After 28 years of advocacy, we  have come to the conclusion  that without a  medium to propagate our ideas,  the reactionaries will always succeed hence, we have built an innovative news portel to serve as the voice of our revolution. Make no mistake, the Liberian question requires a radical measure in order to end the  culture of impunity.

28 years after the barbaric Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and cohorts terror on Liberia, no one has been held accountable. Consider the speech by George,  there was no mention of accountability for the crimes committed against Liberia. Make no mistake, Liberian war victims will  no longer wait for another 12 years. We have given  the Weah administration 12 months to organize the war crimes court as stipulated in the TRC report and CPA  otherwise, we will be forced to  put people on the streets of Monrovia and if  his peace attempt to use brute force, that would be the end of the CDC administration. No one has monopoly over violence.

The both Ellen and George Weah governments  are derivatives of the August 18, 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord  vis-à-vis the Liberian TRC report and recommendations. The failure of the Ellen and Weah governments to implement the TRC recommendations automatically make the governments illegal. In the same vein, the Sirleaf government was illegal for which, we refused to call Ellen President Sirleaf.   Make no mistake folks, Ellen did not keep the peace. It was Crooked Hillary  who  hypocritically  imposed such a garbage on Liberia for 12 years. The political calculus has changed in America.

For those of you who desire peace, we urge you to appeal to Weah to immediately call a national conference to discuss  the creation of the  internally backed war crimes court. The court will provide an opportunity for all those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity to legally exonerate themselves. The court will also provide an opportunity for victims to finally seek redress legally . If not, we will be forced to seek redress illegally.

We  can no longer  wait in exile  and watch a few group  of satanic men and women to exploit  our believed country and  war victims. The abuse must stop.  We don’t need peace. All we need is justice. No justice, no peace!  How can you pay yourself  b/w 17k-19K monthly excluding benefits  while  our civil servants teachers, law enforcement officers, etc make less than $100 per month. Is this  peace?  Is this justice? Or is this a solid foundation for lasting peace or lasting war? You decide!

We left Liberia due to the war, some of us obtained  citizenships in our homes of refuge  in order to access more opportunity. But, when you return to  home to serve your country of birth, those asshoses who  call themselves senators deny you. But, they have forgotten about the 2003 CPA.  Remember, many aspects of the Liberian constitution were abrogated to accommodate the criminals who are currently ruling our country like an  abused child. The question of constitutional reform to  accommodate Liberians in the diaspora was clearly addressed in the CPA without ambiguity.  TRC was mandated to  address antiquity in the  current Liberian  constitution to meet present realities such as:

  1. Citizenship – are you suggesting  that I am not a Liberian because I took citizenship in my home of refuge?  Did I  leave Liberia on my own or you war? This is a receipt for war! A clear violation of the spirit and goodwill of the 2003 CPA
  2. Term limit…… When I think about how Crook Hillary and all the Democrats hypocrites who support the 12 years of Ellen  nightmare in Liberia, it makes me more angry. How can someone become Senator for 9  years? Where is the incentive  to do right by the electorates? Ellen advocated and protested against  the Doe constitution purposely  designed to keep him   and his cronies in power, but he was  violently removed from power and  killed. How come all the so called political advocates like  Sayers, etc, who came before us  tolerate this evil?    Sorry folks. I have no respect for those people who abused my country. For me, this is personal., If it is not personal to you, I can’t help you. I am living with the physical pain of the war.

After 29 years of advocacy,  we have come to the conclusion that the  only solution to the stupidity,  lawlessness and culture  of impunity  is force. We can not seek redress in a supreme court which has  two accused war criminals.  Philip A. Z. Banks And Kabineh Muhammad Ja’neh, neither can we accept orders from a police which is   headed by an accused war criminal, AM Kromah or a legislative body  that ignores its obligations under the 2005 TRC Act.. 

We need to restore the rule of law in Liberia. The New Liberia Movement will  move  on Monrovia if George administration fails  to organize  the war crimes court  by December 24, 2018.   Make no mistake, The CDC administration is an extension of the Sirleaf administration. How can you spend a million USD on an  inauguration while  our people are suffering. I thought George has change, but is an extremely a  stupid fool.

Make no mistake, Doe thought he had monopoly over violence, but Taylor took him down. Taylor thought he had monopoly over violence, but Ellen took him down. Ellen and Weah must learn, Liberian war victims are tire waiting for justice. We don’t recognize you as our  leaders until our demands are met. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable—-John F. Kennedy