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Fellow Liberians, Friends of Liberia, African Diaspora and Africans on the motherland;

It is with deep gratitude and honored to introduce the African Renaissance News (ARN). ARN is a subsidiary of uprisingpress, Inc., a New York City-based media company. Our mission is to: inspire, educate and report on developments in Africa from ingenious Africans perspectives. ARN is a work in progress, we welcome any constructive suggestion(s).

The righteous victory of Honorable Donald J. Trump, the legitimately elected President of the great United States has confirmed what we all knew many years ago.

Folks, the deep state, and corporate America have over the years used fake news to undermine democracies in Africa and militarily poor, but natural resource-rich countries around the world under the guise of protecting America national security interest(s). Think about the illegal invasion of Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Think about the February 2014 violent overthrown of Honorable Viktor Yanukovych, the democratically elected President of Ukraine. Think about the violent bastardization and balkanization of the former Yugoslavia into NATO client states. Think about the aggressive encirclement of Russia under the guise of Russia aggression. Folks, the list goes on without an end!

The same fake news was used in Europe over 70 years ago to minimize the horrendous crimes perpetrated by the Nazis and their European collaborators against humanity, especially the European Jewish population. We thank the Almighty God through Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for courageous Jewish men like Elie Wiesel (1928–2016) and others who work diligently in elevating the cause for justice for their falling comrades and the stolen Jewish wealth in Europe.

In the same vein, fake news was used in Western Europe and America to transform the chief architect of the dreadful Liberian civil carnage into a global feminist icon. I consider granting of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf after she was indicted by a Liberian statutory body, the Liberian TRC Commission as a deep racist charade.

It proves my point that Arrogant Europeans and American neoliberals globalist set higher standards for their own leaders and on the contrary, set lower standards for African leaders. Permit me to ask these shameless liberal a hypothetical question. Would you hire someone who has been indicted by a statutory body in the US or Western Europe? For example, when the political witch hunt so-called Russia Trump campaign collusion investigation special council Bob Muller team indicted General Flynn, the Liberal media headed by CNN ( Corrupt Cable News Network, the propaganda arm of the deep state ) jumped on the news without any regard to the journalistic ethics of facts checking. But, when it came to Liberia, these same morally bankrupt deep state propaganda media machines, deliberately elected to undermine justice for Liberian war victims by promoting Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. This is imperialism masked in the veneer of racism. The short explanation is that the black man does not have right to equal rights and justice as the white man.

Until those who elevated this diabolical woman to the highest pentacle of global achievements provide a logical and contrary opinion, the former stands.

As a Liberian war victim, I vehemently reject and oppose such satanic notion about Africa and Africans. Liberian war victims do not want peace but justice! Give us justice and we will make peace with ourselves and neighbors. If you can’t help us, don’t hurt us. Welcome to the African Renaissance News (ARN).