Do Immigrants Come From “SHITHOLE” Countries?

This presentation is an antithesis to the aggressive,  fake media’s and deep state agents’ failed palace coup against  His Excellency the President Dr. Donald John Trump, the legitimately elected President of the great America!  Do Immigrants Come From “SHITHOLE” Countries?

This presentation  is an excerpt of  my new book titled, ” Fake News: Walking in the Shadow of White America.” Fake News is a series of intellectual work with the goal of  Liberating  American youths and the people of the world community philosophically, ideologically, socially and spiritually   from the satanic neoliberal imperial  hegemony. My book is inspired by the great victory of H.E. President Donald J. Trump.   More importantly, Fake News  is also an antithesis to the Fake News media organizations and  the deep state agents like  Michael Wolffs’  cheap gossip titled;” Fire and Fury.”  Watch out for the release date!