Dear CDC Sycophants and Hypocrites:

It is disgraced and insults to Liberian war victims for political prostitutes and vampires like the CDC gangs to prey on the plight of Liberian war victims for their self-aggrandizement. Ellen and members of the dethroned TWP exploited the ignorance and stupidity of members of the PRC reckless tendencies of human rights abuses which were essentially created by the surviving TWP elitist with the goal of dividing and conquering.

We all witnessed the devastating impact of such mischevious political maneuvering and manipulation in Liberia to this date. We will not tolerate another Samuel Doe, either Taylor or Crooked Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Crook Hillary leadership rule in Liberia. The best thing CDC can do for Liberia at this time is to relinquish power and create the condition for heading, reconciliation and nation building.

The reckless and inhuman conduct of the CDC government over the last 4 months has shown that the CDC government is the third term of the Crooked Ellen Johnson Sirleaf criminal enterprise. Moreover, the conduct of the CDC government shows a complete lack of transparency and accountability to the Liberian electorates.

Based on my analysis, permit me to post the following questions for the sycophant, and political prostitutes who are masquerading as messiahs of Liberian poor working class in the uniform of CDC:

1. How can you declare your government as a pro-poor government when the so-called President and his cabinet refused to declare their asset prior to the elections or appointments?
2. How can you qualify a candidate for President without a full declaration of an asset? Is this a real democracy or kangaroo democracy?
3. Don’t the Liberia people deserve to know the wealth of all public officials prior to appointment?
4. Do the CDC political novices think that Liberians are stupid? What are the CDC movies taken Liberia for?
5. How did George Weah acquire private Jet? Don’t the CDC political rookies know that Weah as President, he is accountable to the Liberian electorates?
6. Why are you refusing to declare your assets, Do you think that Liberians are stupid or Liberia is your personal property?
7. Do you think your so-call pro-poor government will survive the wrath of the Liberian masses if the current deplorable economic conditions continue?


Let me be emphatically clear without any ambiguity that the Liberian masses will move on the streets of Monrovia to bring a peaceful end to the so-called pro-poor government if the current economic and social conditions continue without redress.

We can not sit and witch a few gangs of unpatriotic and disingenuous political demagogues whose only desires are to exploit and further reduce our people into abject poverty and destitution as a weapon to gain their loyalty. CDC must reform or be removed from power!

If you doubt me, continue the recklessness!

Rastaman comes to break down Babylon and set Jah Children free!!!!!!!!!