Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia, please join me and other Liberian war victims in congratulating President Donald J. Trump and the  US Department of Justice, under the leadership of  Honorable  Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States for the truly humanitarian intervention in the successful arrest, prosecution, conviction and thirty year jail time for   Jungle Jabbah,  a notorious Liberia rebel leader from the  Saudi backed carnabelistic Islamic rebel group that perpetrated terror on Liberia from 1991-  to 1997. 

It took Noah 40 years to build the ark; it has taken Liberian war victims over 20 years to prosecute and convict one of the brutes who foolishly thought that God does not exist. The successful arrest, prosecution, and conviction of Jungle Jabbah must be a warning to all Liberian warlords and their patrons, including Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Prince Y Johnson. Below is the list of some of the Liberian warlords and their patrons who were indicted by the 2009 TRC report and recommended for possible prosecution and 30-year lustration:

1.Allen Brown, Sr.
2. Randall Cooper
3. Ethelbert Cooper
4. Jackson E. Doe
5. Dew Mayson, former Presidential candidate 2011 Presidential Candidate
6. Clarence L. Simpson
7. Byron Tarr
8. Nyan Mantein
9. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf- Former two-term President of Liberia, 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate, Honorary Doctorate from Harvard University, 2006 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient (President G.W. Bush awarded Madam Sirleaf Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States)
10.Harry Yuan- Former head of the Liberian Electric City Corporation
11.Isaac Nyenabo- Liberia Ambassador to Europe
12.Richlieu “Archie”Williams- Former head Liberian Aviation Authority, current Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco
13.Kabineh Ja’neh – Current Associate Justice, Liberian Supreme Court
14. Tonie King
15. J. Apollo Swen
16. Joe Gbala
17. Thomas Ziah
18. Maxwell Kaba
19. Ignatius Clay
20. Vamba Kanneh
21. Valee Keita
22. Paul E. Mulbah
23. El Mohammed Sheriff
24. Kwame Fofana
25. Alieu Kosia
26. Albert S. Toe and other members of the PRC
27. Weade Kobbah Wureh- Current Vice President for Administration University of Liberia
28. Octavious Walker
29. Lavali Supuwood
30. TomWoewiyu –
31. Tarnue Marwolo
32. James Chelley
33.Amos Lincoln
34. Noah Bordolo
35. Edward Slangar
36. Mohammed Jourmandy
37. Prince Seo
38.Abbas Kenneh
39. Aisha Konneh
40.Morris Dolley
41. Alhaji Sekou Fofana
42. Charles Bennie
43. Moses Jarbo- Former Presidential candidate
44. K.B.K. Sando
45. Grace Minor
46. Wilfred Clarke
47. Edward Massaquoi
48. Cllr. Momo Kpaka Rogers
49. Jewel Howard Taylor- Current Vice President of Liberia
50. Prince Johnson
51. George Boley – Currrent representative, Grand Gedeh
52. Alhaji Kromah- professor of mass communication University 
53. Thomas Nimely-Yaya-  Grand Gedeh county elder 
54. Sekou Damate Conneh- Businessman

In addition to the above list, we also have a list of over 200 individuals indicted by the 2009 Liberian TRC final report for committing acts of gross human rights violations, as well as violations of international humanitarian and international human rights laws, the commission of war crimes and economic crimes, including the egregious violations of the domestic laws of Liberia. Topping of indivisuals

2009 TRC report Annex 3. Complete Listing of persons recommended for prosecution for gross Human rights violations and war crimes.


1 Prince Y. Johnson – recruitment, assault, abduction, torture & force labor, rape
2. Moses Z. Blah- Torture, Abduction, Assault & Looting
3. William Sumo- Torture, Abduction, Assault & Looting, Torture, Abduction, Assault,
4 Mehnsayon Sayon, Looting, force detention, force recruitment
5. John Gbeto- Torture, Abduction, Assault & Looting
6. Paulson Garteh alias Gen. Satan- Massacre, Torture & Extortion
7 Augustine Zor- Massacre, Arson & Torture
8 Joseph Kpeyon– Massacre
9 Mateus Paily- Massacre
10 Gen. Lawrence Guanuu – Force Labor & Massacre
11 Supt. Jonathan Banney- Torture
12 Albert Sumeh- Murder & Rape
13 Gen. Sampson- Murder
14 Christopher Vambo alias Gen. Mosquito -Murder & Torture
15 Col. Joloka– Rape, Torture & Murder
16 Prince Nagbe- Rape, Torture & Murder
17. Pat Ran Kennedy- Murder, Looting & Force Labor 

