Comrade Emmanuel S. Wettee, I told you and the useless ULAA years ago that the dogs who are currently ruling Liberia does not care about peace, but exploiting our people. Remember the CPA unambiguously addressed the question of Liberians who have taken up citizenships in their home of refuge. The CPA was also transformed into the 2005 TRC Act, which is the law of the land. You can not apply laws selectively.

Hence, the failure of the Weah government to fully implement the CPA face-to-face with the TRC recommendations which includes, constitutional reform to address antiquity in the Liberian constitution to meet present realities makes both the Sirleaf and Weah governments illegal. We do not respect illegal entities. Some of the present realities are :

1. Term limit for lawmakers. We can not have a life term senator like murderer Prince Johnson of Nimba. That is  a disgrace! What  are the incentives for those dogs to do right by the people? Nine years in power making 20K per month in Liberia while our people our people live in abject poverty?  Unacceptable! Shameless Jezebel Sirleaf advocated against this Doe corrupt constitution, but when she had the opportunity to change it, she used it to her advantage . What a satanic woman. Ellen, we will punish you including Sawyer and all those who worked closely with you in exploiting Liberia. We will also open investigation into the corrupt practices of your satanic friend Crooked Hillary who aided and abetted your 12 years exploitation of Liberia. Make no mistake, you can not escape. If George elects to follow your lead, he will meet the same fate!

2. The question of Liberians who have taken up citizenships in their home of refuge. This question was addressed in the CPA. About 2 million Liberians were forced out of  their  country  of birth due to the Sirleaf NPFL terror. They are not responsible for living abroad or taken up citizenships in their countries of refuge.   Denying them opportunity to serve their country of birth because they took up citizenships in their various countries of refuge in order to access more opportunities is the repeat of the 1990s in, which people were killed based on ethnic lines. No one should be punished for situations that he or she does not have  control over.This is a receipt for war. Folks, the only solution is the force full demand for the establishment of the internationally backed war crimes court and the full implementation of the CPA face -to-face, the 2009 TRC recommendations.

Those dogs who are currently ruling Liberia have abused Liberian war victims for over 28 years,.  They managed  to groosely ignored  all the agreements and laws that does not benet them because  they were supported by corrupt and immoral American politicians like gay advocate Obama, Bush,  Crooked Hillary and others.  The good news for Liberian war victims is that  the American political mathematics have changed, there is a new king in town with a new vision… America First!

We have given the dogs 12 months to comply or else, we will force them to comply, We can not continue to beg those dogs to meet their legal  and moral obligations to Liberia and Liberian Diaspora,  and more importantly, Liberian war victims.

During his speech, did empty head Weah mention any thing about addressing our painful pass? Did he mention anything about implementing the TRC report? Obviously, for Weah and Ellen, the TRC is over. The question of war criems court is over. The TRC report is dead!

Liberian war victims has no right! But, we will show them that Liberia does not belong to them only. We have a saying in Liberia too. The Weah administration is the constitution of the criminal Sirleaf regime. If you doubt me, wait and see what happens over the next 24 months. I am from Number, Butuo, 20 of the NPFL special forces are my direct relatives. We know what they did to our people. The killing of NImba elders like Honorable Jackson F. Doe, my uncle, will not go in vine. The killing of Honorable Gabriel Kpolleh, a disquished son of Bong county  will not go in Vine. The killing of Honorable Steven Dinels  will not go in vine. The killing of Dr. Steven Yekenson, former President of UL will not go in Vein. Killing of  Honorable David Dwanyen will not go in Vein, the Killing of the five innocent American  catholic nuns  from  the state of Illinois will not go in vein. The Killing of  thousands of West African Community Peace Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) peace keepers will not go in vein.

Also,  the killing of over 300,000 innocent  Liberians will not go in vine. Killer Prince Johnson does not represent Nimba. Our people are fearful and continue to vote for the their oppressors because they see no real challenge to the brutes who are exploiting them. How can you pay yourself between $18-19K excluding benefits while paying important civil servants like teachers, law enforcement officers, etc, less than $100. Does that make sense. Do you think Liberians are your slave? Are you happy with those dogs Liberians? No! Liberians need real change but, the question is who is going to liberate them? Liberian war victims  look no more, your liberation is at hand. The Liberian question needs a radical approach. No time for games. Weah and his Sirleaf gangs have to make a very hard choice between war and peace. The constitution of the current status quo means war. The change in the current status quo means peace. The decision lies in the hands of the dogs who are currently in charge and exploiting our people!

This is a valid threat, if Liberia ignore us, when the time comes, we will not listen to any so-called men of gods. The so-called man of gods must now demand their uncontrolled dogs to cooperate now or it will be too late for everyone of us. If it means that we will be forced to go back on the drawing board in order for the dogs to cooperate and implement the very agreements they signed up to on August 18, 2003, we will. It is up to you Liberia. If you are satisfied with the current  status quo, good for you but, we Liberian war victims are not! We don’t want peace but justice,  both economic and human rights. Give me justice and I will make peace with myself and my neighbor!

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”…John F. Kennedy