Busting Down Babylon Smear Campaign


The friend of my enemy is my enemy, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Obama and crooked Hillary hypocritically aided and abetted Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, an indicted war criminal 12 years criminal rule in Liberia while conducting a smear campaign against anyone who supports Honorable Trump as mentally ill.

Do you remember the deplorable comment by crooked Hillary? When you logically challenge Liberals, they employ bullying tactics of the smear campaign to shout you down, but sadly for them, I am a brutal fighter. I like the dirt, I am the master of dirty politics, bring it on, I will paint you with the dirt, and even your spouse will not recognize your face when he or she sees you.

Liberals are emotional people; they have no courage, that why they are generally anti-war, words can easily hurt them, but this buffalo soldier has a very think skin. My body is coated with scares of war. My pen is poisonous. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of my toxic pen combined with my intellectual firepower. You will regret it!!!!

The real news is that Obama and Crooked Hillary colluded with Russian agents to undermine the American democracy and not the fake Russian election hacking propagated by agents of the deep states who are currently working for H.E. President Trump. The real news is that Obama and Crooked Hillary hypocritically aided and abetted an indicted war criminal in a poor African country at the expenses of her victims while waging a smearing campaign against every authentic conservative that intellectually challenge their idiotic ideology of same sex-marriage and speculative environmental regulations.

We will keep supporting the NRA. Keep our guns and religion.

If Crooked Hillary perv Uncle Bill is passionate about gun control, let them give up their armed bodyguards. If Obama is excited about gun control, let him give up his armed secret service bodyguards. If the godless cult election ragging DNC leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are honestly passionate about gun control, let them give up their arm bodyguards. I can assure the fact that these hypocrites will not give up one inch of their safety but they want us to give up our guns and trust them with our security. Can you trust a pervert with your daughters and son securitry? Do you see what uncle bill did to the intern at the white house? Do you see their selfish nature? You can not trust a Democrat with your children. If you don’t believe, ask little intern Monica Lewinsky. They don’t even want us to provide arm protection for our precious kids, but they all enjoy the safety of armed bodyguards. Pathetic hypocrites!
Arm our trained and discipline teachers so that they can protect their students. A gun free zone is the perfect killing filed for lunatics like the dog who massacre innocent precious children including their teachers last on February 14, 2018. The problem is not about gun control but safety for our beloved children.
Democrats want to exploit the tragedy of our precious children for their selfish political advantage. It will not work, Rastaman come to bust down Babylon and expose them!!!!!!!

OH, they hate babies of American hard working Americans but embrace babies of undocumented mothers. This is anti-America. Unpatriotic. Support H. E President Trump righteous immigration policy. Unapologetically supports the NRA. We will keep our guns and religion.