When the neocon Republicans, Democrats and never Trump losers agree on a single agenda, then something is genuinely odd, sinister, nasty and dubious.

From all indications, President Assad backed by Christian Russia and Iran are waning the war against the Saudi and the only US gay, and Muslum President Barrack Hussein Obama supported terrorist, so-called Free Syrian Army. Why would President Assad use Chemical weapon? Does this make sense to any military and geopolitical analyst?

The Saudi and Muslum Obama backed terrorists have one agenda of transforming current moderate Syria into a Sunni Wahhabis Salafist version of Islamic caliph like Saudi Arabia where Christians are not allowed to worship openly. These Islamic extremist and their backers are desperate for  US intervention to turn the table in their favor but failed to realize that a US military intervention in Syria is equivalent to an attack on Russia which would possibly lead to a thermal nuclear exchange.

Moreover, as an ultraconservative evangelical Christian and a Rasta, I fundamentally oppose any military intervention in Syria on behalf of Saudi Arabia, the most significant enemy to Christianity in the Middle East. Remember 15 of the 19 cowards who launched an evil unprovoked attack on our homeland on 9/11, 2001 were Saudis. Saudi Arabia is the chief sponsors of Madrassas, an Islamic institution which is used to teach Wahhabism and Salafism, the most extreme brand of Islam that both al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State subscribed.

It is sickening that after these many years, our politicians continue to do business with this great enemy. Do not put the interest of the deep state/military industry complex above the supreme interests of the broad America public. We have been lied to many times by the same politicians who are beating the Syrian war drum in Washington today. Imagine Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, etc. Can’t we learn lessons from these immoral wars? Who benefits from these wars? Who suffered the most? The politicians or our family members who are sacrificing their lives every day in defense of our freedom.

A baseless war with Syria would mean the end of the world as we know it. The Russian will not tolerate the April 6, 2017 style attack on Syria. I assume they will swiftly retaliate disproportionally; it will be nasty! Is that what we want? Do we want to fight Saudi Arabia’s dirty religious war design to exterminate Christians, Alawites, Shias, Jews, and non-believers in Syria?

Are we crazy enough not to read between the lines? Are there no sensible politicians left in Washington? If these hypocrites who are screaming about humanitarian intervention in Syria are genuinely altruistic, why are they not talking about intervention in Yemen? Why are they silent on the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Yemen? Why the liberals and the deep state are so hypocritical?

I hope that H.E. President Trump would seek wisdom from the faithful man of God around him and not the Generals who are eager to pull the trigger on Syria and Russia. First of all, they were not part of the Trump victory train. Many jumped on board to derail our victory train by advocating hawkish foreign policies that directly contradicts H.E. President Trump’s foreign policy agenda.

An excellent and cordial relationship with Russia is a threat to the military industrial complex owned and operated by the deep state. If the US military and the Russian military were to corporate in Syria, there would be no need to increase the military budget. If the US and the Russian army were to become an ally, there would be no need for NATO.

The military industrial complex would go bankrupt. Ask your self a question, how can 46 billion go against 700 billion? The Russian 2018 military budget is 46billion while the US is 700 billion. Combines with the NATO allies, it is estimated at a trillion US dollars.

Folks, who gets this money, the military-industrial complex and all the military contractors. People, don’t be deceived, this is not about national security interest but red meat capitalism, extreme financial greed, and unpatriotism.

These guys think that they can continue to fool us in the name of national security, but no! Their preferred candidate was crooked Hillary who was politically humiliated and rejected by the American working class at the pools in 2016. After their favored candidate shameful defeat, the never trump losers maliciously fabricated the cold war Russia hysteria mischief so-called Trump Campaign Russia collusion/Russia US election madding/ Russia US election hacking.

But, they cannot show anything order than just saying it. No digital footprints, no metadata, no digital forensic for the public to do independent analysis and independently form their own opinion. But, the same guys who lied to us about WMD in Iraq in 2003 want us to believe them like children trusting their dishonest parents. From the gross FISA abuse to giving crooked Hillary a free pass to criminality, and the immoral harassment, recrimination, and incrimination of H. E. President J. Trump’s 2016 campaign associates, we can not trust the FBI leadership, neither the NSA nor CIA leadership. Plain and simple!!!!!!

The National security architecture of America needs serious reform to regain the trust and confidence of the American public. In short, we don’t trust you! Stop Harassing President Trump!!!

May God Almighty bless President Dr. H. E. Donald John Trump and his beautiful family including the army of loyal supporters like Honorable Michael Cohen. Mic, the unnecessary harassment will stop soon. I am confident that President Trump will take an absolute position and bring an end to this bias and disgraceful political witch hunting, a politically-motivated, vindictive FBI investigation that feeds on public fears.

More than 12 months, no evidence of collusion, yet, this cruel FBI investigation continues unabatedly leaving behind prints of destructive political blackmail. President Trump, the Pagans want to blackmail you into animosity with President Putin and Christian Russa. That’s the strategy… Please don’t fall for it! Stand firm, your voters are with you all the way to the end!!!!

The Rastaman come to bust down Babylon and set Jah people free from the bondage of Babylon oppressors. The Truth needs to evidence …………… So Jah Says!!!!!!