I believe that Government is an opportunity to honorably and voluntarily serve your compatriots and not a vehicle for wealth accumulation. I will be a $1 president of Liberia. All those with the intention and ambition to run, I have one warning for them! Be prepared to debate and fight me.

I am Trump of Liberia. No more free ride, I will intellectually, ideologically and philosophically attack you brutally .. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t even try. Politics is war without blood share and war is politics with blood share—-Chairman Mao Tse-tung.

Our people have been exploited for too long by people with no history of creating or managing anything but living on the backs of our people. All the so-called honorable men and woman, have amassed ill-gotten wealth on the backs of our people.

How did they acquire those riches? What business have they operated? Did they declare their assets before running or before taken office? For too long Nimba and Liberia have been abused by selfish, heartless and unqualified people. The game is over! Doctorroots is coming in the race, be prepared for the battle. George Weah runs from a debate, he will be forced to debate me. I will go after his public records like a lion going after a deer. I will defeat Weah easily! Weah is weak like his male prostitutes’ underwear.

I will criminalize the gay business and the Masonic craft satanic cult  (Freemasonry, UBF, Eastern Star and all the satanic cults), confiscate their temples and convert it into schools and hospitals for the less fortunate.  The Masonic craft is one of the key roots of the culture of impunity and corruption in Liberia. In order for Liberia to be freed from corruption and impunity,   we must kill the source. The Rastaman Doctorroots is determined to kill it!  Join me, let’s build a new Liberia we all envision. A country based on the rule of law, democracy and merit. No more free ride. I am a job creator and not a job hunter! We have an obligation to preserve the tradition of our ancestors …. No more abortion and gay business in Liberia.,…. I will kill it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liberia First

Time will tell!