18. Klehgbayee- Murder, Looting & Force Labor
19 Abel S. Gbalah- Torture, Rape & Murder
20 Gen. Nally- Rape, Force Labor & Murder
21 Macdonald Tarpeh- Rape, Mutilation & Murder
22 Anthony Ponnie -Rape, Mutilation & Murder
23 Alfred Payne- Rape, Mutilation & Murder
24. Gen. Greene -Conscription, Rape & Murder
25 Saywalaka Conscription, Rape & Murder
26. Chris Davis- Murder, Conscription, Torture & Rape
27. Col. Boy Tarley Murder, Force Labor, Mutilation
28 John Guain alias Gen. Norriega– Massacre
29. Michael Davies alias Sundaygar Dear-boy – Looting, Torture, killing & Gang Rape
30 Peter Giah- children father Killing 
31. Coco Dennis, Gen. Gonda, (NPFL)- Massacre, Killing, Force Labor, Canibalism
32 Carsacar Group (NPFL,  Joseph (model) Massacre, Forced Labor

33. (LPC) Blood Sucker war boss Rape, Killing, Torture & Canibalism
34 Nuku Johnson – Gen. Nathan (LPC) Massacre, Torture, Rape
35 (NPFL) Red Devil- Massacre
36 (LPC) Mohammeh Bah (Superman)- Killing, Rape
37 (LPC) Superman- Massacre
38 J.Y. NPFL (delta force) -Rape, Torture & Extortion

39. Chinese Jabber Philip Kamiongar (NPFL)- Killing, Rape, Torture, Forced Labor
40 LPC Debbah- Killing, Torture, Destruction
41 (NPFL Marine), Fasue, Gonkarnue -Torture, Detention
42 NPFL-Markdamie, Black Diamond -Massacre, Cannabalism
43 Gen. Freeman (NPFL)- Massacre
44 Sundaygar, young killer, skinny -Torture, Massacre
45 NPFL – Matthew gio -Killing, Massacre Torture, Forced Labor,
46 (NPFL Gen. Gondah (Reginald Ballout)- cannibalism or eating victim’s human flesh
47 Citizens of Duo (single barrel) unit NPFL -Massacre
48 (NPFL) Mekarnu Goweh, Saye Boayou -Extortion, Torture (LPC)

49. George pee Solo Garsanoo -Killing, Destruction, and Torture
50 Saah R. Gborllie-Murder, dismemberment of pregnant women
51 Richard Flomo – Torture and Killing
52 Jerry Risks – Massacre
53 John Garan (Junior Garan)-  Torture, Killings & Massacre
54 Gen. Steven Wontoe– Torture, extortion & Killings Torture, summary
55 Gen. Joe Tuah-executions, conscription, forced labor, and ritualistic killings, Torture, rape, summary  

56 David Daniel-executions, conscription, forced labor, and ritualistic killings
Torture, rape, summary executions, conscription, forced labor and ritualistic killings
57 Martina Johnson- Killings
58 Junior Mitchell Torture- sexual slavery, forced labor & killings
59. Gen. Fasue- Rape, Massacre, looting & Summary killings
60 George Dweh Murder- killing & torture
61 Gen. Charles Julu Murder- killing, destruction of property & torture
62. Augustine Nagbe- alian Gen. Power Torture, looting & destruction of property
63 Marcus High Gray- Torture, killing & looting
64 J. Appollo Swen- Killing & extortion
65 Sando Johnson- Killing & force recruitment
66 Joseph Marzah- alian Zigzag Marzarh Murder
67 Kai Farley -Massacre & killing 
68 Varmuyah- Rape, torture & force labor
69 Amos Barclay- Rape, torture & force labor
70 Larry Murphy- Killing & torture
71 Mike Tyson- Massacre, torture & arson
72 Gen. Ofori Diah, alias Iron Jacket- Force labor
73 George Warpo Massacre-Arson & Torture
74 Co. Zero-Zero Massacre- Arson & Torture
75 Peter Dahn Massacre-Arson & Torture
76 Co. Kortor Massacre- Arson & Torture
77 Tommy B. Wongba- Massacre, Arson & Torture
78 Peter Pewee, alias Gen. Katali- Killing & torture
79 Gen. Ericson Bardio- Rape, sexual slavery & force displacement
84 Moses Tarley alias Co. Crab- Torture & murder
85 Co David -Torture & extortion
86 Siafa Norman- Abduction & arson
87 Sakou Donzo -Arson
88 Adolphus Dolo- Murder 

