It has now become a crime in America for White people to organize themselves exclusively for the purpose of preserving their racial and national interest(s). If the protest were a black lives matter event, that would not be a crime. Oh, what a hypocritical group of people who only seek to divide Americans and the world by racial and religious lines. The Race card will not cut the cake for the corrupt and godless cult democratic party this fall.

The American people will not vote for the destruction of their traditional family values by supporting a liberal candidate whose only goal is to promote abortion and gay rights. In the democratic party candidates worldview, human rights are only limited to gay and pro-abortion apostles but, not defenseless unborn babies.

My friends, life begins at conception, abortion is murder, and anyone who supports abortion is a cold-blooded killer. There is no moral or legal justification for abortion. Also, gay sex is sodomy and a crime in most countries and indeed, an abomination unto the God of Israel, whom we served.

If the democratic party wants to be taken seriously, instead of filing lawsuit against H.E. Honorable Dr. Donald J. Trump’s 2016 campaign, Russia, and Wikileaks, the DNC must first apologize to the millions of Senator Burnie Sanders’ voters and the American people for grossly undermining the sacred American democratic process by rigging the 2016 democratic party primary in favor of a deeply flawed candidate, crooked Hillary.

The Rastaman come to bust down Babylon and set Jah people free!!!!!!!!!!!!! Down with the DNC, deep state and the unholy coalition of never Trump losers.

May the God Alight Jah, the King of kings, Lord of lords, the ever merciful and ever loving Jah, bless and protect our beloved President, H. E. Donald J. Trump and his sweet and loving family including members of his 2016 campaign team.

Brother Micheal Cohan, our God, is with you, we believe in the power of good over evil, the political witch hunt will not survive, just a little while, the bias Bob Muller FBI special counsel will soon be apart of the dustbin of the American political history characterized by deep political corruption and deception. Be strong, Jah is with you all the way. Blessed.