The so-called dual citizenship bill introduced by Verny Criminal Sherman is an attempt to undermined the TRC recommendations. Let it be known to the apostles of the so-called dual citizenship bill that Liberian war victims will not tolerate any attempt to apply the laws of Liberia in a fashion that is convenient to the perpetrators and their patrons.

Both the August 2003 CPA and the TRC recommendations addressed the question of dual citizenship. If ULAA wants to be considered as a relevant entity, it must desist from undermining the TRC recommendations by denouncing the nonsensical duel citizenship campaign and honestly work for the full implementation of the TRC recommendations.

No more games!

This is not the gay president Obama and Crooked Hillary administration; we have a new sheriff in DC who is not in bed with murderous Ellen and Crooked Hillary criminal cartel. An attempt to undermine the TRC recommendations is like playing with fire. If anyone thinks that they will render us fatherless, motherless, and all the horrific antecedents of war and believe that they will get away with it, that person must be mentally deranged.

The day of reckoning for Liberian perpetrators and their allies like Verny Chairman who criminally betrayed Liberia by selling our diplomatic mission to a foreign agent is at hand. Only time will be our judge!

History will not be kind to traitors of Liberia! If Verney thinks that he is not a criminal, let him introduce a bill for the full implementation of the TRC recommendation so that I can have an opportunity to bring my charges against him before a competent court of law and not the current Liberian supreme court that has an accused war criminal on its bench, CABINET MUHAMMAD JA’NEH.

I can not imagine having an indicted war criminal be called an Honorable man?  CABINET MUHAMMAD JANET is a dishonorable brutal child soldier recruiter and a  murderer; he is not an honorable man. He must be removed from our supreme court in order to bring some sanity to our justice system. Who quality such an evil man to practice law in Liberia.  Liberian war victims will disbar characters like this brute from our supreme court bench. History will be our judge.  Time will tell!
Doctorroots! Rastaman come to bust down Babylon and set Jah children free!