The truth buried in the ground shall always resurrect like Jesus Christ. The godless democratic party has undemocratically and tyrannically refused to accept the 2016 righteous vote of the downtrodden American class. The whole truth about the disingenuous Trump campaign Russia collusion investigation has been revealed by the DNC unfounded lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Christian Russia, and Wikileaks.

After the disgraceful defeat of the so-called experienced candidate Crooked Hillary, the pagan cult democratic party formed an unholy alliance with the never Trump losers, the deep state and the fake news cartel with CNN ( the corrupt cable news network) as the lead.

This gang of unpatriotic and undemocratic political vampires sinisterly crafted the malicious unsupported political witch hunt Trump campaign Russia collusion palace coup at the expense of American taxpayer. After failing to secure a conviction, they collaborated with Syrian terrorist to provoke a response from H.E. President Trump that would destroy any chance of building a positive relationship with Christian Russia, which is one of President Trump’s foreign policy priorities. But, both president Trump and President Putin are much smarter than the empty skull anti-Trump coalition of losers strategies.

The building of a healthy relationship with Russia, a major global player, will make the world a much safer place for all of us. But, these war hawks are not interested in the normalization of relations with Russia or China. The truth is that these gangs of losers will do anything to destroy our beloved President, H.E. Donald J. Trump honest and patriotic achievements.

This is not about Russia, but, an attempt to discredit the righteous vote of the downtrodden American class who consciously voted honesty over dishonesty. Instead of filing a lawsuit against H. E. Trump campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks, the godless cult DNC must first apologize to the millions of Senator Burnie Sanders’ voters whose votes were rigged by Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s DNC leadership in favor of a deeply flawed candidate who takes pleasure in lies and misinformation.

They have failed on all fronts. From using unsubstantiated sexual misconduct claims by shameless prostitutes to malicious chemical attack in Syria; to chemical attack against a double Russian spy in Britain; these folks, have miserably failed to achieve their misinformation scheme with the sole purpose of painting Russia as the aggressor to justify the Trump campaign Russia collusion mischief.

Instead of the DNC working to repair its criminal record of vote rigging and undermining the sacred democratic process in the great United States, they are living in the fantasy world of Trump impeachment. This satanic scam will not stand. The American people are too intelligent to be played in such a dishonest fashion and think that one would get away with it.

Come this fall, I predict, a landslide victory for team Trump. A vote for a liberal is a vote for abortion which is the violation of the rights of defenseless unborn babies. A vote for a liberal is a vote for the continued occupation of a sovereign state, Syria at the expense of America tax dollars. A vote for liberals is a vote to undermine the American traditional family cultural values. A vote for liberals is a vote for open borders to criminals, gangs, and terrorist including all those who seek to harm Americans on our soil. A vote for a liberal is a vote to repeal the second amendment.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, let’s double our effort in defending our revolution by supporting our most intelligent and compassionate President H. E. Honorable Dr. Donald J. Truimp by voting conservative candidates this fall.

May God blessed America! May God bless our beloved President Honorable Donald J. Trump and his loving family. May God bless Christian Russia President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin for defending Christians in Syria.

It is time to chase the crazy baldhead out of town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cast down the crazy FBI Trump campaign Russia collusion investigation! Rastaman comes to bust down Babylon and set Jah people free. Doctorroots!