Exposing the Liberal and Fair-Weather friend /Chameleon Republicans Hypocrasy


As a conservative legal immigrant, I will not stand aside and permit fake news cartels, democratic party and the fair-weather Republican coalition to unjustly prosecute President Trump for keeping America safe. Walking down memory lane, these hypocrites have forgotten that it was Obama and Crooked Hillary who initiated the cruelest and barbaric immigration policy in modern America; the policy of separating families by deporting the highest number of immigrants ever in the US history.

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), between 2009-2015, Obama administration cruelly removed more than 2.5million people through immigration orders while the significant number “ self-deported” or returned to their home country.

The African and Latino immigrant community worked tirelessly to get Obama elected on the promised of passing a compassionate immigration bill but what we got from Obama and the crybaby Democrats Chuck Schumer and queen of hypocrisy Nancy Pelosi was uncompassionate and barbaric immigration policy that saw the separation of families in every immigrant community across America.

When I hear the liberals, their fair-weather and chameleon Republicans criticizing President Trump’s patriotic immigration policy, it makes me wonder, which planet these heartless hypocrites are from? Have they forgotten Obama and crooked Hillary’s cruel immigration policy?

I spent ten of my eighteen years in the US helping my compatriots in my community. I know what it means to be an undocumented immigrant facing the sudden prospect of separation from family. I know what it means to be hunted by law enforcement officers for breaking the law. I know what it means to be deported for minor offenses. Obama employed brutal deportation tactics, reasons for which we named him as “Deporter in Chief.”

Obama, the godless cult Democratic party, and the liberals have no moral foundation to speak for immigrants. They aided and abetted Obama’s inhuman deportation policy for eight years. How dare these same hypocrites condemned President Trump for protecting Americans. As President of the great united states, his first priority is the safety of Americans. These hypocritical fools don’t know or are they just playing politics?

the real news is that these hypocrites are still crying for the psychological shocked from the defeat of their so-called ” most experienced politician” Crooked Hilary in the 2016 election. The greatest weapon they bank on to subvert the will of the American working class is the political witch hunt called “ FBI special council Russia Trump campaign collusion investigation,” which has been going on for more than a year without any evidence of collusion between Trump 2016 campaign and Russia.

As the result of the frustration and disappointment, the obstructionist Godless party and its collation of Chameleon Republicans, in partnership with fake news cartel are trying to undermine the national security of America by condemning President Trump’s patriotic immigration policy.

But, these people have forgotten that Obama deceived the immigrant community twice in order to gain our votes and after gaining our vote, he rewarded us by implementing a draconian immigration policy.

Did CNN, the so-called celebrities, and prostitutes cry? Do you know the number of our fellow immigrants who were heartlessly deported by Obama?

Another depressing case in point, in 2011, Crooked Hillary and the neoliberal war hawks so-called humanitarian interventionist went to Libya and collaborated with the Saudi backed Islamic Jihadist and violently killed Honorable Kaddafi live on the TV screen. Following the collapsed of the Kaddafi government, the Islamic fundamentalist massacred hundreds of thousands of innocent black African migrant workers in Libya and enslaved thousands more. Today, Libya is still suffering from Obama’s ill-conceived policy in Libya. Moreover, thousands of black Africans are currently enslaved in Libya to press time. Where are the so-called human rights organizations? Where are the crybabies? Where are the Rachel Maddows and crazy hypocritical liberals on the issue of black African enslavement in Libya as the result of Obama and Crooked Hillary ill-conceived policy in Libya?

These immigrant children parents should be held accountable for any consequence they face. The parents knew the risk of breaking the US immigration law in Trump America. President Trump made immigration as one of the central themes of his campaign. What were they thinking? DO they think that President Trump is Obama who draws empty red lines? If you don’t want to be separated from your children, don’t break the law. Stop using your children as scapegoat or tool to gain popular support from the bleeding heart liberals.

As an immigrant and conservative activist, I will not sit on the fence and watch these cockroaches and hypocritical rats to unjustly attack and undermine President Trump. We will fight fire with fire!!! Rastaman comes to break down Babylon and set Jah Children free from fake news.

Down with Obama and the DNC draconian immigration policy, up with President Trump’s patriotic immigration policy. God bless America. God blessed President Trump and his family. Long live the conservative party.