion for the establishment of  a special war crimes court on Liberia as recommended by TRC report is unquenchable.  He is the author of a new book entitled “Fake News: Walking in the Shadow of White America.” Lookout for the release date.  He can be reached at