A Vote for Pervert Weah is A Vote for the Return of Taylor: Liberian War Victims will Not Tolerate the Return of Taylor



Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your much-appreciated support and care during this very difficult time. I am very touched by your warm wishes, and I thank you for the strength your kind words give me.

I look forward to working with you in the new year as we struggle for justice for Liberian war victis. Make no mistake, Liberia is at a crossroad between death and life. The vote for pervert Weah, is the vote for death. A vote for JNB is a vote for life;. A vote for Weah is a vote for the return of Taylor. We will not tolerate the return of Taylor. A vote for Weah is a vote against justice for Liberian war victims. We have broken the backbone of the obsticle to justice and impunity in Liberia. That backbone is Crooked Hillary who supported the trashy woman called Ellen Johnson Sirleaf against the will of Liberian war victims. With Honorable President Dr. Donald J. Trump as President of the great United States, Liberian war victims will finally see the face of justice.

Fellow Liberian war victims, let us rejoice! By December 24, 2018, the war crimes court must be established so that supper killer like Prince Johnson Kromah, Boley, LURD leader, MODEL leader and others can face justice. We can no longer wait, there will be justice. We have no choice but to set the record straight! If anyone thinks that he/or she will get away with the horrific crimes committed against innocent Liberans, he or she must be a fool.. Abraham Kromah, watch out, we will prosecute you! We prosecuted your brother in Phili and convicted him! Do you remember April 6, what you and the so-call government forces did to the Krahn people at BTC? You killed innocent Krham people.

Saywer and Brownie Samukai, do you record the infamous Octopus operation 1992, during the barbaric civil war , when your Black Beret and ULIMO forces went on the rampage in Monrovia and killed innocent Gio/Dahns or Minos indiscriminately. I was one of the them who escaped your notorious attacked on peaceful citizens. You will account!

Prince Johnson, do you remember what you did to the Mandingos in Nimba? You killed innocent peaceful Mandingo s. . It is not a crime to be Mandingo. But, the INPFL and NPFL killed innocent people of the Mandingo ethnic group without remorse. What was you guys thinking? To all the rebel leaders, you will face justice for the cries you committed against our people.

Finally, to the so-called Liberian law markers, you should be ashamed of yourself.! You are the most evil creatures God ever created! . Worst than the war lords. Do you think it is just for you to pay yourself 18,000.00-19,000.00 monthly excluding benefits while you pay our patriotic teachers, law enforcement officers and other civil servants below the living standards. How evil re you? Why are you so evil? Who do you think you are? The stupidity will stop soon. Even in the US, no congressman or woman make such salary per month. I Doctorroots describe you as idiots and gangs of economic criminals.

Finally, Liberians, make no mistake, a vote for the pervert Weah will be a vote for death. Do not blame us, you should blame it on yourself when you vote for Weah. The vote for Weah is the vote for the turn of Taylor. We will not tolerate the return of Taylor. Make no mistake, a vote for Weah is a vote against the establishment of the war crimes court in Liberia..A vote for Weah is a vote to celebrate gay marriage in Liberia. Weah is a faggy! We will not tolerate a morally bankrupt diot to run Liberia!

Make no mistake, if you do vote for the prevent Weah, you must be prepared for all the consequences.

Merry Christmas

Yours sincerely,

Osagyefo Nana Jacob Dunzuah-Teh-Dunzuah Gongbye Gonyah Vonyon Massaquoi, II

AKA Doctorroots