Welfare Program: The Godless Cult Democratic Party Modern Day Slavery


      Honorable President Dr. Donald J. Trump 

Who is misguided? Who is the real deplorable? Who is mentally ill? The one who supports a fraudulent candidate, Crooked Hillary or the one who supports an authentic candidate? The one who supports his/her suppressors or    the one who supports an honest man  who tells  you like it is, even if it hurts your feelings? The one who supports someone whose criminal justice policies  decimated  the black and brown  communities across America  or the one who  supports  an honest individual?

Do you know how many black and brown families  that were destroyed by the  Clinton era evil  criminal justice policy? Although Bill himself is a pervert, who  sexually molested White House interns, but he hypocritically called black male  pervert and enforced a punishing criminal justice policy on our community?

Al- Shaptop and al the crazy never Trump so-called black activist will not  expose the rape sheet of the Clintons, Bushes and Obamas? But, Doctorroots will tell you!  My friend, after a deep  researched on the impact of the  Clinton era crimes bill on the black and brown communities across America, I cannot comprehend  while black  people are stupid and crazy  about  supporting  Crooked Hillary Clinton. What crime has Honorable Trump committed agonist the black community? What crime has President Trump  committed against the Latino community? What crime has he committed against immigrant? Tell me his crimes and I  will read the rap sheet of your morally bankrupt perverted  idols? From Al-Sharpton to Jesse Jackson! From John Lewis to the Black congressional caucus? I have your hypocritical  racist rap sheet!

The black congressional caucus supported  and imposed Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on my people,  a woman who has been indicted by the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report  and recommended prosecution. But, in the eyes of the perverted black congressional caucus , she is a hero? A woman who preside over a constitution that states ” only those of Negro decent can become a citizen of Liberia.” Is this not apartheid? How about whites born in Liberia ? How about white who wants to be citizens of Liberia?  You created this garbage,  then you talk about racism here in the states. How low can you go? Another case in point, your brothers who went to African enslaved our people for over hundred years,  my grandparents were not allowed to vote in Liberia although they  were forced to pay taxes to a government that did not provide any services for them,  but the black  congressional congress consistently support this cruel regime in Liberia. How low can you go?  You want to  talk about racism and discrimination, bring it on?  I challenge any African American so intellectual from Henry Roberts Gates to who so ever,  we are tired of your hypocrisy in the US. You guys are more racist than  satan. Trump is the best gift that God ever blessed America with!

The Black  and brown communities  have to wake up and emancipate themselves from mental slavery. The welfare mentality is modern day slavery. Whether you believe me   or not,  the  godless cult democratic party has consistently enslaved the black community  with welfare. You could be living a better life without welfare.  I hope President Trump end the senseless welfare problem and divert the resources to job creation programs to lift people up from the yoke of poverty in the ghettos across America.   I honestly Pray that President end the welfare program!

I am a proud political refugee  from Liberia.  I escaped Liberia  and came here 17 years ago with nothing, but  God, faith and hard work. Today, I am a senior corporate executive of a startup tech company. I also own a business. I am an  author, written 2 books, releasing my 3rd book  in February.  I am  completing my doctorate in computer science with concentration in cyber  security and assurance. I am living  in an upscale neighborhood.

The Trump America first doctrine is  about attracting  industrial immigrants and not people who will become liability on the US social welfare system. The America first doctrine is about protecting America interests and not the interests of other nations who do not respect America. The Trump America first doctrine is  bout protecting the interests of the forgotten  hardworking men and women of America on main street and not only the interests wall street.  Honorable Trump’s  America first doctrine is about protecting unborn babies and not killing the unborn with biological  warfare-Abortion and contraceptive. The Trump America first doctrine is about   protecting the divine  institution of marriage and not redefining marriage for political correctness.

I also used the welfare program, welfare is a means but not an end. I  lived and worked in the Parkhill project for nine  years. Built a successful community based organization while on welfare.  Helped more than 8000  fellow immigrant and low income families. Now, who is misguided? Little kid watch your words! Trump is our man, he is the best thing that ever happened to America and the world. With Honora Trump as President, America is coming back slowly. Nations that do not support us, will no longer receive our aid. Our taxpayer money will be  used here at   home to build our nation and will no longer going to be used to support  our enemies. With Trump  as commander in Chief, we are winning again. The death cult,  so-called islamic state  has been defeated in  Iraq and Syria. Our economy is back on track? Honorable Trump is  the President of the great USA for the next 8 years, if you don’t like it, go hang yourself !

The Bush and Obama Administration supported notorious war and economic criminals in my native country, Liberia. As a result, I have not been able to  return  home for over 17 years. With Honorable Trump as President, the backbone of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her thugs have been broken,  I  can proudly return home. More importantly, as  one of the thousands of Liberian  war victims, I am very happy and thankful to God  for giving us Honorable President Trump, if the Crooked Hillary had been elected, the dream of justice and accountability for Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s  Terr on Liberia will remain in, but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,but never attained.

God bless President Trump and his beautiful family. God bless America!  Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. To the Never Trump team, I hope you never get to see the New Year!

Watch out for the release date of my new  book ” Fake News: Walking in the Shadow of White America.”