Be Our President or Be Our Enemy!


Morlue, where is the advocacy for war crimes court today? Make no mistake, we will not permit you guys to continue to abuse our people like Sirleaf. It is now clear that  George’s government is the second term of Ellen, therefore, we will increase pressure on the government both internationally and nationally to ensure the full implementation of the TRC recommendations.

We are not begging the so-called law markers or George, we are demanding our stolen justice. We are not interested in your pseudo peace but justice which you advocated and gained national prominence. It is the behavior of guys like you that creates a sense of cynicism amongst our people against legitimate activists. What was it all about? Was it about your personal economic advancement or about justice for Liberian war victims?

After 28 years of advocacy, it has become clear that only those who were directly affected by the war can bring real justice, reconciliation, peace and sustainable development in Liberia. Liberian war victims will take back our country from thieves and murderers who are currently exploiting our people.

How can you pay yourself 19K and pay our critical civil servants like teachers and police officers below $100 USD and expect people to call you honorable and ambassadors? Is this how honorable men and women behave? What planet do you guys live on? Do you think Liberians are your slave? Who do you work for? Do you for the Liberian electorate or yourself?

Worst of all, the broken health system has been made worst by total neglect by the irresponsible leadership in Liberia. Why do you think your health is more important than our people? Why do you travel abroad for treatment while our people stay home and die from curable diseases? Who do you think you are? Are you better than the Liberian masses? You must be a fool with such mentality. If the healthcare system in Liberia is not good for the President, Senators, Representatives, Ministers, and Directors, equally, it should not be good for any Liberians!

The shame and disgrace that await you guys will be greater than the suffering and pain our people are currently facing. If you don’t straighten up, we will be forced to discipline you. Do you remember Jacob Zumo of South Africa, his comrades kicked him out for corruption.It was peaceful and quick. We will do the same to you if you don’t implement the TRC recommendation within a short period. From our perspective, the TRC recommendations implementation must be the #1 national agenda above all.  Corruption is not our problem,  but impunity. Corruption is the symptom of the cancerous culture of impunity, so George,  patriotic Liberians are willing to voluntarily help you professionally in the implementation of the TRC recommendations and not the same people who have been aiding and abetting the corruption in Liberia.

When they are not in power, they become opposition activists like Kofi Woods, but when they are in power, they are worse than those who they criticize a few months ago.   We are watching you, George! If you implement the TRC recommendations, you will be our president and we will accord you the full respect that your office deserved, if not, we will not respect your office and we will make you our worst enemy like Ellen Johnson Sirleaf!

We will fight you both nationally and diplomatically on the international stage. If you doubt us, ask Ellen Johnson Sirleaf what happened to her on Staten Island in 2010. Why did she fire Bob from heading the oil company in 2013? George, it’s too early for us to make a final judgment on your administration. You still have room for improvement and to do the right thing for our people. Make us your president by implementing the TRC recommendations or make us your enemy by siding with perpetrators like Prince Johnson, Boley, Kromah, Kabineh M. Ja’neh, Philip A. Z. Banks, III, Toga Mcintosh, Jewel H. Taylor, Sawyer, and others, and you will lose big time. The ball is in your court George! Please be our president or be our enemy. Thanks!