Melvin Sogbandi- Killing, torture, massacre & looting
90 Mango Menlor– Murder, abduction & rape
91 Mark Guahn Killing, genocide & murder
92 Moses Thomas- former Torture, Murder
93 Maj. Jerry Gban- Torture, Murder, Looting
94 Waheeb Saab- Torture, Murder
95 Maj. Harry Johnson- Torture, Murder Murder, torture & force
96 Zico Nah Darliah- displacement, Rape, Genocide, Massacre
97 Lieutenant Andrew Gaye- Torture, Murder
98 Arthur Nyenabo- Torture, Murder


Prosecuting George  Weah and the conduct of the CDC government.


George Weah’s reckless, insensitive and deliberate lack of interest in schooling himself on the historical, psychological, philosophical, economics and a basic understanding of the Liberian political minefield have compelled us to seriously consider drawing a host of criminal charges against George Weah.  The proceeding text describes some of the charges being considered.


The United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 16, 1966,  demands that all citizens of the world political franchise be respected irrespective of race, creed, ethnicity or geographical position. The 2003 Comprehensive Peace Accord also reaffirmed the ICCPR and the need for Liberian diaspora voting rights to be respected.

But, consistent post-war Liberian regimes have grotesquely and arrogantly refused to do the right thing by Liberian both at home and in the diaspora. But, due to the lack of principles and courage on the part of the leadership of the Liberian diaspora civic groups mainly the Union of Liberian Association in the Americas(ULAA), these untrustworthy gangs of political parasites, hooligans and vampires have been able to delude the Liberian public and managed to impose themselves on Liberian war victims and the general Liberian public with the explicit help from crooked American political  actors like Croked Hillary Clinton; George Soros;  Oprah Winfrey; Susan Rice; so-called Havard University President,Drew Gilpin Faust;  gay President Barrack Obama and the rest of the immoral neoliberals who facilitated and parkaged the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf so-called ” darling of the West” fake news.

Below are the highlights of the charges against George Weah and his partners in crime.

1. Obstruction of Justice
2. Aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity including economic crimes.


By selecting Jowel Howard Taylor who has been indicted by a statutory body and recommended for lustration as Vice Presisent;  by  hiring  ex- NPFL gangs of economic crimes and facilitators of war crimes and crimes against humanity;  by establishing an  unholy political marriage between CDC and the NPFL/NPP, an organization infamously know for carrying out  some  of the worst human rights abuses ever recorded in modern African history; by  refusing  to declear asserts including orther  developments which has undermiend the Liberian peace and reconciliation process amounts to  the obstruction of justice and moreover, aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes aganst humanity including  economic crimes.

Fellow Liberians,  let us be reminded that Charles Taylor was successfully prosecuted and convicted of aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity by association with the RUF leader and facilitating the RUF crimes.

Fellow Liberians and friends of Liberia,  one of the basic tenets of international and national law is a precedence.  It has been established by the ICC and the special criminal court on Sierra Leone that by association with a war criminal makes you an aider and abettor of his or her crimes as in the case of Charles Taylor and the RUF.

Based on the procedure used in the prosecution and conviction of  Charles Taylor,  the successful prosecution and conviction of George Weah for aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity in Liberia including economic crimes and obstruction of justice would be a walk in the park.

Charles Taylor did not personally kill Sierra Leonian on the battlefield, but by supporting the RUF horrors against the peaceful people of Sierra Leone.  in the same vine, George Weah was busy playing football and making money during the war, but he has consciously elected to undermine the peace and stability of Liberia by going into political marriage with people horrendous history of war crimes and crimes against humanity including economic crimes.

