The Root of Gun Violence in America: An Argument for the Election of Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis & All Conservative Candidates



Jacob D. Massaquoi,II, MBA

If you want to disobey God, please go ahead, you do not need my approval, neither do you need me to redefine God’s sacred institution of marriage in order to satisfy your selfish satanic desire. No man or woman was born gay. Being gay is a matter of choice and not by nature. We must reject any ideology that promotes gay marriage. Gay marriage is the perversion of the very foundation of our society. It is the fundamental cause of all the gun violence going on in America today. When we reject God, we turn to the devil for direction. When we reject God, we celebrate celebrities. When we reject God, we kill God’s children for fun.

Think about the gun violence in America today? Do you think it is just an accident? No! it is not an accident, but rather a product of the anti-God philosophy taught in our public schools across America. The Federal Government must erase, eradicate and eliminate any reference to postmodernism or evolution in our primary education textbooks. We must fight to reintroduce the teaching of Bible in our public schools. The ACLU and other Godless organizations must be banned!

As people of faith, we have a Scared and Biblical obligation to protect the sanctity of marriage and the family. For too long, we have allowed the godless cult, democratic party to scammed and shamed us into accepting gay marriage as human rights. They disguised the satanic philosophy of same-sex marriage under the canopy of tolerance.

Brothers and sisters of faith and all straight people permit me to ask you a fundamental question, are they tolerant of opposing views? In 2012, Chris Brown, Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton were viciously attacked and made to apologize to the homophobic dictatorial gay community after they expressed their honest opinion against the distorted queer marriage. When you speak out against the distorted queer sex, the dictatorial gay community will viciously come after your career. Hence, people of faith, who is homophobic? Do not allow them to make you feel guilty for standing up for what is right. Fighting for the preservation of our traditional family value is not a crime, but an offense to those who want to destroy our core values.

Brothers and sisters of faith, we have a divine duty to fight for what we believe in. We believe that marriage is a divine union between a male and a female, ordained by our Heavenly Father from the beginning of time. We must not allow the 1% to destroy the foundation of our society.

A victory for Sister Kim Davis and Judge Roy Moore is a victory over Satan. A Victory for Judge Roy Moore and sister Kim Davis is a victory for God’s kingdom on Earth. A Victory for Sister Kim Davis and Judge Roy Moore is a victory for Honorable President Donald J. Trump’s agenda for making America great again. I urge all straight men and woman, as well as all people of faith, in Rowan County, Kentucky, to come out and support Sister Kim Davis. She is a woman of courage. She stood up against Crooked Hilary and Obama anti-family campaign when she refused to grant a marriage license that would ultimately legalize the perverted gay marriage, thus, giving our God, we serve a decisive victory over Satan.

Please stand with Judge Roy Moore, a victory for Judge Roy Moore would be the biggest price. The fake news cartel in collusion with the never Trump Republican establishment has organized an aggressive plot to derailed President Trump’s agenda. This unjustifiable attack on Judge Roy Moore is the demonstration of the hypocrisy of these spineless politically correct so-called Republican leaders.

Folks, this is not about Judge Roy Moore, his records on crime, immigration, abortion, and all core conservative issues are irrefutable. This is about undermining our courageous president, Donald J. Trump. Now that the useless political witch-hunting Russian meddling/ Trump campaign Russian Collusion investigation is falling apart, they are aggressively trying to modify their tactics by using shameless women to bring baseless sex misconduct allegations against any conservative candidate. The baseless and malicious sexual misconduct allegation against Honorable Judge Roy Moore is a direct attack on the Presidency of President Trump. By extension, an attack on the conservative movement.

They want to overthrow our revolution. They want to impeach what God has blessed. They want to impose the satanic gay agenda on us. They are waging biological warfare on our young girls through the planned parenthood birth control scam. The contraceptive is a biological warfare in our society. During the 60s, they use the same biological warfare to control the black population. Now, in the 21st century, they are using the same satanic biological warfare to control the white population.

Let’s be brutally honest and look at raw data, according to the Pew Research Center by 2050, the white race will be the minority race in America. The  Plan Parenthood  is leading this biological warfare on  white America through Contraceptive campaign and sex education while the ACLU and other so-called human rights and progressive groups are using open borders to populate America with foreigners who often do not love this country.

This is a battle call to  All periotic Americans to wake up and fight for the land which our forefathers bled and die to make us all free. A vote for Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis, and all hardcore conservative candidates is a vote to defend our freedom from globalist, pro-abortion, and pro-gun control agendas. A vote for Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis and all hard core conservative candidates is a vote to make America great Again. A vote for Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis, and all hardcore conservative candidates is a vote for Honorable President Donald J. Trump’s agenda to make America great again. A Vote for Judge Roy Moore, Sister Kim Davis and all hard core conservative candidates is a vote to recognize Zion (Jerusalem) as the providential home  for the Jewish people and the capital of the Jewish State. The only stable democracy in the troubled middle east.

Fellow Christians, people of faith, straight and all people of conscience, please join me in supporting our  courageous, genius, and authentic president Donald J. Trump and make America great Again! God bless America !


About the Author

Jacob D. Masssaquoi,II  is a Liberian political refugee, a Pan Africanist and geopolitical analyst. An information technology   business analyst with expertise in agile   scrum methodology.    He is currently pursuing a doctorate in computer science with emphasis on cyber security and assurance at Capella University.  An evangelical Christian and a lifelong human rights activist. He survived the July 1990 St. Peters Lutheran Church massacre in his native country, Liberia, in which over 500 innocent people seeking  refuge at the Church were gun down in cold blood.

 Jacob lost both parents including several siblings, love ones and friends   in the 14 years Liberian horror. He was also tortured by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and convicted war criminal Charles Taylor’s rebel forces for speaking out against human rights violations in his country. 

Since the 90s,  he has dedicated his life to work for justice for Liberian war victims. Unfortunately,  the Obama and Crooked Hillary administration  abandoned the issue  of justice   in his native country and elected to support the chief architect  of the  barbaric civil  war, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  at the expense of Liberian war victims. Consequently, 15 years after the official end of the horrific Liberian civil war in 2003, no one has been held accountable for the massive destruction of lives and properties in Liberia. 

Nearly nine  years after the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission  issued its  report indicting Crooked Hillary’s  buddy, the   current President of Liberia, Sirleaf  of  masterminding the carnage and recommending  her for Persecution,  Crooked Hillary in the capacity as Secretary of State and the godless democratic party have  continue to support the perpetrators of war crimes in his native country.

 He believes that  peace without justice is an elusive peace. His passion for the establishment of  a special war crimes court on Liberia as recommended by TRC report is unquenchable.  He is the author of a new book entitled “Fake News: Walking in the Shadow of White America.” Lookout for the release date.  He can be reached at