Warning: Weah and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Do not Have Monopoly over Violence



The question is not about the grammatical error, but rather the unpatriotic tendency of those so-called armed chair Liberian native intellectuals who selfishly and illicitly used the popularity of a morally bankrupt man who lacks any philosophical or political doctrine to take state power.

A man who deliberately refuses to learn. A man who runs from debate. A man with a  record of sleeping with underage boys and girls. A man who refuses to study the historical context of the Liberian conflict and relevant resources. A man with no knowledge of the Liberian peace process. A man who has conscientiously collaborated with the Sirleaf criminal enterprise since 2005.  A man who has unremorsefully collected about $18,000.00  each month, excluding so-called Agriculture break, which cost additional $10,000.00, while the Liberian population continues to live in abject poverty.

Here is the fundamental question my friend, should we allow empty head Weah and his murderous godmother Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to continue to deny Liberian war victims justice? How long should we allow a few group of thieves and murderous to subject Liberian war victims to more abuse?   You tell me!

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, the proposed war crimes court will provide an opportunity for perpetrators to legitimately adjudicate their innocence, and equally provide an opportunity for victims to legally seek redress. This will end the culture of impunity in Liberia. Don’t forget, economic criminals as well!

As for me and the New Liberia Movement,  we have announced a 12-month ultimatum for George  to either do right by partnering with Liberian war victims and the international community  in the establishment of the proposed war crimes court. Any attempt to use the same old satanic Ellen Johnson Sirleaf tactics of manipulation will be swiftly rejected.

Weah and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Do Not Have Monopoly over Violence!!!!!!!!!!!!! Liberian war victims have waited 28 years for justice and we cannot wait any longer! The criminal and diabolical decision of Ellen to support a native scrum bag with the hope of blanket amnesty for her cronies, children and herself will not stand. There is a new sheriff in town in America, Honorable Donald J. Trump and not gay and abortion advocate Obama and Crooked Hillary who sustained the Sirleaf criminal enterprise for over 12 years at the expense of Liberian war victims while trashing President’s foreign policy. Did the fake news reported this, absolutely no! What a shame!  

Should we be compelled to protest on the streets of  Monrovia to demand the establishment of the proposed war crimes court as enacted into law in the 2005 TRC Act and the 2009 TRC report,  that would be the end of the CDC and Sirleaf government!  Make no mistake George, you did physically experience the war!!!!!!!

Hence, this is a warning to all those who want peace and tranquility in Liberia to demand empty head George to immediately convene a meeting of Liberian war victims advocate and our international partners to initiate the process of the creation of the internationally backed war crimes court n Liberia.

Make no mistake,  over a decade of scholarly work and advocacy on the subject of war crimes court, we know the structure from A-Z.  We the victims will  play a huge role in the process. We will not allow any armchair lawyer to steal our show. The truth is that the court requires more social scientist than lawyers.   We need historians, forensic archeologists, activists,  psychologist,   victims, etc.

Hope Liberians can seek wisdom and preserve our state by unambiguously demanding empty head Weah and his godmother Ellen  to immediately initiate the process of the creation of the war crimes court. We know the CDC administration is an extension of the Sirleaf criminal enterprise. The good news is that Crooked Hillary and gay advocate Obama are no longer in power in the US. They do not have the diplomatic cover needed to blackmail our legitimate struggle for justice.

No Justice, no Peace. We did not ask for this struggle but rather imposed on us over two decades ago by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Sawyer and cohorts. We are only appealing for justice. Is this too big of a deal to make?  Try us!