William  Shakespeare once  wrote, ” show me your friends and I will tell  you who you are.”  Georges choice of friends clearly demonstrates his inherent nature, reckless insecure and insensitive political hustler who would stop at nothing to get to power and willing to use any means necessary to maintain a grip on power.

The alarming security conditions in Liberia; the animosity between the press and the CDC Weah government;  Weah’s Defamatory comments against journalist; all amounts to tyrannical inclination and a manifestation of the reemergence of a dictatorial regime in Liberia.

The Liberian people vehemently oppose the Weah nightmare!  The  Oppong Weah nightmare is like a coca-cola drink that fumes when it is opened and dissipates after few seconds. Meaning, the Weah CDC government will be a short live government that could possibly be removed through a tragically unpleasant action of aggrieved Liberia war victims if Weah does not reform urgently.   Liberian war victims will not tolerate another  Charles Taylor, neither Doe or Ellen!

We have no apology, neither afraid to make our position explicitly clear to the Liberian public so that we can jointly bear pressure on Weah CDC government to maintain the relative peace and any catastrophic event.  The brutal truth is that Liberian is that Liberian war victims will not tolerate another six years of inaction on the TRC report while perpetrators and their enablers continue to enjoy the fruit of their crimes.

With the explicit help of crooked Hillary and gay president Obama, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her foot soldiers who destroyed our beloved country enjoyed twelve unbroken years of glory at the expense of Liberian war victims. With an Honorable Dr. Donald Trump at the helm of power in Washington, Liberian war victims now have a  chance to actually face perpetrators in the court of law in Liberia.

Therefore, we are calling on all level-headed Liberian from all disciplines to prevailed on George Weah to swiftly disentangle himself from the NPFL vampires including Mrs. Jeweh Haward Taylor, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and all the NPFL, TWP, NPPP thugs.

For too long, Liberian war victims have been riding the back seat of the Liberian peace and post-war political governance process while notorious perpetrators and their patrons manipulate the order and political process to our detriment.

Let it be known to the Liberian public and friends of Liberia that the table has turned. Liberia war victims are metaphorically fighting back with fire and fury! We have seized control of the Liberian peace, reconciliation and recovery process and we are not going to back to the days when perpetrators too advantage of downtrodden Liberian masses.  It will best serve the CDC government to work with us in the effort to address the needs and aspirations of Liberian war victims. Paramount among our aspirations is to bring an end to the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf nightmare in Liberia from April 14, 1979, to present.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-John F. Kennedy. We hold no apology for any adverse actions as the result of the CDC government intransigence. You can jail a Revolutionary, but you can’t jail the Revolution…Huey Newton. As long as poverty, injustice, and gross inequality persist in our world, none of us can truly rest…Nelson Mandela. There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest…. Elie Wiesel. If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor…….Desmond Tutu. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality…..Desmond Tutu.

The prolonged silence of the Liberian religious community and traditional chiefs on the cruel and unacceptable behavior on the part of the perpetrators and their polarons evidentially make both the Liberian religious community and traditional leaders culpable for the crimes of the abusers. The day shall come when your children and grandchildren would ask you, “mom, dad, or aunt, what did you do during the reign of terror and the cold war in Liberia from April 14, 1979, to present?”

Do you want to proudly tell your kids that “Yes, we help end impunity in Liberia” or you want to bow your head in shame and regret? Will you blame yourself or pass on the blame to someone else?

Something to think about, but while you are yet to make up your mind, we have resolutely concluded that there is no other way out of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf nightmare imposed on Liberia than the full implementation of the 2009 TRC recommendations.

We believe that until there is no longer accused war and economic criminals walking up and down the streets of Monrovia with impunity, eventually, there will be war.

That Until the basic human rights of all liberins including residents of Liberia are equally guaranteed to all, without regard to social, economic, political, ethnic or religious affiliations, eventually, there will be war.

Finally, until the 2009 TRC recommendations are fully implemented without ambiguity and political shinanigan,  the dream of sustainable peace, justice, human rights, democracy and sustainable development in Liberia will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but never attained.

Fellow Liberians, keep courage, hope, and faith! Our liberation is at hand!