TRUMP 2020: KEEP AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


George Soros, the father of liberal economic exploitation and destruction of American traditional family values is not ashamed to suggest that our Honorable President Donald J. Trump wants to destroy the world. Under the canopy of economic liberalization, so-called democracy, and human rights, Soros and his partner in crime Crooked Hillary and Obama footprints of destruction are all over Eastern Europe from the 2014 violent Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine to Hungary and Liberia.

By suggesting that President Trump wants to destroy the world is like a notorious rapist accusing his victim of lying. Amerian families are the victims of Soros footsoldiers Crooked Hillary and  Barack Obama’s so-called social re-engineering of the American society. The hypocritical redistribution of tax payer’s money but not Soros billions.

Soro is a self-hated Jew coward who sold his family to the Nazis. Don’t take him seriously! He is a communist, pagan Neo-Nazi sympathizer who has a notorious history of funding Neonazi groups in Eastern Europe under the banner of so-called democracy and human rights.

When you misrepresent our beloved President Trump, we will expose you no matter your billions. Rastaman comes to defend the unimpeachable records of H.E. President Donald J. Trump, the most gracious, patriotic, compassionate and authentic President of  the great America. Stand with President Trump and let’s keep America Great Again!

Build the Wall!!!! Trump 2020!!!!!!!!

Cyber Worriers for Trump!