The Legal, Philisophical and Moral Argument for the Remover of the Weah CDC Government


Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia,  please tell persuade George Weah to give us justice, and we will make peace with myself and our neighbors. We can not tolerate another six years of accused war criminals ruling our country like a bastard child. If George is serious about justice for Liberian war victims, let him disassociate himself from the NPFL thugs that he has currently surrounded himself with.

Any attempt to ignore our calls for justice will not be suitable for all of us. No one has a monopoly over violence. We can no longer tolerate people who raped, tortured and murdered our compatriots and also pillaged our natural resources to continue abusing Liberia like an abused bastard child.

This is a passionate call on all Liberians and friends of Liberia to take responsibility and immediately listen to our demands. We want justice and not peace; Justice is the currency of peace.

We have the capacity to dethrone the evil system which has imposed itself on Liberia for the last twenty-eight years. This would be our lass resolve if the so-called religious leaders  and United Nations failed to persuade George to address our demands.

We are not begging! The laws are on the books. The TRC  commission was a statutory body, therefore, the TRC report is equally a legal instrument. The continued refusal of the Weah government to implement the TRC recommendations increasingly makes the government an illegal entity. As we know it, the Weah gpovernment is the continuation of the barbaric Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime. You can not fool us, Ellen! 

If this continues, we will be forced to intervene to bring legality and the rule of law to our beloved country,  Liberia. We have to choice but to act in the supreme interest(s) of our beloved country. NO one will, only patriotic Liberians who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the liberation of Liberia from the evil culture of impunity and cruel corruption. 

We can no longer tolerate the current cruel, corrupt and inhuman salary gaps in which a few gangs of heartless individuals creating their salaries while civil servants continue to live in abject poverty. The inhuman law markers salaries ranging from fifteen to nineteen thousand  United States dollar per month excluding transportation, communication, housing and other benefits is unacceptable.

If you are a real Liberian or   men and women of conscience reading    this text, and you are not touched by the grotesque evil taken place in Liberia, I can not help you, but as for me and my house, we are extremely disturbed by this pure evil and determine to act before it is too late. We cannot allow this mayhem in Liberia to continue with impunity. Service to government is an opportunity to serve your fellow countrymen and not a chance to exploit their courtesy, generosity, ignorance, and psychological trauma.

The window of opportunity for a peaceful settlement of our ugly past is gradually closing right before our eyes as George recycles the NPFL thugs in the CDC government.

The day of the grievances of Liberian war victims transformation into concrete action of resistance against Liberian perpetrators and their patrons is at hand. No one should blame us. PYJ, Madam Taylor, Madam Sirleaf, Lewis Browen, Boley, Kromah, and the rest of the thugs held accountable in the TRC report for the destruction of Liberia do not have a monopoly over violence.

” When a crazy man threatens to stone you with a rock, he already has it”.

We are begging for the peaceful intervention of the religious groups and all concerned parties in Liberia and international community before it is too late for all of us. It will be very nasty! Kindly listen to us, and hear our concerns. We can no longer continue on this path of cruelty and impunity against Liberia. Ellen survived twelve years with the explicit financial, diplomatic and military support from both the Gay President Obama and Crooked Hillary administration, as well as the Bushes. We now have a new US government which we believe is friendlier and sympathetic to the plight of Liberian war victims living in Liberia than the hypocrites that came before it. If you doubt us, let history be our judge.

The doors for the peaceful settlement of our ugly past is gradually closing as George recycles the NPFL thugs in the CDC government.

Thank you.