Umasking the DNC/Deep State Treason Against America and the people of America


I will Keep my Gun and Religion

I am not a progressive but a brutally honest ultra conservative without apology. H. E. President Trump’s immigration policy is the best for America. Every country needs a border. I am brutally  against Nancy Pelosi and Chunky  Schumer hypocritical unpatriotic open border policy. Big government and significant taxes. I am against welfare; it is the DNC weapon against black people.

The godless cult DNC wants open border so that they can colorize America by radically transforming the racial equation of America to get perpetual so-called minority votes. This is unacceptable! U unpatriotic!   They use  welfare, abortion and gay rights to appeal to the down trodden black  and Latino communities across America. I know this too well. Almost 10 years  community work   leading African Refuge in my community in the ghettos of Parkhill  sacrificing to improve the quality of life of my people. Fighting for justice for Liberian war victims. Exposing the evils on my country. Exposing  the Fake News  darling of the West .

If H.E. President Trump’s immigration policy is bad for America, why do Liberia constitution  legally prevent white people from becoming citizens of Liberia? My friends, we have to protect the history and traditional Judeo Christian American family value at all cost. This is what the Englishman call “ patriotism.” Put your country before politics. American was founded on Judeo Christian principles.

By changing the racial equation of America, America will be like Europe where there are foreign religious articles in most neighborhoods. The Brutal truth is that we must prevent the Islamization of America. The Europeans have laid the foundation for another  religious war in Europe very soon. Think about the millions of Arab Muslim immigrants currently in Europe? Do you think they are going to abandon their so-called religion and embrace the European culture or Christian  religion?

Angela Merkel and the French liberals have destroyed Europe by their foolish mass immigration policy. Christian Europe will soon pay for the prize of this stupid immigration policy in the name of humanity and human rights. Where is the human rights in Saudi Arabia? Where is the humanity in Saudi Arabia. Consider the human catastrophe  in Yemen  as the result of the Saudi invasion.Is this human rights. Think about how the Saudis treat women? Do you know that women are not allow to drive in Saudi Arabia  in this age? Is there any country on earth that does not allow women to drive besides Saudi Arabia? Do you know that 15 of the 19 animals who cowardly perpetrated the 911 massacre were  Saudi citizens?

The Islamic religion is a primitive colonial religion, they do not integrate, neither accept other faith, they narrowly think that their Allah is the only living God. They brainwash people to pray to God in Arabic. Liberals, don’t you think that God created all humans ( male and female) equal? What do I have to speak to my God in some primitive language? This is what the Englishman call “ colonization” by default. Islam is the Arab colonization tool. They impose their culture on you once you become a Muslim, you must take on an Arabic name. Craziness, stupidity! Become a camel hugger! Oh no!
Rastaman buffalo soldier  will keep his Judeo Christian religion and his gun!

For these and many others reasons, H.E. President Trump’s immigration policy is grounded in the spirit of deep patriotism and love for America. The godless cult DNC does not love this country, they are shortsighted and only interested in votes, but not the long-term preservation of the racial and traditional Judeo Christian American family values. Shame on the traitors.

If you want religious equality in America, first ask the House of Saud for permission to build Christian Church in Mecca, Saudi Arabia before demonizing our sweet and compassionate President H.E. Trump’s righteous immigration policy. I am just a buffalo soldier in the war to help our sweet President H. E. Dr. Donald John Trump liberate America from the bondage of the DNC hypocritical satanic  gay and open border agenda.

We believe in the victory of good over evil. “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men- President Abraham Lincoln.(February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865)”

We must protest against the godless cult DNC and deep state unpatriotic broad day palace coup against President Trump and the downtrodden American masses. It is becoming clearer  now that Bob Mueller’s investigation is a coup against the will of the 99% who massively voted for change in America. The Liberals are demon posses; they will not accept the 2016 election result, sin blinds them. They will not stop until they get President Trump.

This is not about Russia election hacking, neither Trump campaign collusion with Russia, but it is about undermining the American democracy. This is a treasonous offense punishable by life sentence!

After reviewing the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes’s patriotic Memo, I see no reason why the stupid investigation is still going on. How many Trump associates will have to be destroyed in the court of public opinion before the GOP congress can put a break to this treasonous investigation?

Shout down the damn investigation now! Let’s bust down Babylon and set Jah’s children free!!!!!!! Free America now! Any GOP congressman or woman that refuses to support the termination of the Bob Muller’s coup against America must be punished at the pool this fall. A call to action! I am just a buffalo soldier fighting for survival, fighting in the war to liberate America from the DNC unpatriotic  tyranny against America.

An unedited excerpt from my new book titled; ” Fake News: Unmasking the Liberal Media Hypocrisy and Walking in the Shoes of White America: Why Donald Trump Won the 2016 Election.”  Look out, I am  dropping it  in March……….. It is a red meat conservative literature.