Many Liberians are compliments and playing the wait and see attitude until things get messy and nasty as they did in the nineteen nineties.

Make, no mistake when Taylor and Ellen invaded Liberia both in 1985 and 1989, they did not warn you ( Liberia). People should not misinterpret our anger and advocacy for justice as a declaration of war or an attempt to promote violence. The message is explicitly clear. George reconciliation to hire the same NPFL thugs named in the TRC report as those responsible for the destruction of our beloved country at the expense of Liberian war victims is an insult to Liberian war victims. I am a war victim, currently living with acute physical pain and the psychological scars of the war. It is painful as a victim, to see those who caused you harm in the position of authority with the power to create more damage.

I am not stupid, neither delusional to think that Geoge or any of the so-called law markers would consider implementing the TRC report, which is the only currency for the achievement of sustainable peace, reconciliation and development in Liberia.

Apart from the establishment of an internationally backed war crimes court, the TRC report also stressed the need for constitutional reform to address antiquity in our laws to meet present realities. The TRC report talks explicitly about addressing the question of Liberian diaspora who have obtained citizenships in their respective home of refuge. The term limit for senators, representative, and president. The TRC also recommended giving people living in the various countries the authority to elect their leaders. Meaning, you can not have a President appointing almost everyone in the nation from Superintendents to county commissioners and city mayors. This is stupid in a democracy.

Fellow Liberians, you can not see the blatant violation of the spirit of the 2003 comprehensive peace accord (CPA) face-to-face, the TRC report, then something is wrong with you! Sorry, I can’t help you!

If we refuse to demand the Ellen Sirleaf third term ( Weah) to implement the terms of the CPA and the TRC report, we would have done injustice to the future generation of Liberia. In my view, these guys who plundered our country and are now enjoying the fruit of their crimes would always use their ill-gotten wealth to influence any unformed unpatriotic idiot as their figurehead like George Weah.

Based on my analytical mind, I do not believe that George is in charge. I do not think that George has any idea on the long and short-term implications of his appointments in government and his political marriage with the NPFL terrorists.

Does George and the DCD think that Liberian war victims have forgotten about the indelible pain, suffering and mayhem the NPFL and all accompanied hostile forces brought on Liberia? What are you taken Liberian war victims for? Do George, Lewis Brown, Madam Taylor, and all the heartless beasts who brought untold suffering to Liberia think that Liberians have forgotten about what they went through in the nineteen nineties and early two thousand?

If that is their mindset than, I am sorry to say that these folks are suffering from a severe psychological disorder and no one can help them except the bullet! No one is more Liberian than others. Liberia belongs to all of us. Equally, the leadership of Liberia belongs to all of us. You destroyed our country; please leave the leadership stage so that we can build what you kill. You have had many opportunities and failed.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable”… John F. Kennedy. ‘

Fellow Liberians, the continuous refusal of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and George Weah including all those named in the TRC report to submit themselves to the rule of law by fully implementing the TRC report is an open invitation to violent confrontation. Make no mistake, it would be nasty! When you make peaceful change impossible, violence comes to bear. It is not our wish to repeat the horrors of the nineteen nineties and early two thousand, but instead, an attempt to prevent future war in Liberia as it was done in neighboring Sierra Leone.

We are not afraid of those cowards who are currently ruling Liberia like an abused bastard child. If our brothers and sisters who are currently charged with the decision-making process do not see the need for a peaceful settlement of our ugly past, we will be compelled to take whatever necessary actions to force them to a negotiating table.

Our people have suffered for too long. The current economic warfare has become unbearable. We cannot have a very tiny group of heartless unpatriotic Liberians calling themselves law markers continue exploitation of our compatriots. This was unacceptable yesterday; unacceptable today, unacceptable tomorrow; and unacceptable in the future.

Someone must end the exploitation of our beloved country. Government is not the vehicle for the accumulation of wealth, but an opportunity to voluntarily serve your compatriots. The current salaries of the heads of public service ministries, corporations, banks, and others are grotesquely unacceptable and unexplainable.

What rationale can you give a potential donor when a minister is making fifteen thousand united states dollars excluding benefits per month in a country with eighty percent poverty rate? Is this not stupidity and pure evil?

I could go on and on describing the transgression of the post-war Liberian ruling class infinitely, but due to the limitation of time, kindly permit me to end with a warning to Geoge.

George, if you want to end up like Samuel Doe and not see your grandchildren, then continue the path of the terroristic NPFL. But, if you’re going to leave a legacy as a statesman who brought Liberia out of the war and transforms Liberia into a modern democracy and with a vibrant economy, then immediately call an international peace conference involving all Liberian war victims groups in the diaspora.

Remember, aggravated Liberians formed all the arm groups including the NPFL in the diaspora. You can not continue to dismiss our concerns and treat us like poppet on the street. We have the capacity and way to disrupt your leadership and force you to a negotiating table. It will be nasty! But, for now, we don’t have the will until you force us.

To the so-called religious leaders., we are once more calling on you to urgently intervene and help negotiate a peaceful settlement of our ugly past; there are so many pains and anger in the air.

The question of land dispute, accountability for the war, corruption, the looting of our national resources, what happen to the Molue corruption report? What happen to the TRC report? Who murdered Hon. Hary Graves? Who murdered Hon; Jackson F. Doe; Hon. Gabrel Kpolleh; Dr. Steven Yekison; Who murdered Hon. Van Richards; Who murdered Hon. Steven Daniels; Who murdered Hon. David Dwayne; Who murdered businessman Mr. Sellah; and thousands of other Liberian leaders and potential leaders whose names I did not mention. After more than 28 years, Liberians are still grieving, we need closure to over many open wounds.

The last but not the east, the ugly attempt by Sirleaf and her crooked international partners like Crooked Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Barrack Obama, the queen of hypocrisy, Oprah Winfrey and the rest of the hypocrites to erase the evil history of Liberia from historical records is notoriously inhuman. Can anyone of these hypocrites produce a reason why hasn’t been any national memorial befitting the magnitude of crimes committed against humanity in Liberia?

When you travel across America, you see all the war memorials, but when it comes to Liberia, there is no memorial, why?Oprah Winfrey, Sirleaf is your friend, did you ask her on your show? If, yes, what rationale did she give you? Doctorroots demand answer! George Soros, you are  Jewish, I am sure you are very much aware of the evil impact of ethnic cleansing. Did you ask your buddy Sirleaf why there hasn’t been any memorial erected to memorialize the ethnic cleansing that took place in my country? The same question goes to Barack Obama, why?  As an American trained professional, moving forward, we are going to use the American playbook of shaming the aggressors and their allies. make no mistake, we will expose you until you come clean.

Based on the historical records of Sirleaf and her thugs, they want to erase their crimes from the history books so that our children would know the evil they committed against their own country. The evil Sirleaf and others committed against Liberia will hunt their generation long after we shall have all departed this life. History shall never forgive them. They are ashamed of the calamity they brought on their fellow citizens but, at the same time, they are not willing to confront their ugly past and move forward with a new attitude.

They arrogantly think Liberian belong to them only. But, we will prove them wrong by disciplining them if they don’t reform and submit to the tenets of the TRC reports, so help me God!  So help me Jah Rastafari, the ever living, ever fearful, the Alpha and Omega.