The Almighty God has vindicated our beloved President Trump!


The Almighty God has vindicated our beloved President Trump!

Glory be to the God of Israel. The King of kings and the Lord of lords. The creator of the Heavens and Earth. The omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God. The Alpha and the Omega. He has no End and no Beginning. It is often said that “ truth buried in the ground shall resurrect like Lord Jesus Christ.”

For many years, the deep state in collusion with the corporate controlled media in America have grotesquely  deceived the American public and the world in pursuit of their narrow minded egotastic economic, social and political agenda(s).

The immoral and corrupt men within the FBI leadership  have been busted! The people demand to know the truth. Honorable President Trump  please release the memo which I called the “ FBI Gate.” This does not in anyway discredit the patriotic work of the thousands of patriotic men and women within the FBI and other security agencies who are honestly  working on the frontline  to keep us safe from bad actors both  nationally and globally. Knowingly using false and erroneous information as the basis of spying on law-abiding American citizen is a felonious offense.

James Comey and the FBI leadership who presided over this criminal behavior must be held accountable. The so-called Russia Trump campaign election collusion investigation must be shot down immediately after the release of the explosive FBI “ Gate.”

Now that our  Honorable President Trump has been empirically   vindicated, it is my hope that the talking heads on the fake news TV and radio networks would honorably do the right  thing by honestly apologizing to the American people and our Honorable President H.E. Dr. Donald J. Trump, for the personal attacks on  his hard earned public and private records.

More importantly, the godless cult DNC  leadership and the  congressional black and Latino  leadership must behave like adults and come clean by sincerely apologizing to the American public and the world for  abusing  our tax dollars on the fake Russia Trump campaign collusion investigation and also for misleading the American public.

The Almighty God has vindicated our beloved President Trump!

Good shall always over evil! If you don’t like Honorable Trump’s  presidency, go hang yourself!