No Collusion: The Useless Trump Campaign Russian Collusion Investigation Must Be Shutdown Immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



How long will this stupid and hateful political witch-hunting Trump campaign Russian collusion investigation go on? Why the spineless Republican controlled congress can’t shut this craziness down? The FBI has become a partisan organization. We now know that the FBI under the fired Chief, James Comey abused power by illegally  unmasking General Michael Flynn  and unjustly  spying on the Trump campaign, under the guise of suspicious Russian connection.

We now know that it was Crooked Hillary who committed treason by selling our American Uranium to Russian interest. We now know that it was Crooked Hilary who lied to the world and illegally invaded Libya, causing the worst refugee catastrophe in Europe since WWII. She tried to blame the refugee horror on President Assad of Syria. Where is the FBI investigation over the death of Ambassador Chris  Stevens and other patriotic American service men in Libya? Where is the congressional investigation over the horrific African slavery currently going on in Libya?

We now know that it was crooked Hilary and the so-called neoliberal feminists in America, mostly  corrupt  democrats who emboldened murderous Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, an accused war and economic criminal by nominating her for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize after she had been indicted by the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) for masterminding the horrendous 14 years Liberian carnage in, which over three hundred thousand innocent Liberians, as well as, foreign nationals were brutally killed in cold blood. Where is the congressional investigation?

Where is the Crooked Hillary investigation? Folks, the fake news cartel and the DNC have failed to bring down our legitimately elected President, Honorable Trump. If it is not stupid sexual misconduct accusation today, tomorrow, it would be another stupidity. How long will this madness  continue? When will the neoliberal media fake news CNN, NBC, ABC, NY Times, etc, stop spreading anti-Trump propaganda instead of spreading real news? Can’t they see the great success of our beloved president? Why the anti Trump obsession? I want to know?

Well, Doctorroots has a little Christmas message for all the Trump haters, if you don’t like our beloved president, go hang yourself! Honorable Trump is our president for the next eight years. Merry Christmas to all Trump lovers. Hell, to all Trump haters .

The only Christmas gift, we, the “deplorable” need from Honorable President Trump is  the termination  of  the so-called Russian Gate investigation. It is the waste of our money. Please President Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since the spineless Republican controlled congress have failed to bring an end to this stupidity, we need your urgent intervention.

Use your executive order. Lets celebrate the new year with the news of the crazy Robert Mueller termination! It is only the arrogant elites who hate you because of jealousy over your rapturous victory against  their deeply flawed candidate, crooked Hillary.  If  Jeff Sessions  failed to initiate an  aggressive  investigation in the dealings of Crook Hilary and the DNC campaign fraud, fire him and  bring on board someone who will seek the best interest of America, which is focusing on making America great again.

No time for procrastination. We can not procrastinate while our legitimately elected President and his administration is under  ferocious attack by an ever aggressive enemy with an explicit aim of overthrowing  our government. This is not about President Trump, it is about overturning  our votes  and hard work . It is about rebelling against God’s anointed  President. It is about bringing down our dignity and pride.  It is about bringing down God’s  people.

Folks,  don’t be carried away by the  fake news  cartel, our economic is coming back! Russia and the US are once more working collaboratively against global terror. In under 6 months, the satanic ISIL has been completely  defeated! Obama and the DNC failed to defeat ISIL over 3 years? Instead of fighting ISIL, they were busy supporting terrorist against the legitimate Syrian President, Assad under the canopy of supporting democracy in Syria. But,  where is the democracy in Libya   they destroyed  under  the packs of lies? Where is the democracy in Saudi Arabia,  the military industrial complex cash cow? What a hypocrite?

Unlike Crooked Hilary and former President Obama who abused our military resources by fighting a proxy war against Russia  in Syria under the guise of fighting ISIL, President Trump kept his campaign promised by collaborating with Russia in defeating ISIL in Syria and Iraq. Because of President Trump’s ingenuity and unconventional diplomacy, the satanic death cult, ISIL has been demoralized, dismantled ,downgraded  and totally defeated in both Syria and Iraq!

Thank God for President Trump, our divine leader sent by God to lead America  out of the satanic Godless culture of  same sex marriage and biological warfare  against our prospective mothers. Abortion  and contraceptives  are biological warfare  against our prospective mothers. This is what happens when we elect an unconventional genius anointed by God to lead our country. But, the fake news will not report  his  great success . The success of President Trump is the success of America as a nation. We must celebrate his sucess.

Because of sin, Satan has blinded their eyes and heart to   downplay the success of our beloved president, Honorable Trump.

God bless our beloved President Trump! God bless America! God bless the deplorable and  send all President Trump haters to hell right now!  Merry Christmas from Doctorroots.