Fellow Liberians, before the crazy Weah vote, we saw all the signs of a dictator writing on the walls, and we warned you, but you refuse to hearken to our advice, which was based purely on practical lifelong experience backed by theoretical, intellectual, psychological, philosophical, political and everyday sense.

Regarding the deteriorating relationship between the Weah CDC regime and the 3rd estate, our patriotic journalists,  let it be known to the Weah team that the Liberian people will not tolerate another Doe, Taylor, or Ellen style presidency. It is a gangster mentality embedded in lawlessness and hooliganism.

Liberian war victims are not prepared to revisit the nineteen nineties and early two thousand where humiliation, sudden death, rape, torture, false arrest, harassment and all the antecedence of war and destruction became the order of the day.

Let it be known to the Weah team that no one has a monopoly over violence. The threatening of our brother from Nimba Mr. Jonathan Paye-Layleh, a veteran international journalist; the grotesque harassment and humiliation of FrontPage Africa Journalists; the reckless derogatory statements against honest criticism designed to spread fear among the general public; the foolish application of national priority; and the general lack of respect for the rule of law show that the Weah CDC regime is a criminal empire in the making and must be stopped in its tracks.

Therefore, I am calling on all patriotic Liberians to rally around one mantra which is ” Never Again!” Never again shall Liberians tolerate a murderous government! Never again shall Liberians tolerate a government that does not abide by the rule of law! Never again shall Liberians accept a dictatorial government! Never again shall Liberians endure an atmosphere in which members of the government security agents can drag you from your homes in the middle of the night, torture you and murder you in cold blood with impunity.

Fellow Liberians, the process of transforming a government into a brutal regime starts with the inclination. Already, members of Weah’s security forces have demonstrated on several occasions within a relatively short period that they are capable of violating the rights of fellow citizens with impunity.

Weah himself has embarked on a dangerous path of falsity, deception, and mischief by suggesting that he give a journalist ten thousand dollars, food, and drinks. Such statement is a characteristic of an inherently dictatorial creature in an early stage of muscle flexing.

Fellow Liberians, this is the perfect moment to stop the beast before he completes the art of muscle-flexing, gain confidence and proficiency in the practice of mischief, greed, corruption, the assassination of competent opponents, journalist, and any perceived enemies. At which time, he would be like a madman with a loaded gun and the capacity to cause great harm with catastrophic impact on a  significant number of people. Is that what we want at this time? Of course not! Therefore, resist!

Fellow Liberians, our father of Pan Africanism, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah ” the enemy of success is fear.” We must not permit fear and falsehood to deter us from resisting the transformation of the tyrannical DCD Weah leadership into a brutal dictatorship. We have seen this movie played before by Samuel Doe, Charles Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and now, Ellen’s puppet, George Weah.

Make no mistake; if we stand aside and allow this coward to perfect the art of human rights violation, intimidation, humiliation,  and assassination of critics, I see blood running on the streets of Liberia with the magnitude that has never been seen before! It will be nasty, dangerous and cruel! We have the power to stop this dreadful nightmare from revisiting us. Join the never again movement, and let’s stop Weah dictatorship train in its tracks. Resist! Resist! Resist! Resist! Aluta! Continua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!